American Consumer Opinion — Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

October 29, 2019

How would you love to earn extra income with little effort? Getting paid for fulfilling online surveys is becoming trendy across the world. There are many legit ways of getting involved in the ever-evolving digital space, especially in the US and the UK.

American Consumer OpinionThere has been a lot of challenges for companies trying to learn more about their consumers by collecting critical data for business improvement through market research. On the other hand, there is an increased appetite for virtual jobs.

Conducting surveys through reputable survey panels is brilliant and inevitable in the current world. For this reason, American Consumer Opinion developed an innovation to meet the needs of business owners while endeavoring to create millions of jobs for young people who serve as respondents for surveys.

Every corporate or SME thrives on real-time feedback to improve its processes and improve product designs. With a reliable survey panel, these organizations can collect essential data, which is ultimately summarized into implementable reports. In any case, how do you improve without learning about your product?

For the young and aged who are looking for opportunities for more work, the American Consumer Opinion, otherwise referred to as ACOP, is all you need to begin earning. Built on a simple interface, anyone can easily access it without running into trouble whatsoever. The challenge is for you to try out this unique survey panel and experience it firsthand.

American Consumer Opinion Review
American Consumer Opinion

Name: American Consumer Opinion

Description: You probably have had experience using online survey panels as a way of making some passive income. One thing you will agree to is that there are sites that are legit while many more are a scam. American Consumer Opinion is among the most trusted survey panel available for market research.

About American Consumer Opinion

Since 1986, American Consumer Opinion has gained experience in the field of market research. The survey panel was founded by Data Analyst in the US, and it’s now operating across the globe. They have a pool of 8 million panelists with different demographics, gender parity, and age classification.

Initially, ACOP began sending surveys via mail to respondents until 1996 when they went online and extended their operations internationally. Currently, you can access ACOP in countries like Canada and the UK.

Users stand to benefit more with this fantastic platform. You have an opportunity to earn cash, win prizes through sweepstakes, redeem gift-cards, and donate to charity. For businesses, they enjoy services like diary surveys, product testing, and teen surveys.

This survey panel helps businesses collect valuable opinions from millions of respondents who are on standby in different locations. The surveys are not just directed to everybody. American Consumer Opinion is careful to send surveys to qualified respondents based on the needs of the consumer. The panel uses demographic data and all details entered by members on their profiles to enhance the quality of surveys.

Now to the rewards that you get when using American Consumer Opinion. The rewards are enough to supplement your daily earnings. All you need to do is be consistent in answering surveys as they come. You are assured of payouts of up to $10 survey.

The American Consumer Opinion boasts of a special uniqueness as compared with other survey panels available online. When you use the panel, you will notice that they have a comprehensive point system that is motivating to the respondent. Depending on the length of the survey, you may accumulate from 5 to 5,000 points in the long run.

To understand the magnitude of ACOP’s work, you should check their impact in numbers. So far, they have made payouts exceeding 30 million dollars to more than 7 million members. A total of 20 million surveys were successful since 1986 when they officially commenced operations.

Well, there is a lot more to enjoy by choosing ACOP as your survey panel. With a forward-thinking mentality, the staff at the organization have diversified ways to reward respondents. Members may be rewarded by cash payouts, sweepstake entries, gift cards, and they may choose to use their rewards as donations to charity.

You are assured of conversion rates ranging between 20 and 25 percent. On customer service, the organization has a dedicated associate to handle all issues presented by members.


As expected, kids need to be protected when accessing online services. There is also the issue of privacy that should be addressed to protect users from data breaches. For you to use ACOP, you should understand the eligibility criteria involved. Below we outline a few points relating to eligibility when using the panel.

  • If you are 14 and above, you have a reason to join the American Consumer Opinion. However, the age factor depends on your location.
  • You need a reliable internet connection to conduct surveys using ACOP successfully. Otherwise, you may not complete the survey within the specified time.
  • You require a valid email address to enable you to sign up for surveys and enjoy the benefits as a bona fide member.
  • ACOP is available in different countries, so you may proceed to sign up for surveys.
  • Free sign up
  • You may join by invitation through links sent to you by existing members asking you to sign up.

How to Participate in American Consumer Opinion Surveys

Like any other survey panel, there are distinct steps to follow to start receiving surveys. Signing up is simple as you just need to follow the steps carefully, and you are in. You can contact customer service for assistance.

Now let us dive in on how you can join:

  • Before you try doing anything, ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  • Then begin by entering the ACOPs site using this link
  • Click on the SIGN-UP tab, which will lead you to the form you’ll use for registration.
  • Alternatively, there is a POP-UP right in the middle of the landing page that is easily visible.
  • Fill the entire profile accurately, as that will be the basis by which surveys will be matched with you.
  • If you anticipate receiving payments via check, ensure that your physical and mailing address is captured accurately.
  • Verify the created member account on your email address to activate it and be ready to receive surveys.
  • ACOP will then send a screener to your email that you must fill accurately; this enables the firm to understand what types of surveys you qualify to answer.
  • At this point, the member will start receiving surveys based on demographic, profile, and screener information presented in the application process.
  • Now you start earning points as you complete surveys. Once you accumulate 1,000 points, you can cash out.
  • The payment cycle ranges from 2 to 3 months
  • You can make withdrawals in different ways that include PayPal, Charity donations, prizes through raffles, and the hyper wallet option.

Be sure to turn on email notifications on your PC, tablet, or smartphone so as not to miss out on incoming surveys.

Your Rewards at ACOP

Stand a chance to enjoy cool rewards when you sign up for American Consumer Opinion. Check out a summary of rewards that await you!

  • Members have an opportunity to get many points in a relatively short time; for example, you may earn up to 5,000 points for 20-minute long surveys.
  • Each point earns you cash. When you convert 1,000 points, you get $10 in return.
  • Apart from cash, the points also get entries for sweepstakes that enable you to win prizes or donate to a charity of choice.
  • Gift cards are also redeemable with points accumulated when answering surveys.


  • You do not need a permanent office to start earning with ACOP, just a reliable internet connection and a device that could either be a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and you are good to go.
  • With ACOP, you can earn from any region of the world, how fascinating is that? No worries of being restricted to the US or UK alone.
  • Simple eligibility requirements make this panel an excellent choice. For example, you only need to be 14 years of age to sign up.
  • When using ACOP, you have a wide range of ways to make withdrawals of rewards that include PayPal, Check, and Hyper wallet.
  • If you are not interested in cash payouts, you may enjoy swapping your points for sweepstakes entries or donate them to help charities you wish to support.
  • The point system is effective in motivating members to respond to many surveys to increase their earnings.
  • The longevity of ACOP’s operations lends it the coveted credibility. Since 1986 they have proved to be leaders in market research across the world.
  • You can earn more through research projects.
  • Privacy concerns are well taken care of by this panel. Other market research organizations like Data Analyst have supported the organization, which also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Members enjoy a variety of surveys that come in fun questionnaires.


  • There is a complaint of slow payouts extents of up to three months.
  • The point system is over-optimistic, with one point exchanging for one penny. At the same time, they have no point referral system, which makes it difficult to accumulate more points.
  • It is not easy to find surveys as they are targeted to groups, therefore not predictive whether you will qualify or not.
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NameAmerican Consumer Opinion
Minimum Payout1000 points
Payment MethodPayPal, Hyperwallet, Sweepstakes
Points ExpiryNA
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What is the American Consumer Opinion?

American Consumer Opinion is a trusted survey panel that enables corporate and businesses to understand their customers by allowing them to collect valuable data for purposes of product improvement. Members have an opportunity to earn up to 1000 points, which is equivalent to a $10 cash payout.

What is the eligibility to join ACOP?

Anyone can join ACOP as long as you have attained the minimum age of 14 years. The good thing is that you can access the panel internationally in countries like the UK and Canada. With a valid email address and reliable internet connectivity, you are ready to register and start earning.

How can I use points accumulated by ACOP?

There are multiple ways you may utilize points accumulated from the American Consumer Opinion Panel. Each point is equal to one penny, and once you reach 1,000 points, you can withdraw an equivalent of 10 dollars.

Is American Consumer Opinion another scam?

This is a legit organization that has been in operation since 1986. Over the years, they have embraced innovation and built robust platforms to meet the needs of members and other users of survey panels. If you are interested in quality survey work or product testing knowledge, this is just the right tool.

What is a screener?

A screener is a set of questions that help ACOP determine the kind of surveys you receive. Be sure to give honest answers as that can qualify you to raffle entries for sweepstakes and additional gift-cards. Any cases of dishonesty may lead to the closure of an account.

ACOP offers the best opportunity for members to earn extra bucks by conducting surveys. You have a chance to earn 1,000 points per survey, which is exchangeable for 10 dollars in less than 10 minutes. With consistent response to sent surveys, you will enjoy this complimentary way of earning more.

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