LiDAR 101: 5 LiDAR Technology Applications You Need To Know

LiDAR, for most people, this word may sound unfamiliar. LiDAR is a remote sensing and surveying technique used to measure the distance and dimensions of landscapes and structures with laser scanners. It transmits light pulses to objects like buildings, roads, and landscapes. LiDAR measures how long it would take for the light waves to bounce … Read more

6 Tips on How to Stop Unknown Phone Calls

Is answering calls from new numbers becoming a pain in the neck because of a relentless crash of spam calls? Calls with hidden or unknown numbers are agonizing, especially if your mind is buried deep into something else. Everyone can relate to the annoyance caused by these. Unless a call by a new number is … Read more


We as a species have managed to evolve our surroundings for utmost convenience and freedom, but at what costs? The overwhelming power of the internet has connected individuals across the globe with each other. But it also poses a tremendous threat to your privacy and personal information. Imagine having your marriage records or, perhaps, a … Read more

5 advantages of 5g network

Globally, there is debate regarding the 5G network. While the 5G network can result in a hike in tariffs, there are advocates of 5G networks. The people in favor of the 5G network state that they will bring down the bandwidth cost. Today, we will share with you the advantages of 5G. Once you go … Read more

How AI is Taking Predictive Analytics to the Next Level

AI is what humans rely on to do tedious and time-consuming tasks at a faster pace. Aside from predicting trends in product development, consumer habits, it can also use predictive analytics in big data. AI can also help online gaming sites such as casinos track user activities. By doing so, the AI can make suitable … Read more

Artificial Intelligence applications in 2021

The time when artificial intelligence was a fantastic idea has already faded into oblivion. Innovative developments by modern companies have long envisioned the use of AI. The idea seems appealing for a number of reasons, but mainly because algorithms will be able to do a much better job than humans. The unknown field often frightens … Read more

Technology Trends in Banking for 2021

Most of the consequences brought about by the covid-19 pandemic have been in the banking sector. The commercial aftermath has had ripple consequences through just about all businesses, ranging from Wall Street boardrooms to small-town cafes, as individuals tried handling their stuff amid the uncertainty. Even though it seemed like institutions like banks were thriving … Read more

How to Speed Up Your Browser for Better Performance

Once upon a time, the internet was an uncomplicated series of text pages. But those days are long gone. Nowadays, websites consist of piles of images, audio files, video files, interactive elements, and even some pretty exciting in-browser games such as penny slots online. However, as you continue surfing the web for months your browser … Read more

What Is Web Development And How To Get The Most Of It?

The notion of development is very popular nowadays. However, not so many people know what this term means and how to get the most of it in practice. This post will clarify the peculiarities of development for you. What is Development As a general term, development is the process that creates growth, improvement, and any … Read more

How Much Do Data Recovery Services Cost?

It is rare to see two data recovery cases that are the same. It means that each case is different from the other. This is why the cost of data recovery service might vary from one case to another. It depends on the hard drive’s size and intensity of the damage it has suffered. The … Read more