• Cinemark Survey - Cinemark Guest Experience Survey

    Cinemark Survey – Official Cinemark Customer Survey [Movies for a Year]

    Watching a movie is relaxing. Getting time to watch the film in a serene environment with everything you need is even better. Cinemark is one kind of place where you will enjoy your movies at affordable rates. If you are planning to have a weekend getaway, then the best stopping place is at Cinemark. You will meet excellent customer service as you watch your movie. Cinemark is a movie theater with branches in every state in the USA. It has also expanded internationally, and in countries like Brazil, Cinemark is the leading movie theatre. Many people find their way to Cinemark because they value their customers and are continuously improving…

  • TalktoRegal - Regal Guest Satisfaction Survey

    TalkToRegal — Official Regal® Customer Survey [Win $100]

    Regal Entertainment Group is a well-known name in the cinema and entertainment industry of the United States of America. Regal Cinemas were founded 30 years ago in 1989 by Mike Campbell in the Knoxville city of Tennessee State of America. Since its inception, the company has grown larger and hasn’t looked back. Currently, the Regal Cinemas have over 7000 screens and operate within 564 theaters across the United States. With the growth in its popularity and increased customer base, the management at the Regal Entertainment Group wants to gauge customer feedback in an attempt to make its services better. This customer feedback program is called the ‘TalktoRegal’ Survey. Similar Surveys:…

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