Choice Privileges® Mystery Gift Review

May 21, 2020

People travel all over the world for various reasons, for some, it is due to business while for others it is only for pleasure as they travel as tourists. Whatever the reason, finding a good hotel to stay during your visit can turn out to be a nightmare. Choice Hotels offers accommodation that can be compared to no other. In addition, members are given the opportunity to acquire a gift card known as mystery gifts that allows you to earn points each time you book a room at any hotel participating in mystery gift.

Choice Privileges Mystery Gifts Review

Name: Choice Hotels

Description: Located in Rockville, Maryland, Choice hotels is the most successful hotel company and it owns over 7,0000 locations all over the world. As a way to thank their loyal customers for choosing them over and over again as well as encourage other customers to make reservations through their website at, the company came up with the choice privileges reward program.

Choice Privileges Summary

If you are a frequent customer at choice hotels registering for choice privileges programs will benefit you. Through this program, you will earn 10 points for each whole dollar you spend at any participating Choice hotel. Once you achieve the required points, you can redeem them for the gift of your choice.

Additionally, as a Choice Privileges member, you will enjoy special rates that other regular customers don’t have access to. The company offers a range of gifts to choose from various gifts such as gift cards, airline miles, or free night at any participating choice hotel’s properties.

Why take part in the program?

The Choice Privileges program gives you the opportunity to enjoy member rates which are cheaper as compared to normal rates. It also chooses the point system where you earn 10 points for every $1 you spend at any participating choice hotel property.

Moreover, you can choose to donate your points and this will be used to help the less privileged in the society or those affected by disasters. This will be a good way to help you give back to society and at the same time enjoy the comfort and luxury comfort hotels have to offer.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have an electronic device such as a smartphone or personal computer as the program is done online.
  • Access to a reliable internet connection.
  • You must be a permanent resident of the USA, Canada, Latin America, or any other country participating in the reward program.

Program restrictions

  • Although entities such as corporations as well as companies are recognized as legal persons they cannot participate in the program.
  • You can have only one member account.
  • Only the member account holder can earn points for his or her account.
  • If you book a room with rates below $40 per night you will earn no points.
  • Not all Choice Hotel Properties participate in the promotion, therefore to earn points always enquire before booking if they are participating.

How to participate in the program

This is a step by step guide on to sign up for an account and become a member eligible for Choice Privileges mystery gifts:

  • Visit
  • Fill your personal information such as your first and last name, as well as selecting either a business or home mailing address and your country of origin.
  • You should also give your address and two optional addresses where necessary.
  • Enter your city, postcode, and email.
  • Choose your language preference if it is English you don’t need to change as it is the default language.
  • Lastly, set your username and password, ensure your password is unique but you can easily remember it.
  • Once you submit this information you are now a participant of choice privileges.



As a participant in the Choice Privileges Program, you earn points for booking accommodation as well as spending time in any participating choice hotel property. In most cases for each whole dollar you spend, you earn 10 points.

There are several ways of earning points such as booking and spending time in any participating choice hotel property buying points when they on offer and, referring friends, and they successfully join the program. Once you attain the required number of points, you can redeem for any of the following:

  • For 8,000 points you can get a free night at any participating Choice Hotel in the USA or in over 40 territories the hotels operate in.
  • For 16,000 points you can travel in the US Caribbean and Bluegreen vacations staying at holiday rental properties such as villas, cabins, and condos.
  • Every once in awhile, Choice Hotels collaborate with different airlines and the members can redeem their points for airline miles.
  • Lastly, you can turn your points to donations that will help the poor or people hit by disasters.


  • Free to join the program.
  • The sign-up process is simple and easy to understand.
  • A choice privileges member can earn points for up to four rooms per night in a single night as long as they use their names to book all the rooms.
  • A member can purchase a maximum of 120,000 points for your account.
  • Although there is no option for redeeming into cash you can sell your points.
  • There are various options to choose from when you want to redeem your points such as gift cards and free nights at luxurious hotels.
  • It is easy to keep track of your points; for every $1 you spend you are awarded 10 points.
  • Points cannot expire.
  • Points cannot be revoked as long as you keep participating in activities that will either add or reduce points in your account.
  • You can redeem your reward of a free night for immediate family members such as your spouse or your child.
  • Choice Hotels’ mobile app makes it easy to plan, make reservations, and redeem your plans.


  • You cannot earn points if you book a room charging below the rate of $40 per night.
  • If two or more members share a room, points will be credited to the member who reserved the room.
  • Your points may be provoked if you don’t participate in activities that earn or reduce points in 18 months straight.
  • To earn points you must stay the entire period you booked the room.
  • It can take between 72 hours to 20 days for points to reflect in your account.
  • You cannot redeem your points for cash.
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Choice Privileges Center

NameChoice Privileges
Rewards8,000 points = A Free Night
16,000 points = Rent Villas, Cabins & Condos
Purchase Yes

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What is the Choice Privileges Program all about?

Choice privileges is a program introduced by choice hotels as a way to reward their loyal customers as well as encourage many more customers to book reservations at their website at

Is the program worth my time?

Through participating in the program you get the chance to win amazing prizes, the low member rates will save your money. Once you accumulate sufficient points you can redeem them for free nights, gift cards as well as other amazing offers.

What will I be charged to be a member of the program?

All you need to enroll as a member is to log in fill in the simple instructions such as your full name address email and country of origin submit those details and you are officially a member you will be charged nothing.

What are the levels of membership in the program?

There are three types of membership, the first one is normal member rates for members of Choice as well as elite membership whose members earn better rates than normal Choice privileges members. The last type of membership is reserved for military personnel or their close family members.

How do I check my point balance?

To keep better track of your points it is important to download the Choice Hotels mobile application that helps you keep track of your points as well as easily redeem them for the gift of your choice. You can also contact the customer support team to enquire about your points.

Which properties of Choice Hotels participate in Choice Privileges?

Many properties in Europe, the USA and other parts of the world under the choice hotels participate in the choice privileges program such as Rodeway Inn, Cambria, Ascend, Comfort, Clarion, Quality hotel take part in the program.

How many points can I earn per stay?

The reward system operates in such a way that for every $1 dollar you spend you earn 10 points, therefore, the more money you spend the more points you earn.

What activities will earn me points?

To earn points ensure you make reservations using your name and include your member number, you also earn points for referring friends or family who enroll in the program. It is also important to look out for offers of people selling points as you can buy up to 120,000 points. Buying points however only increases points in the account of the buyer.

If you want to enjoy a free night at a luxurious Choice Hotel at any corner of the world then it will be a good decision to enroll as a member of the Choice Privileges Mystery Gifts Program. As you spend your nights in hotels around the world either for business reasons or even as a tourist, you will have an added advantage of accumulating points that you may choose to sell, donate or redeem for various gifts. As long as you keep participating in activities that add or reduce points in your account your points will not be revoked and they don’t expire.

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