Busting the 6 Biggest Lies Ever Told About Buying YouTube Views


There are more than 300 hours of video content posted on YouTube every minute. Therefore, your work is cut out for you if you are trying to attract users to view your videos. Fortunately, there is another method you can use to get YouTube views. More people are increasingly considering the option of buying YouTube views.

Purchasing YouTube views has many advantages. The main reason is that it helps to accelerate your video’s natural and organic growth. YouTube users prefer to watch videos that have a higher view count compared to those with lower viewership. People think of these videos as being more attractive, and so they drive more traffic.

Unfortunately, the internet is awash will a lot of negative and false myths about buying YouTube views. They think it’s a bad and unethical practice that might even make you be penalized by Google. This is just one of the many lies peddled about buying YouTube views. In this article, we will be debunking the myths about purchasing YouTube views and tell you the truth. Read on to learn more.

1. It’s Illegal 

This is the biggest lie ever told about buying YouTube views. On the contrary, purchasing YouTube views is perfectly legal. You only need to remember not to violate YouTube’s terms of service, for instance, tricking users to watch your video or bot views.

2. Your View Count Will be Stuck at 301

It’s a common practice for YouTube to pause view count at 301 to evaluate whether the video accrues views organically or by using artificial means. Purchasing YouTube views from the quality and authentic provider, for instance, likes.io will never get the views of your video to be stuck at 301. On the contrary, it can unstuck your views in case you are stuck. However, you should always insist on a high-quality provider that sells real views and doesn’t use artificial techniques.

3. Buying Likes and Comments is Unnecessary

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that comments and likes will follow automatically when you buy YouTube views. Depending on the way you have promoted your video or how it has obtained views, this may not be necessarily true. Also, it does not guarantee that it will be positive even if likes and comments follow.

If you want to improve your social proof, you should consider buying comments and likes alongside views. More importantly, this also encourages other users to comment and like your video. Also, considering that YouTube has recently started to factor in engagement rates when ranking content, this has never been more crucial. Put differently, your content will rank higher if more users engage with it. Also, it will get more traffic.

YouTube’s Algorithm is expected to continue trending towards a greater focus on engagement, more so for videos that have similar view counts.

4. Only Beginner YouTubers Buy YouTube Views

It’s a common misconception that only beginner or amateur YouTubers buy YouTube views. In truth, there are many benefits of wanting to get more views on YouTube, and even top-notch YouTubers and companies, celebrities, and artists buy them to improve their social proof and to improve the ranking of their videos. In short, there is nothing fishy with buying YouTube views. It is a common strategy that will reap lots of benefits.

5. All YouTube Views Are the Same

It’s simply not true. The views you purchase vary a lot. They are often differentiated by factors such as location, viewer retention, click rates, and referrals, among other things.

Cheap views are mostly derived from bots or click farms. On the other hand, quality views can be got from social media and websites. The type of views offered by click farms and bots are the ones that can land you in hot soup since they are usually generated from artificial techniques. The most important thing is to identify these views and avoid them. Always insist on real, human views. These views ensure that your videos will be watched by real people. Concerning buying YouTube views, as indeed with anything else, you get what you pay for, and cheap is always expensive in the long run.

6. YouTube Will Delete Your Video 

This is plain wrong. YouTube doesn’t delete or remove videos because you have bought views. While it’s true that your YouTube views might drop at some point if you purchase from cheap providers, your video will never be deleted or removed because of it. The only videos that YouTube removes or deletes are the illegal ones or those that violate its TOS. Also, there is nothing explicitly illegal with purchasing YouTube videos.

The Partner Program Policies of YouTube states that you should never use third-party tools and sites to generate artificial views or subscribers automatically. However, for those that are non-partners and not monetizing your videos, then purchasing human views does not explicitly go against the TOS of YouTube.

It goes to explain why it’s even more crucial that you always choose an authentic and high-quality views provider. Provided you are not a third-party vendor, you are free to get YouTube views and not face any consequences.

However, automated views go against YouTube’s TOS, and so employing this strategy to get more views on YouTube is a risky affair. You should check to be doubly sure that you are buying your YouTube views from a reliable provider that doesn’t use artificial techniques like bots.


It’s legit and ethical to buy YouTube views. Contrary to what other sources would have you believe, it’s a fairly common strategy that even celebrities and well-established companies employ to get more views on YouTube. It will enable you to attract even more viewers since people like watching videos that have more views.

If you are contemplating buying YouTube views, you just need to ensure that you purchase from legit and verifiable providers. Some companies generate these views artificially and therefore contravene YouTube’s TOS. Provided you check and ensure you avoid these, you are free to purchase these views to get YouTube views. Research your company, read their reviews online and ensure they are reputable before you buy. One provider I usually recommend to my readers is likes.io. It only sells real, human views, likes, comments, and followers.