Betabound Review — Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

November 13, 2019

Have you ever gone online and got confused about where to start when trying to explore ways of making money? It is usually hectic as you try to narrow down from thousands of sites that you know nothing about.

Beta testing is one area that has been evolving over the years. Most beta testing sites help you earn money or specified rewards. But it is never easy to identify the legit sites that guarantee you the extra bucks or rewards.

BetaboundMany confusing sites are posing a real challenge to genuine panelists who are eager to earn. And to demystify this industry that is full of scams and illegitimacy, this review comes to you at the right time.

Here is an exceptional opportunity to review Betabound, one of the most attractive beta testing panels for anyone anywhere in the world. The main aim of the review is to enlighten while helping you make wise choices. We attempt to make life easy for you by bringing you close to the reality of online product testing.

In this review, we shall delve into a few topical areas of interest to help anyone who wishes to explore the possibilities of getting the best out of beta testing. Stay alert so as not to miss out on the overview, how you can join, pros and cons, rewards, and frequently asked questions about Betabound.

Betabound Review

Name: Betabound

Description: There is no doubt that Betabound is the most user-friendly test panel of choice. This panel offers unlimited opportunities for budding testers to increase their passive income.

Betabound Summary

If you are a tech fanatic, then you have come to the right place. Betabound sets the trends in product testing by leveraging on an active online community ready to serve you.

Betabound idea was born 15 years ago by Centercode, a leader in developing alpha, beta, and delta tests to guarantee high-quality product outcomes. The firm dominates in the field of beta testing and has run successful projects with renowned companies like Alcatel, Aol, AT &T, T-Mobile, FedEx, Ford, Epson, among others.

Originally, Betabound was called Online Beta, but they rebranded to offer testers more opportunities from across the world. If you are searching for a panel that provides the most structured beta testing opportunities, then Betabound is the one.

Worry not about the legitimacy of this panel! There are lots of scams out there, but this is one of the most revered sites.

And if you are the organized kind of tester, Betabound is for you. The panel has several mini-portals for different assignments, making it so easy for newbies to catch up.

Just before we move on, what does Betabound beta testing involve? It is the final test that companies conduct before product releases and will determine whether the product proceeds to the market or fails the threshold of customer satisfaction.

Betabound is the master in the game of beta testing. It boasts of a revamped model that encourages collaboration among testers. For better results, they have incorporated open discussions, matching, voting, and predictive feedback into the design.


Survey panels are known for dynamic eligibility criteria, with some locking out genuine testers from presenting their tests. However, with Betabound, you stand a high chance of completing running surveys owing to properly structured Beta tests.

Take a look at some of the eligibility points:

  • It is free to sign up for Betabound, and if anyone asks for a penny, that could be a scam cooking.
  • Have you ever felt so positive about a testing site, just for you to be told it is only restricted to the US? Betabound is not biased and offers qualified testers from across the world an opportunity to express their opinions.
  • You must have a tablet, smartphone, or computer for you to qualify as a tester.
  • Be sure to have a reliable internet connection before accessing Betabound for an excellent testing experience.
  • Also, make sure your email account is valid to be used for registration.

How to participate

First things first, you need to take a tour of Betabound to get comfortable with the platform. The tour is a quick overview of how to go about Beta testing, which is a rare opportunity presented by most sites.

Having said that, how then does this tour work? At first glance, you will see a section from which you may search for available opportunities. Begin by clicking on the menu located on the top right corner of the Betabound website. Then navigate to Start the tour on the sub-menu.

The tour will make you aware of the current beta opportunities and what to expect. It will show where filters are located in the panel, social media links, and where to get other opportunities.

Once you’re acquainted with the platform, it is now time to get started on registration. Here are a few steps to sign up:

  1. On the home page, click on SIGN UP
  2. Click on GET STARTED
  3. You will be prompted to enter a valid email address
  4. You will receive a verification email
  5. Follow the verification link from your email to create a new account
  6. You will be asked to enter first name, last name, country, and location as per your time zone.
  7. Once you click submit, your account will be created

Now you are ready to explore opportunities on Betabound. Keep refreshing beta types to check for new opportunities. You may also personalize your experience using available menu icons on the landing page.

Rewards available

Want to get more? Betabound is home to unlimited opportunities in beta testing. You will surely love the interactions from an active online community ready to help.

When it comes to rewards, there is a lot that members ought to celebrate about the panel. There are lots of non-cash rewards to earn. Usually, top-notch companies avoid cash since it may lead to dishonesty as testers hurry to make quick kills.

There are lots of rewards for honest testers. With this site, testers are treated with wonderful rewards like gift cards for completing tasks. Partner companies usually offer different types of merchandise, but each is as exciting as the other.

How about you winning a t-shirt today for joining as a new member? There are lots of surprises to encounter as you continue using this platform.

For those who love shopping, Betabound will make you smile. They offer so many retail e-vouchers for completing tests.

With the ambassador program, there is a lot to gain by referring friends. You could be on your way to winning some Amazon Credit for helping a friend join as a tester.

Truly, Betabound has understood how to dazzle their testers. No wonder many testers aren’t ready to quit the platform.



  • You are not charged a penny to sign up for Betabound, so you may proceed to create an account right away.
  • This beta testing panel is available for testers from across the world, so you are in the right place to start beta testing for a tech company of choice.
  • Members benefit from the ‘refer a friend program.’
  • You enjoy new technology for free before they hit the market at sometimes exorbitantly high prices.
  • When you attain expert status, you enter into the category of an exclusive group of testers.
  • Your experience becomes relevant to the designing of innovative products that solve modern-day challenges.
  • It helps you build your network by interacting with like-minded individuals.
  • There is a lot to make you love this panel, ranging from free goods, gift cards, and Credits.
  • How about cash rewards paid via check? That must be motivating.
  • Everyone loves their customer service; they respond to queries on their site within a relatively short time.
  • More than 100,000 testers are on standby to conduct upcoming surveys.


  • An influx of participants usually makes it difficult to get many testing experiences. The threshold for qualification is quite high.
  • Some users complain about slow payouts
  • They are so strict on language, especially aspects of grammar and punctuation. If you mess up on this front, you may get disqualified for future surveys.
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How much should I expect from Betabound?

There is no monetary reward offered by the organization to its testers. However, companies testing products have other ways of incentivizing testers. Gift cards and retail e-vouchers are the primary forms of incentives, but in some instances, testers get merchandize.

When I join Betabound, what’s required of me?

Make sure that you participate every day to get the best from the tests. Sometimes the tests will require you to go the extra mile, for example, they could ask you to commit some of your software or hardware to the task. In short, they require you to be flexible, highly expressive, and responsive.

Additionally, they require you to maintain confidentiality in the process of conducting product testing. Sometimes they will require you to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Remember, you are dealing with highly competitive tech firms, and any leaks could result in serious losses.

You should also report all findings or observations that may affect the overall performance of the product. Any discoveries always help in improving the final product.

Should I worry about Beta Tests Damaging my PC?

There is no guarantee that the product you are testing is free from inherent risk. Be sure to back up your PC so as not to lose relevant data. Better still, you can get a PC that you will dedicate specifically to beta testing.

The bottom line is that by accepting to test products on the pre-release, you agree to shoulder any risks associated with its software or hardware. So be ready by taking the necessary precautions.

Supposing I can’t run a beta test sent to me?

You risk getting disqualified from future tests if you do not communicate to the Beta team in advance. At any given time, there are testers on the line waiting to participate in the surveys.

Since joining, I have heard nothing from Beta Team

Each partner company has specifications on whom they want to conduct testing on their behalf. Do not give up hope yet; your time is coming.

In the meantime, acquaint yourself with a few tips to help you increase the chances of winning more tasks. If the company sends pre-qualification surveys for testers, ensure that you fill them elaborately.

Sometimes, they consider testers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, you must respond promptly upon receiving project announcements. For you not to miss out on opportunities, turn on email notification pop-ups, which will alert you upon receipt of new emails.

Tests will always be matched with skills on your profile. As a Betabound member, update key interests or skills from time to time to attract more assignments. Your profile is a place to market yourself.

Can I quit Betabound?

When you decide to quit, Betabound deletes your account upon receiving your request. To opt-out, simply send an email request to You may also click on this link to initiate the process of closing your account.

Upon closure of your account, no personal information is kept by the panel. However, any opinions shared earlier relating to tests will be retained by the company, albeit not being linked to you.

How long will beta tests last?

Each beta test is unique, depending on the company. Typically you should expect anything from one week to run into a couple of months.

No cause for alarm, though. Every company doing beta tests with Betabound will always notify you about the expected test time well in advance. Just be flexible .and you will get the most out of this site.

What is unique about Betabound?

There exists a Betabound ambassador program that you should know how it works. This is a unique way that the firm rewards testers who refer highly qualified candidates. Often, ambassadors get Amazon Credits for their referrals.

Should I worry about my privacy?

No need to worry at all. Testers’ privacy is a top priority on this site. Only the company that requested product testing are the ones who receive feedback collected from your test results. Check the privacy agreement for more.


Everybody loves rewards. For tech companies, getting honest feedback at the pre-release stage is critical for rolling out high-quality products. At Betabound, everyone’s consideration has been taken into account.

Whether you are a tester or tech company trying out new products, there is something for you. If this is something that would be interesting to you, go ahead and sign up as we have provided all the necessary information you’d need to know about the site.

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