4 Ways To Spice Up A Long Distance Relationship

December 25, 2020

Long-distance relationships can be tricky and difficult to make them work. However, once you survive the trial and error phase, it can turn out to be the best thing ever. If you and your partner survive the distance, it means your bond is strong enough to endure pretty much everything.

However, even when you feel like nothing can ever go down, without effort to revive and freshen things, the relationship can fall out. Thankfully, technology has made it easier to connect virtually, and hence with will and effort, you can actually stand the test of time.

Following are some of the ways you can keep the relationship fresh:

  • Use the camera:

Video call often and connect. The distance will make physical intimacy possible, but you can still channel some of it through the camera. Dress up hot and sexy for your partner. Another great tip is to invest in a sex toy. You can spice up the video calls and enjoy life with these sex toys.

Distance should not kill the intimacy, or else the passion in the relationship can burnout. Hence, take all of these significant factors into consideration and make use of everything you can.

  • Do SOMETHING together:

The difference in routine can make it very hard to do things together. It can be dangerous, as it will result in less and less interest in each other. Hence find ways to do it together. You can start a TV show and then discuss it at the end of the day. Similarly, pick up a book of mutual interest and start it together.

Another lovely way to connect with each other in a long-distance is by playing online games together. This will give you a chance to do something enjoyable together and really live in the moment.

  • Communicate and connect:

Long-distance relationships, especially if you are living in different time-zones, can make communication a challenge. So make sure, at the end of the day, you both are getting enough time to connect.

Tell each other about your daily routine and what you did all day. Update each other on the happenings and discuss what your mind with them is. This way, your partner will feel involved in your life and it won’t make them feel excluded. Hence, when there is no communication gap, there won’t be any trust issues ever.

  • Set goals and timeline:

In a long-distance relationship, it is important to know when your wait is going to end. Hence, plan a definite timeline for it and plan your way forward. Thinking about what you would do when you are together can be exciting and will give you a sense of direction.

Hence, surviving long-distance relationship would not be so difficult as long as you are making enough efforts to keep things fresh. Bonds corrode and die only when the people involved stop seeing the value of what they have. Make sure you are not doing that by connecting to your partner at all possible levels.

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