A Beginner’s Guide to Android Game Development

August 9, 2021

Have you ever thought about developing your android game, but then you give up because you didn’t have an idea how android game development works. Don’t worry because a beginner’s guide to android game development is here to give you a hand with your work.

You can also see the best android games and see how they work and think. Think about your users and their needs. Figure out your goals and try to reach them. Among the billions android games have a unique android game development for your users.

There are some tricks and tips that you want to tell you; so take a look at them.

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Programming Languages

Knowing about programming languages, figure out how to work with them. As you know there are kinds of programming languages for android like Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, Python, Corona, etc(these are some of the top programming languages for Android development). Learning about them and knowing how to code them are the essential factors for developing an android game.


Unity is a kind of search engine, it means it can provide lighting, in-built physics, controls, and other elements. It also provides a powerful yet simple interface for dropping and dragging elements into the game, building 3D titles, platform games, and any other graphically demanding experiences, for example.

If you are thinking about creating a 2D or 3D action game, you don’t want to be limited by your tools, and even you would like your title to be cross-platform, Unity can be the best decision, as long as you want to learn C#. It’s good to know that Google Play Stores’ developers built the most popular titles by using Unity. Coding C# can be necessary for android game development.

Unreal Engine

An unreal Engine is a good tool for beginners. If you don’t have experience with coding it can be the best option for you. It’s user-friendly and gives you a hand by developing android games easily and comfortably. If you want to hook users in the game and even create impressive 3D graphics, you better use Unreal Engine. Lineage II is one of the mobile developments that use Unreal Engine.

Android Studio

It’s an official tool for android game development. Android studio comes from Google and supports Kotlin and Java as the primary programming languages. This tool refers to the Integrated Development Environment “IDE”. When you download it for the first time, it may come bundled with the Android SDK, debugging, a host of other useful tools for testing, an emulator, and more.

But it’s good to know that if you don’t have coding experience, learning game development with this tool can be a difficult challenge.

Make the Game Original

When some games are successful it means it was original, easy to use and understand but hard to master. Developers try to create something original, something unique for their users. None of the successful or professional companies want to copy each other. They watch out for competitors, their strengths, and their weaknesses, then try to make the best game for the users.

Make Game Simple and Entertaining

Try to put yourself in your user’s shoes. When you open the app, think about things they need from the app. Make games easy to understand. For instance, make levels short from easy to hard. Suggest users that by unlocking the levels they receive gifts. Convince users to go on and unlock the levels. Put your users and their needs first, always think of what they want from your game.

Tell Story

Put users in the story. Let them have full control of the main character. Players want to have control and something to look forward to. Show them a mapped journey of the game. Most of the successful game developers relied on the right character and gave control to players. Without a strong plot, your android game may not be as successful as you think.

Game Design

An important thing in android game development is the design of the game. It always is a great decision to hire an experienced UX designer who knows about easy-to-reach and hard-to-read areas for ads, store buttons, call to action, or pop-ups. One way to show pop-ups is by asking users if they are interested in or not, or by the time they finish one level you can show ads.


The most important part is to test the android game before releasing it. Always remember by testing it, you can find out the bugs, weaknesses, and strengths of the app. Remove the bugs, improve the app, improve the amusement of gaming are the least things you can do through testing. Keep alpha and beta testing in your mind after android game development.


The last thing that users want from your app is the security of the app. Ensure your app is safe for your users. The information they gave is secure. When app makers want to update or develop android games, besides making some changes they think about tightening the safety of the app. The more secure your app is, the more trust you build, so the more users you get.


Among lots of android apps, the first thing that comes to the mind of makers is developing the application. Make the apps easy to use and find. Try to create something special and better. Always watch out for their competitors. Makers try to make the best application and get more users.

Most professional businesses have websites besides their application. So it may be a good opportunity for you to build a website for your game or business to get people to see your work.

To develop an android game better and make it handy, the programming languages, knowing about codes are essential elements for improving the app. Always make something unique and original for whoever uses your app. Give them an area to amuse and enjoy your game application. Put them through the story and let users have full control. Hire a professional UX designer who knows about comfortable and hard-to-reach areas well. Always test the app before releasing it and guarantee users that your app is safe for their information and device.

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