Botox – Purpose, Pros, and Cons

August 23, 2020

How many times have you heard someone getting a ‘botox’ done, especially in the case of celebrities? Have you ever wondered what exactly is botox and why do people get it?

There was a time when facelifts were the most common types of cosmetic treatments, but today, more options have been made available. HIFU seems to have replaced facelifts. However, if we talk about the present age, one of the most common and the most-talked about cosmetic treatment is none other than botox.

Botox is a type of injection that is prepared from Botulinum’s toxin. It is a bacterium that poisons sausage and canned meat. In cosmetic surgery, botox has become one of the most famous beauty treatments. The process involves injecting small muscles, on the face, for paralyzing or weakening their activity. As a result, facial wrinkles are minimized. Hence, the skin appears rejuvenated.

Explaining The Purpose Of Botox injection

Botox is known as a cosmetic surgery method that does not require cutlery in order to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, thus helping women have healthy and youthful skin.

In this article, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of getting a botox injection.

Pros of Getting Botox

Botox Helps To Slim Down The Face

People who wish to have a slimmer face often look for options to achieve one. However, one way to do it is to get plastic surgery, but the option seems impossible if you fear such kinds of surgeries. Plastic surgery involves pain, gore and cutlery, scarring, and also cutlery risk. However, botox injection is a popular beauty method that does not include cutlery and is non-invasive. The process is performed according to the requirements of the interested individual who wishes to slim down their face and enhance their facial features. Nevertheless, the most important thing to ensure is that amount of injection must be adequate and according to the instructions of your doctor.

Effective Anti-Aging

Botox is known to be an effective solution for removing wrinkles and crow’s feet on the face. Also, it helps to relax and smoothen your skin. Through botox, you can not only slow down the process of aging but also get a rejuvenated, healthy, and young skin. Most wrinkles appear on the forehead area, and most women prefer to use botox in this area. For the best anti-aging results, botox treatment can be coupled with ฟิลเลอร์ (dermal fillers).

Raise The Eyebrows

With time, eyebrows tend to appear less stretched, and they lose their shape. The skin around the eyes begins to shrink, and wrinkles start to show up below and above the eyebrows. It makes your eyes appear saggy. At a certain age, permanent wrinkles will start to appear around the eyes. Mostly they appear in women from 30 to 50 years of age. Moreover, for inhibiting the crow’s feet growth, botox has proved to be an effective solution.

Treats Sweating

Among all other benefits of botox, sweat treatment is the most admired one. People who sweat a lot in underarms, palms, and feet can get botox to relax the muscles around that skin area and reduce the sweat which is produced by the surrounding glands.

Cons Of Botox Injection

Pain In the Area Of Injection

After the botox is injected in the skin, you will feel severe pain and burning sensation at the site of injection. After you have got several injections, the skin nearby might become bruised or swollen; however, it will disappear gradually, and you can also treat it via subsequent therapies.

Blurred Vision, Weak Muscles, or Numbness

As the mechanism of botox is all about reducing or stopping stretching of the muscle, it is quite hard to move the injected muscle area. However, botox can also affect the vision, but it is only a temporary symptom.

Flu-Like Symptoms

After getting Botox injections, some people feel like they have flu. They might complain about runny nose, aches, pain, fever, or headache. However, people who get regular botox injections may have indigestion or nausea. These symptoms are temporary, but it is better to contact your doctor if they get worse.


Because botox is, by nature, a toxin that comes from botulinum, a bacteria found in food, if it exits the area of the muscle injected, it can lead to some typical symptoms of food poisoning. These can include vomiting, speechless, nausea, stiffness, shortness of breath, drooping eyelids, difficulty in swallowing, weakness on both sides of your face, respiratory paralysis, weakening muscles. If it is not treated correctly, it can become very dangerous.

It is best to consult and get botox by a professional so that you will not put your health at risk. Handling the process incorrectly can lead to severe health risks. The side effects of botox can also be minimized if you opt for a skilled doctor.

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