Are Making Online Surveys Worthwhile Your Time?

December 2, 2020

The thought of having an extra source of income is exciting, especially in the prevailing economic shutdown caused by Covid-19. Even more exciting is the idea of making money while in your comfy pyjamas at the comfort of your home. In recent months, one of the most frequently googled queries is ‘how to earn money online’, and one of the presented options that often seems too easy to be true is online surveys.

Most online surveys are run by marketing or research firms contracted by companies looking for authentic feedback from their consumers. Web-based local businesses like usually do their own surveys by using their database of subscribed readers to get direct feedback from their readers. With more web-based businesses the need for employing people to do traditional customers surveys have declined but there are still opportunities within this industry. However, many have blindly jumped at the opportunity to fill tedious surveys without reviewing their credibility. Such people end up wasting time and ultimately develop a dismissive attitude towards online opportunities. The good news is that there are genuine and relatively less involving ways to make money online from authorized and trusted online operators.

If you are seeking online opportunities, you have to start by assessing online-based industries thriving under the current economic conditions. Two of the largest industries that do not seem fazed by the Covid-19 crisis is the e-commerce sector and online gaming.

Big companies and operators offering global online opportunities are based in some of the most competitive landscapes like Canada, Europe and Australia. These platforms are accessible globally often in multiple languages and it is simply fascinating how even smaller companies have adapted online opportunities to the current circumstances under the pandemic. To stay competitive in this global market these companies need local customer surveys to make sure they are localized enough to be able to compete against smaller, local brands.

Even if they have the resources to do their own surveys they more often outsource this locally but the question is if it’s worth your time and energy to answer them, or even to conduct them. The straightforward answer to this question is no. Especially if your role is to answer and participate in surveys. While surveys when done correctly are important, the companies behind many of these surveys are not your greatest option. This article highlights some of the reasons why you should do some background checks on the recruiter before you agree to participate in surveys. Unfortunately there are many survey companies that are not worth your time and here are a few reasons why.

1. Those that actually pay reward peanuts

Most surveys do not pay you for every survey filled. They also have a limit on how much you are supposed to have earned, to withdraw, which is outright entrapment. The amount paid for every survey is minimal. Most online surveys are scams, and you will never manage to withdraw the money.

2. Time-consuming

Most surveys will require you to answer so many questions beginning with a sample survey to qualify to engage in those that are paid. You might answer all of them and never qualify to get to the paid ones. Disappointing right? You will also find long surveys that take too much of your time but pay less than a dollar. Honestly, the time spent doing online surveys could be beneficial if channelled elsewhere.

3. Some are misleading

Some digital marketing campaigns will send you emails and notifications that there is a paid survey designed just for you. Such campaigns are sent out with extravagant incentives to warrant your participation but end up being a hoax.

4. Overly involving but not worth the trouble

The time indicated for a survey is never true. Most end up taking double your time. For example, if a survey was to be completed in 15 minutes, you will end up using 30 minutes or more. The sad bit is, the money earned will not be worth the time used. To make substantive money, you will be required to take part in many surveys which demand too many working hours. A supplementary income source should take very little of your time, something that online surveys don’t.

5. You gain no skills

There is absolutely nothing you gain from answering surveys. You don’t get better from answering many surveys. Someone who’s been answering surveys for almost all their life and someone who has just started answering them are no different. Instead of taking part in surveys, you can opt to do something that can add value; a trade that will help you gain more skills.

6. They are unreliable

Online surveys are very tedious and unreliable. You are not always sure that you will get a paid survey. The time consumed is also too much compared to the little money you get. In the long run, those who actively participate in surveys get exhausted by the monotonous questions and end up filling the forms for the sake of it. Such surveys end up being baseless and unreliable. For the US market we take our job seriously to stay updated with surveys currently offered by companies and if you live in another country it’s worth while looking for recommendations before you start.

If you are serious about making money online, you might consider investing your energy and resources in doing brief research on the different opportunities online. It is heart-wrenching to finally learn that after weeks of hard work, your online survey efforts only amount to a few coins, literally. Definitely not worth the trouble unless you have no other option, which is highly unlikely in the current digital economy.

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