Branded Surveys Review- All You Need To Know!

September 22, 2020

There are many different ways to earn money, from technical jobs to highly simple tasks. One of such no-hassle jobs that can help you earn money is filling out paid survey forms. There are several websites that let you do so. Branded Surveys is one such digital website that enables you to make money by simply completing surveys.

The most frequently asked questions include: Is it a scam or legit real survey site? Is it worthwhile to invest time over it? Is it safe and secure?

This blog is all about the things that you need to Know regarding Branded Surveys!

What is Branded Surveys?

It is basically a market research survey company. It enables people to make real money digitally or win gift cards. The site provides surveys for different companies. These companies require the data from customers about different products, brands, and advertisements and that’s the type of information Branded Surveys gathers for them. You can look at the website more in detail by checking the Branded Surveys.

How Does Branded Surveys Work?

The survey companies including the Branded Surveys, are basically commissioned by different corporations and organizations that pay to acquire data about customers’ opinions. Customers’ opinion over different topics is very crucial for companies in the whole worldwide as it provides the opportunity to bring improvement in marketing strategies and innovation in product designing.

So, Branded Surveys has incorporated survey panels on its website for which it charges some fee from the respective company for which the survey is being conducted. Furthermore, the site pays its members to fill out the survey forms. The data collected by this process is then sent back to the respective company, which then serves as a means to improve the company’s products and services.

What are the Options that Branded Surveys provide to Earn Money?

Branded Surveys do not only feature survey forms but also feature other modes too. Besides surveys, daily polls, partner surveys, and the Branded Elite Bonus Programs are also potential earning options. However, you need to have complete insight into all these modes.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the foremost mode of earning via Branded Surveys. You need to log in to your account, then navigate to your dashboard to access the survey forms.

There are different options available for surveying products, this includes product reviews, online focus groups, and video testing. After completing each survey, you are rewarded with points that are exchanged for real money later on.

Daily Poll

It is another interesting survey option featured by Branded Surveys. Branded Surveys basically allow its members to earn money by asking for answers to just one or two questions every day on a daily poll. Sparing just a few seconds for daily poll gives you extra points. Besides, some bonus points are also added to your account if you keep completing a poll for 10 consecutive days.

However, this is not a high paying option. Each survey gives you only 5 points but it’s very quick.

Partner Surveys

These are advertised earning opportunities on the Branded Surveys site. Though these aren’t extraordinary opportunities, provide one with exposure and opportunity to expand earning potential that’s more than the regular surveys.

The partner surveys include reputable third party sites, however, its not a compulsion to complete partner surveys but if you do so, survey points are rewarded in the same way as that in regular Branded Surveys questionnaire.

Branded Elite Bonus Programs

The Branded Elite is basically a bonus or reward program that Branded Surveys uses to reward its most active members. A three-tiered system is used to rank the members after they sign up.

Initially, after signing up, one becomes a bronze member of Branded Surveys. A bronze member if competes 12-30 surveys is eligible for earning up to 9%.

One gets an elevated silver badge if gets successful in accumulating 600 points in their account. A silver member then becomes capable to earn up to 14% bonus points for completing 12-30 surveys in a week.

To become a Gold member, one must have 2100 points accumulated in his account. A Gold member can earn up to 19% bonus points by completing 12-30 surveys in a week.

Furthermore, there are rewards and achievements for inviting friends too.

Attempting surveys on Branded Surveys is a sure-shot way of making money without having to do anything. So, what’s the wait for? Start earning at this legit website today!

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