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March 9, 2020

Any corporate company thrives on feedback as a foundation of success. To achieve that, organizations must design better approaches to improve the work environment by implementing efficient input collection techniques.

Online surveys and portals are one among many ways by which companies trigger communication flow between employees and managers. Likewise, companies rely on the feedback received from their customers through data collection via surveys. This study explores 88Sears (Sears88) and why it is changing the corporate communication game.

Stay tuned to find out why you should join 88Sears.


Name: 88Sears

Description: 88Sears is the largest retail chain in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1899 and is named after its predecessor, S.S. Krese, Kmart Corporation, Kmart Holdings Ltd. Subsequent rebranding of Sears Holdings took place in 2005.

88Sears Summary

They operate on a model featuring a mix of brick-mortar(physical stores) as well as an integrated online shopping platform. Currently, they operate 766 stores across the globe and employ more than 100 thousand workers.

Their Headquarters is located in the Hoffman area of Illinois. You can check their Website on www.88sears.com.

Owing to a large number of employees, they developed a robust platform to collect critical information about each of them. The HR portal helps the firm improve staff welfare by analyzing data collected.

Since employees are scattered in different localities, it is difficult to bring them together in one venue for company briefings. Therefore, the portal serves as a connecting factor between staff and the management team.

As a retail store, 88Sears regularly makes offers to staff. Through the portal, employees get informed about existing discounts tailored to them.

Besides, information on staff insurance is disseminated through the system. With the information at their fingertips, employees get a deeper understanding of health and life benefits.

You are aware that confidentiality is an essential ingredient for keeping trade secrets. Sharing files using 88Sears safeguards the company from unnecessary leaks of classified information.

The portal is also a centralized resource for continuous learning among employees. Within it, they find relevant resources like policies and work ethic modules.

Also, the platform allows staff to discuss ongoing projects with colleagues. It helps everyone to be in sync with the happenings about a particular project.

And as employees seek opportunities for growth, the portal helps them stay in touch. They get up to date with job opening advertisements that they can apply for.

By accessing the portal, staff can check their payroll details. If there are inconsistencies, they can communicate the matter and receive virtual assistance on the go.

Another exciting feature is the work schedules panel that manages the exciting plan. With these schedules, the staff can plan projects beforehand.

Benefits get channeled through the Sears88 portal. A good example is the dissemination of the medical cover provided by the organization to its employees.

Staff may also check dental and vision plans available to them. This category caters to the benefits of full-time employees alone.

Additionally, 88Sears helps employees with special needs. Through the disability program, the portal clearly defines attributes for the long term and short term disability.

Other areas that the 88Sears program delimits include:

  • Work-Life solutions that encourage a balance of work and family
  • 401k savings plans relating to full time and temporary staff
  • Travel insurance
  • Commuter Benefits program covering public travel as well as parking services.
  • Adoption programs for staff who need assistance on that front.


88sears Eligibility and Rules

Here are a few points regarding eligibility for 88Sears:

  • All 88Sears members of staff have access to this platform
  • Ex-employees of the firm have special access to the portal
  • Company clients have access to 88Sears through a unique portal(88Sears Guest Login) designed for them.
  • Staff with special needs have access to a defined disability program
  • You must have access to a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • A strong internet connection is necessary
  • You must use the latest browser for compatibility
  • An Enterprise ID and password provided by HR is a must
  • There is no restricted access for administrators


Here are the steps to follow when resetting a password:

  1. Go to your web browser using a device of your choice
  2. Search for 88sears.com
  3. Hit the sign-in button
  4. Beneath the sign-in button, you will see a RESET PIN link
  5. Click on the link
  6. The system will send a new pin straight to your email
  7. Use the pin within 90 days as it will be rendered invalid on the 91st day
  8. If the 90 days elapse before a successful reset, do not hesitate to contact the administrator for assistance.


How to Participate In 88sears survey?

Participating in 88Sears isn’t a complicated task! With a basic knowledge of IT, you are good to go. Follow these few steps to complete the journey with 88Sears:

  1. Navigate to the official Website through the link: www.88sears.com
  2. Once on the landing page, select the section on Change-View-Enrol to proceed with the process.
  3. The panel will then ask for a pre-acquired ID and Password. Remember, this is from the HR office, so you won’t continue before consulting.
  4. When you get the credentials, fill the fields as required.
  5. Next, you will get a redirection to an associate account themed with a blue color.
  6. Now, they will ask you to enter the Date of Birth and the Social Security Number as well.
  7. You will get a prompt to change the USER ID and Password. You must change it for safety!
  8. Verify all the info typed and hit REGISTER.
  9. So far, you are good to go! Revert to the login page and enter the new log in details. Use this link for login: www.hr.searshc.com. Be sure to use the newly created credentials.

Note: If you are a retired associate, click make a deliberate search for Former SHC Associates Login Page on the SHC website. Proceed to enjoy the benefits!


Here are the steps followed by existing members:

  1. Since your login details already exist, simply hit the Login link on www.88Sears.com/Login.
  2. Next, enter personal details as created earlier. The details include the Enterprise ID and password.
  3. Click Log in.
  4. You will be redirected to the 88Sears portal. Customers follow the same steps; the only difference is that they only access content relevant to clients.

Tip: Always log out to avoid a breach of privacy.


To check work schedules, follow the steps below:

  1. Search 88Sears to reach the 88Sears Official Portal.
  2. Delve into the system by entering this link: key.88sears.com/login.
  3. Check the WorkForce Optimization Link, click on the link and go straight to the work schedule.
  4. Log in with the user name and password that was earlier created.
  5. Now sign in to view your work schedule.



A lot is in store for staff at 88Sears. Much was hinted earlier but check this summary of rewards:

  • Staff benefit from special discounts
  • They remain informed on the happenings of the organization, as an employee, you get tailored messages and newsletters via the portal.
  • They are at the forefront when it comes to job openings hence higher chances of getting promotions.
  • Networking with colleagues is easy for you.
  • Together with other benefits, logging in to the portal qualifies staff for enrolment benefits.


  • The site is secure for sharing internal files and communication.
  • The platform is easy to navigate even for newbies in the company.
  • It is a central place to access all the information about the company. As earlier noted, you can check payroll info, benefits, work schedules, commuter plans, 401k savings, work-life info, and other important policies.
  • The portal reduces turn around time for getting assistance on burning issues.
  • You have a pool of more than 100,000 talented staff to network with and seek help on different aspects of work.
  • The site provides a platform for managing projects that involve many employees by enabling an organized distribution of tasks.
  • There is no cost for joining the portal; it is free.
  • Former associates of the company have special access to the platform.
  • With the portal, Sears88 has a central point for accessing staff information.
  •  By streamlining staff satisfaction, the portal aims to achieve quality services to the customers.
  • The portal covers employees with disabilities by tailoring benefits for them. Similarly, the same applies to staff who need help with adoption services.
  • The site is authentic.


  • Information about the company. As earlier noted, you can check payroll info, benefits, work schedules, commuter plans, 401k savings, work-life info, and other important policies.
  • The portal reduces turn around time for getting assistance on burning issues.
  • You have a pool of more than 100,000 talented staff to network with and seek help on different aspects of work.
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88sears FAQs

Can everyone register for 88Sears?

Not everyone can join 88Sears. The portal was designed specifically for employees of the organization.

However, there are separate portal links that allow ex-employees and customers. With links on the company website, any user will easily navigate to the section relevant to them.

If you're getting confused by the several links floating online, here is some help.

Different links that lead you to specific pages on 88Sears. These are the most important links to watch out for at the firm:

https://www.88sears.com/ takes you straight to the HR home
https://88sears.com/MyHRHomePage(88Sears)/401(k)SavingsPlanInformationandNotices/tabid/393/Default.aspx allows staff to check their 401 k saving plans.
https://kmartretailservices.searshc.com/ directs you to the Kmart retail portal, where you get unlimited access to service info.
http://www.citizensactionnet.com/sears88-employee-schedule/ takes you to the work schedule customized for each staff.
https://hr.searshc.com/aos/logon.do is the link that associates use to get service.
https://switchboard.segnosystems.com/login takes you straight to the company’s switchboard.
https://citiretailservices.citibankonline.com/RSnextgen/svc/launch/index.action?siteId=SEARS allows you to make applications for credit cards.

Point to note: To get started, use the HR link https://www.88sears.com/. The additional links may be confusing, so it is better to have the main portal in mind.

What is the purpose of the Social Security Number for 88sears survey?

In the US, the Social Security Number (SSN) is a unique identification (usually 9 digits) that enables the government to monitor all earnings received by a citizen.

To access HR services at 88Sears, the SSN helps you complete registration to the employee portal. With the absence of the SSN, an employee may use a tax identification number.

How do work schedules work, or what should I expect regarding the schedules?

Accessing work schedules is a straightforward affair. Once you login to the site, you simply follow the work schedule menu.

Keep in mind that work schedules run into several months ahead. But it is important to check your schedule daily, just in case there are changes.

What alternative ways can I use to reach out to the 88sears company?

There are several ways you can get in touch with the company that includes:

Sending a mail to 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Making a call to 1 866 562 7800, 1.800.424.4732 or 1 700 321 1040.
Joining and following them on social media: Their Twitter is @SearsHoldings, the Linkedin name is Sears Holdings Corporation, and on YouTube, you get them through SearsHoldingsVideo.
For login credentials, contact hr support on hr.intra.sears.com.

What are the working hours at 88Sears?

88Sears is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday; the retail chain does not operate on weekends.

What significant benefit do staff enjoy at 88Sears?

As a staffer, you get amazing discounts for shopping with the company. It is wise to keep checking the 88Sears portal so as not to miss out on these opportunities.

Again, staff benefit from interactions with fellow staff through this unifying platform.


To wrap up things, it is evident that 88Sears is revolutionizing communication in the retail sector. By adopting communication portals, companies benefit from the unique opportunity of connecting with staff. The strategy encourages uniformity in work while helping each member of staff enjoy benefits offered by the employer without bias. As a final verdict, all players in the retail industry should be keen on implementing progressing technologies like this if they have to be relevant in the 21st century.

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