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January 24, 2020

Who doesn’t love chicken? Most people love chicken, but what would happen if you ate one that you felt wasn’t prepared well? You may end up not eating chicken again. Church’s Chicken is one restaurant known for its chicken. It has been serving chicken for many years and continues to grow and expand in different countries.

Church’s Chicken has a platform where the customers write their feedback after visiting the store. This way, they can know where they are doing things the right way and where they need to improve. In this article, you will learn all there is about the ChurchsChickenFeedback, from how you join the survey to how you earn rewards.


Name: ChurchsChickenFeedback

Description: ChurchsChickenFeedback lets Church's Chicken's customers leave feedback & give suggestions to improve its services. In return, customers get gift codes that can be used in any of the Church's Chicken's restaurants.

ChurchsChickenFeedback Summary

ChurchsChickenFeedback is a platform by the Church’s Chicken restaurant where they interact with the customers to know how satisfied they are. The customers get to comment on all elements in the restaurant; the food they take, price, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the services.

With the information, they can make adjustments and improvements to make sure all the customers are satisfied, and that way, their business can grow. In return, the customers get coupons that they redeem for free meals in their next visit to the restaurant.

ChurchsChickenFeedback Rules & Requirements

  • For you to take part in the survey, you need a recent receipt from the restaurant. The receipt contains a code that you enter at the beginning of the survey before proceeding to the next level.
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to be a resident of the United States of America, United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to be 13 years and above
  • Employees of Church’s Chicken and their spouses and also their closest friends are not allowed to take part in the survey. By restricting them from taking part in the survey, they make sure all the opinions they get are not biased.
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to understand English or Spanish as the survey is in either language.
  • You must take the survey before a week is over after getting your receipt as it becomes invalid after a week.
  • Every eligible person is allowed to take part in the survey a maximum of five times a month. More than that is not permitted. That way, they can get more opinions from different people.
  • A person cannot transfer the award or the code they get after taking the survey to another person.
  • The survey is online, so you will need a laptop or a pc and an excellent connection to the internet to make the survey faster.


How to take part in the survey

Step 1: Purchase anything at the Church’s Chicken restaurant and make sure you carry with you the receipt.

Step 2: Visit the Churchschickenfeedback survey site. You can either use the direct link to the survey or use the office to access the survey site

Step 3: Enter the code in the receipt so you can access the survey.

Step 4: Answer the survey questions from the first to the last honestly. If you stop in the middle and then get back to the survey later, you may not be able to access the survey using the code you used earlier.

The following are the questions asked in the survey:

  • Customers help to rate their last visit to the restaurant either from how satisfied they were or from how dissatisfied they were.
  • Customers comment and rate the quality of the food cooked in the restaurant, the services they received. They rate from how satisfied they were or dissatisfied they were.
  • Customers comment on the cleanliness of the place, the look, and the location of the place.
  • They are asked to comment on any problem or give any suggestions they would like to add to the restaurant.

Step 5: After answering all the answers honestly, submit them for review

Step 6: After that, a validation code will get, which you’ll redeem the free meal listed on your receipt.

Note: If you are not able to access the site, first confirm you have entered the correct details from the receipt to rule out the basic errors that occur. If you still have a problem getting into the survey, contact them, and explain to them clearly the problem you are having, and they will help you out.

ChurchsChickenFeedback Rewards

As a form of motivation, the restaurant rewards you when you take part in ChurchsChickenFeedback. At the end of every survey, the participant gets a code that they use to get their reward. The rewards may differ with different participants. One is supposed to use the code they are given after the survey before 30 days are over. After that, the code is invalid, and you can’t use it to redeem your gift.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Product Quality


  • The ChurchsChickenFeedback survey is easy to take
  • You get rewarded for your opinion
  • Your opinion counts
  • The survey takes a few minutes


  • Employees are not allowed to participate in ChurchsChickenFeedback
  • You only participate if you’ve made a purchase in the restaurant before
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ChurchsChickenFeedback Center

PrizeGift Code
Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Español

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How long does it take to complete ChurchsChickenFeedback?

How long one takes to complete the ChurchsChickenFeedback survey will depend on the person taking the survey. First, your speed will matter. If you are slow in typing, you may take longer to complete the survey. Also, the speed of the internet one is using will also affect how long you take to complete the survey. But on average, you’ll take around five minutes.

How many times can I take part in ChurchsChickenFeedback?

One person is limited to five ChurchsChickenFeedback surveys in a month. By doing so, the company ensures they get more information from different people. That way, they can make an informed decision. For each visit to the restaurant, you are given one chance to enter the survey, so if you visited the restaurant and got two receipts, you can only use one to enter the survey.

Are there any other options for people who do not understand English?

Yes, if you do not understand English, you have the option to change the language by going to the translation option on ChurchsChickenFeedback and choose the language you would love to be translated to and then you can answer the questions in the survey.

Is there a limitation to when I can use the receipt to enter the survey and also the coupons I will get after the ChurchsChickenFeedback survey?

Yes, the receipt you get after purchasing anything is valid for a week from the day you purchased. After that, you can’t use the receipt to enter the ChurchsChickenFeedback survey. For the coupons you get after the survey, they remain valid for 30 days from the day you got it. After that, you can’t use the coupon to get a discount in the restaurant.


What will I get when I take part in ChurchsChickenFeedback?

No person wants to waste their time and end up getting nothing at the end. That’s why Church’s Chicken has come up with a code that you get after completing the ChurchsChickenFeedback survey and submitting it. You can use the code to redeem the meal indicated on your next visit to the restaurant.

How will I know the right site for ChurchsChickenFeedback?

There are many scam sites on the net that may mislead you and end up wasting your time, and in the end, they gain nothing. To make sure you have the right site, make sure you confirm the logo on the site. You can also access ChurchsChickenFeedback site by clicking the ‘Survey’ link above.


The only way to make it in business is to make sure you provide a solution to a problem that is there or to give the people what they need. Church’s Chicken has already realized this and has taken the step of coming up with ChurchsChickenFeedback where they get to read people’s feedback. They get to know where they are failing and what they need to do more to continue excelling in business. What a better way to get this information than from the people themselves?

On the other hand, you get to benefit because you take a survey in less than five minutes and then get rewarded for it. The feedback you give becomes helpful to the restaurant so that they get to know what changes they need to make.

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