BzzAgent Review — Online Product Reviews Legit or a Scam?

October 25, 2019

Can you recall your last visit to your local supermarket where you were given some free offers? How did you feel? I can bet you felt illuminated. There is a possibility you are planning another visit to get more free stuff. We all love free things. Don’t we?

BzzagentThere are more than enough internet rewarding sites that offer many options through which you can win free products, gift cards, and cash rewards. Your choice of the site to visit will depend highly on what you are looking for. If you are looking to make some extra coins taking surveys, then you will look for such a site. The same applies if you are looking for a website that offers free products. The only caution is that you should look for a legit site, not one that will deceive you of your precious time.

BzzAgent is a platform where you get free stuff to try them out. If you have not heard about the site, do not worry yourself. Sit back and allow us to provide you with the best explanations of what it is. We will tell you who they are, what they do, and what you can do so that you can enjoy the free products.

BzzAgent Review

Name: BzzAgent

Description: In many market research panels, you are required to sign up and participate in a survey with the hope of earning some cash rewards. That is not the case for BzzAgent. BzzAgent is an online media network that consists of thousands of “BzzAgents.” The online community of BzzAgents has a task to evaluate and share their opinions about specific products and services. In return, you win free products. Not cash.


Name: BzzAgent


As an agent, you will be sent free products so that you can try them out. After that, you will be required to give your honest opinion and feedback about the product. You can use your social media accounts to share your experience with the product with others. This can be in the form of posts, videos, images, etc. The more followers and subscribers you have on your accounts, the better for you.

BzzAgent is a product testing panel. It has worked with big brands, including Loreal and Disney. “Bzz” is word of mouth. BzzAgent uses word of mouth as the marketing strategy, which is unique. This is the most effective way that companies and other businesses can use to sell their names. Once you become an agent, you then visit their website, where you answer some questions and surveys known as campaigns. They use the survey to match you with products that they will send to you for testing.

Eligibility criteria

You must be 18 years or older for you to qualify to get an account and become a member of the BzzAgent. The company decides the members who are eligible to participate in a particular campaign or program. They also have the liberty to remove a member for any reason. You are also required to provide an account on SSN (Social Security Number).

Also, you will be required to provide your contacts, which include your name, address, email address, username, telephone number, etc. You will also give demographic details such as your age, family composition, gender, and so on. Finally, you will provide psychographic and survey details, which include healthy diets, attitudes, interests, lifestyles, and so on.

How to participate

To become a BzzAgent, you will need to sign up through their official website. The registration is free of charge. You will need to fill in a bit of information that includes your name, age, interests, lifestyles, etc. This will be important to match you with the type of products available for you to test.

After that, you should connect your Bzz account with your social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. This will boost your Bzz and BzzScore. Join their Facebook community and then wait for them to get a campaign that suits you. This may take some time, but once they do, they will send you an invite.

Your BzzScore ranges from 0 to 10, and it depends on your level of activity during the last 12 months. The more active you are, the higher the quality of the campaigns you will get. This translates to a higher BzzScore and more potential to get invitations to participate in more campaigns. Your chance of getting more free stuff goes up.

How much money can you win on BzzAgent?

You are not going to make any money on BzzAgent. If you are looking to make money, you can consider joining other surveys that offer cash rewards. In BzzAgent, you will only get free stuff for participating in the campaigns.

When you become a BzzAgent, you will work very hard for the free stuff. You will complete surveys for every sample you receive, write in your social media accounts, and share the posts. You must, therefore, make a conscious decision whether you want to use your social media accounts to talk about the products you receive.

How to get more invitations

If you want to get more invitations to sample more products, the best way is by rising the ranks. The more products you try, the higher you rise in the ranks. There are six tiers of BzzAgents:

  • Tier 1- Solitary Bee
  • Tier 2- Carpenter Bee
  • Tier 3- Busy Bee
  • Tier 4- Honey Bee
  • Tier 5- Social Bee
  • Tier 6- Sweet Bee

Each task you complete allows you to move up the ranks.



  • Joining BzzAgent is free of charge. You only login to the official website, enter your details, and answer some survey questions. When you get your BzzAgent account, you can then share it on your Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter account and wait to receive a campaign.
  • BzzAgent’s platform is beautiful and appealing. Their website is also visually attractive. It has a friendly design that is simple to use. They keep their community pages up to date because they work alongside social media.
  • BzzAgent is much concerned with the conversation that your post will elicit more than the post itself. As such, they will not victimize you if you give a negative review of the product. Instead, they encourage you to write bad reviews if, indeed, you did not like the product.
  • If you are not going to participate in a particular campaign that you were invited to, you will also not be victimized. Just inform them of how you feel, and you will receive an invitation to another campaign.
  • BzzAgent is about social networking. As such, if you like that world, then you will enjoy keeping your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts updated.
  • One of the best advantages of BzzAgent is that you get a chance to sample products from some of the most prominent brands.


  • It might take some time and endurance to get the site going
  • You work hard for the free samples. You have to connect all your social media accounts with your BzzAccount. You then write your review and share it on your social media platforms.
  • Users have complained of lower quality of campaigns over the years. They are receiving products that are not worth the effort.
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About is based in Boston. It is a product testing panel that is part of the DunnHumby Group. It has been connecting big and small brands with social media influencers since 2001. The social media influencers are known as Bzz agents.

It is a website where consumers do marketing for manufacturers. The Bzz Agents try out various products and services for free. They then review the products and spread the word about them to their friends and families. BzzAgent relies on consumers and social networks to promote the products.


Who can become a BzzAgent?

To become a BzzAgent, you must have attained the legal age in America, which is 18 years. Reviews and marketing are on social media. As such, you must have a computer with a reliable internet connection.

Currently, BzzAgent works with consumers in the United States of America and Canada. For those who live in the United Kingdom, there is another website at BzzAgent is still growing, so it will eventually spread to other countries.

How do I become a BzzAgent?

Becoming a BzzAgent is simple and straightforward. First, you will need to sign up for a BzzAccount. You do this by visiting their official website at You will be required to enter your data, which will include your name, address, email address, telephone number, and so on

All this information is vital so that BzzAgent can match you with the products that best suit you. After you have set up your BzzAccount, you should then connect it to your social media account. You are then good to go and ready to receive your first campaign.

What rewards do I get at BzzAgent?

Unlike other marketing panels, you are not going to get any cash rewards on BzzAgent. In BzzAgent, the consumers get products for free and then sample them in the real world. They then write honest reviews about the product on their social media platforms and spread the word about the product. The free products are all you get on BzzAgent.

How do I get more invitations on BzzAgent?

You will get more invitations to try more products as you rise the ranks. The more products you sample, the higher the level you will climb. The people who are higher in the ranking get more invitations. You can move up by submitting a report every time you sample a product. Share the report with other people who are testing the product. You are not obligated to give positive reviews for a product that you did not like. An honest review is what they need.

Is BzzAgent worth my time?

One thing is for sure; you are not going to amass a lot of wealth by using BzzAgent. You are also not going to earn any money. Therefore, if it is cash that you want, then BzzAgent is not what you want. You should go and sample other marketing panels that offer cash rewards. However, by using BzAgent, you are going to get a chance to sample lots of free products.

Among the products that you can sample on BzzAgent include:

  • Body wash and lotions
  • Drink sweeteners
  • Coffee creamers
  • Rechargeable electronic pieces of equipment, among others

What are the pros and cons of BzzAgent?

It is quick and effortless to sign up for BzzAgent and to use it. You also do not pay anything to sign up. After you have signed up, you get a chance to sample some products for free. The more products you sample, the higher you rise in the ranks, which translates to more invitations.

Among the cons of BzzAgent is that its population has risen a lot. As such, users are complaining that they are now getting items that are not worth the time. You also have to work a lot to get free products. You have to write the reviews and share details about the product in your social media accounts.


We all love free things. Nothing can be better than getting free stuff at the comfort of your couch. You simply sign up to the website, answer some questions, and you are set to start sampling free things. You may not win cash rewards in BzzAgent. However, you will end up with free items that can be a boost to your household.

BzzAgent is located in 184 Shepherds Bush Road, Brook Green London, W67NL GB

Tel: 1-877-BZZAGENT

Customer care email:

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