6 Tips on How to Stop Unknown Phone Calls

Is answering calls from new numbers becoming a pain in the neck because of a relentless crash of spam calls? Calls with hidden or unknown numbers are agonizing, especially if your mind is buried deep into something else. Everyone can relate to the annoyance caused by these. Unless a call by a new number is … Read more


We as a species have managed to evolve our surroundings for utmost convenience and freedom, but at what costs? The overwhelming power of the internet has connected individuals across the globe with each other. But it also poses a tremendous threat to your privacy and personal information. Imagine having your marriage records or, perhaps, a … Read more

How to make money with online surveys

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY Earning money with surveys is one of many ways to earn a little extra income. To this end, market research institutes conduct surveys on behalf of companies. The survey results of suitable target groups serve to improve products and services. There are of course other … Read more

Slot Strategies You Should Know About


With the growth of the gambling industry, the internet has become the place to search for anything associated with online gambling. There are many games that are being played online and many resources are available to learn about the game as well as the best strategies and methods that can help you increase your chances … Read more

How to work from home and be less tired

Remote work is with us for the long term – and maybe not just until the end of lockdown. For example, Twitter has already allowed its employees not to return to the office after the pandemic. Remote work has a lot of advantages, including:     Saving time on the road ;     Less stress from the unpleasant … Read more