6 Tips for Writing a Masterpiece Research Paper in 2020

September 4, 2020

Whenever the term education is dropped in a conversation, what comes to mind is the limitless number of academic writings, such as the research papers. Do you know what’s a research paper and the process involved in writing a world-class piece?

A research paper is an academic piece of writing showcasing crucial data, and theoretical findings reached after a proper yet in-depth analysis. Therefore, the author is expected to write an article and present arguments based on a specific thesis. What’s more, you shouldn’t forget to give the vital evidence that supports your stance on the thesis from a reliable source.

Even though composing a world-class piece may seem complicated and painstaking, it is simpler than you can imagine. All you need is familiarity with the basic steps involved, and you are good to go. The intensive research involved in crafting a top-class academic article shouldn’t frustrate you; here is a framework of what you need to compose a winning piece.

Organization Is the Number One Factor

Drafting a winning research piece needs discipline, and the number one aspect that tops that list is organization. Begin by going through the instructions questions.

Get the context, concept, and the idea required for the research to help you pick a manageable topic. You can use index cards to jot down crucial notes that will be helpful throughout the research article composition process. Write a “well-thought-of” outline and get started.

Chose a Research Topic Carefully

In most cases, academic research tasks are issued with already highlighted topics; however, in other circumstances, you have to choose one for your thesis. The topic selection determines the quality of the final paper you are going to write.

All you require is going through the assignment details, understand the context, theme, and scope of the research. Figure out whether the topic you are about to select is easily researchable, and the sources at hand are enough to conduct meticulous analysis. Identify the thesis and get started.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Proper research requires a reliable source of information, and the library is the best place to think of first. It harbors numerous research sources, such as books, journals, and other published articles. Besides, it is the quietest place that you can use to focus on your work without distractions.

Also, you can use library computers to run online research. Use computers to access reliable websites for information. Ensure that every source you’ve found online is distinguishable and has an author or a publisher.

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Summarize Your Research in the Note Form

Take notes of only crucial information that is helpful in the writing process. Try color coding and highlighting your notes. It will help you identify helpful notes easily, hence saving much time when writing.

Irrespective of whether you are being offered assignment help or not, the writing formula remains the same; start by writing the topic of your work. It should be followed by a breakdown of short notes below it to correspond to paragraphs discussing the topic in question. For example, the first note contains points that will help you write a persuasive introductory paragraph. The second note may talk about the supportive ideas of the topic. Then conclude with a point that will guide you into writing a concise yet evaluative conclusion paragraph.

You are not yet done. After you’ve written your outline, pinpoint all the crucial points that you’ll need for the writing. You can use the color-coding method.

Start Writing the Research Article

Once you have your research analysis and research supplemented with a comprehensive outline, you are almost done. Commence writing the first draft with a catchy and informative title. Write your ideas in sentence form and strengthen them with reasonable arguments.

It is the process that requires more details, and above all, you should put life in the paper to make the target audience understand and relate with your article easily. You can conduct more analysis and research whenever you come across an ambiguous point that needs more clarification.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will not be engaged in the writing process from the beginning to the end. Along the way, you would get fatigued, or you may lose concentration. Thus, don’t try to write non-stop from the intro to the conclusion.

Take breaks and let go of some steam. Remember, a research paper is a crucial document, and therefore, it should be written keenly. You can only do that when your mind is relaxed and when you feel energized for the work.

A rule of thumb is to break after every 25 minutes of writing. However, take as much break as you need, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your deadline.

Proofread, Edit and Present the Final Draft

Examiners get impressed with faultless work. A well-structured paper with ideas that flow logically helps to create a good impression. It demonstrates that you put in effort and time to do the job.

Therefore, after reading your first research piece more than once and identifying the possible mistakes, it is time to upgrade it to the final version, which should be error-free. Therefore, ensure that your composition features all the vital information with sentences and paragraphs that are sensible. Check out the steadiness of content flow, typos, spelling, and grammar errors

Once you are sure that you’ve corrected every mistake that may cost your paper, take time out, and come back to reread the paper when fresh. You can easily identify the mistakes you might have missed. Correct the minor errors then pass your paper to a third party to go through it before submitting it for assessment.

The Final Word

Every student desires to draft an excellent research article worth quality performance. However, converting such desires into reality is ostensibly a nightmare to most tutees because they lack proper guidelines and dedication for crafting a great document. However, with this piece of information in place, composing a world-class academic research paper becomes simpler.

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