Crowdology Review — Paid Survey Panels Legit or Scam?

October 29, 2019

Are you looking for ways to increase your net income? If that is the case, then you are in the right place. Everyone would love some extra bucks in their pocket as a way of increasing their disposable income.

CrowdologyToday, we introduce you to Crowdology, a survey panel site of choice for most Americans and Britons. If there is a genuine site, then this has to be the one! It has been tried and tested with users sharing positive stories across the US and UK.

Whether you are a corporate business or individual, you are sure to benefit from it. Crowdology is a market research firm that helps you make money while at the comfort of your couch. With free signup available for all users, you require no effort to be on an earning trail.

This is just different! Unlike other survey sites that do not pay cash, Crowdology is the cash king. With this panel, you are free to withdraw cash from as little as $8, unlike all the other panels that only allow redeeming of gift cards and online vouchers or higher cash limits.

Payment is deposited by affiliates who have found a purpose to use the panel. Amazon leads to a long list of affiliates that also includes BOSE, Spotify, and ASOS. There many more affiliates across the globe that have recognized the outstanding role of Crowdology in fulfilling market research objectives.

Its robust system lends it credibility among many other sites. The platform is integrated with PayPal for easy access to your money. Any time you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can proceed to make a withdrawal request.

For those who do not know more about this survey panel, it is owned by a multinational that belongs to the Redshift Research group. It is run by a media company called Savanta that boasts of extensive experience in market research and integrated intelligence services on a universal scale.

In the UK, it is run by a firm called Viga, sharing a commonality with brand names such as Agent 5, Bite Global Next15. The strength of standards that Crowdology operates on is unrivaled. It is governed by ESOMAR guidelines that adhere to the Research Society Code of Conduct.

Crowdology is known to deliver quality surveys to its clients. They do so by cleverly targeting surveys to relevant demographics. Of course, this is aided by data presented by the dedicated research associates.

Crowdology Review

Name: Crowdology

Description: Crowdology is a firm located in the UK and US and offers dynamic surveys that are usually paid attractively. For any resident in the two countries, this is an opportunity for a side gig to supplement your other income.

What is Crowdology?

Everyone knows the widespread legitimacy issues posed by the diverse survey panels available online. But to set the record straight, this is legit and trusted by many. It offers different ways that you can benefit from as a user.

One key component is the paid surveys that are available based on your demographic details. Usually, these surveys take you up to 20 minutes to complete. A cash reward is available upon completion.

There are a lot more attributes that make Crowdology stand out among other survey panels. Apart from cash, that is a key strength; they also have prize draws. With the draws, you get sweepstake entries that are usually drawn to determine the winners.

They also have a reputable referral system in place that you may use to invite other interested people. A friend voucher valued at $20 is usually up for grabs at the end of the month. The voucher may be used to purchase at Amazon in exchange for a product or service at the stated amount.

Invitation for surveys via email is also another boost to this panel. Be sure to turn on notifications on your smartphone so as not to miss out on upcoming surveys.


The issues of eligibility always come up when using online platforms. But it is always essential to ensure the protection of minors and data privacy. To be part of Crowdology, you ought to consider the following.

  • You must be 18 years old and over, which is a general rule that is considered by almost all survey panels available around.
  • You must have quite a reliable internet connection to complete surveys successfully; you do not want to hang up in the middle of the survey and end up re-doing it or get disqualified.
  • You must be a resident of the US and UK, which are the locations that Crowdology operates from.

How to Join Crowdology Survey

You will need to register to begin enjoying the benefits of the platform. Remember to enter credible information on your profile as that will form the basis for receiving surveys. One account is allowed for each member that uses the survey site.

To get ready to take a Crowdology survey, you need to put the following in your checklist for consideration:

  • Connect your smartphone, computer or tablet to a reliable internet connection
  • Then search for Crowdology site on the web by entering on the search tab
  • Click on the SIGNUP tab and complete the form as prompted
  • A CAPTCHA CODE will ascertain that you are human and not a machine

Some of the critical information that will be required when signing up include:

  • Your age
  • Username
  • A working email address
  • Your demographics
  • Then proceed to verify your account on the email you provided during registration
  • Now you can start responding to surveys

Make sure you fill in the demographic details more conclusively to receive more surveys. When you provide conflicting information, Crowdology reserves the right to terminate the contract or close your account. Always remember to keep email notifications on as you wait for new surveys to arrive.

Your Rewards at Crowdology

There is so much to take home from using Crowdology! You can earn from 0.4 cents to about 10 dollars per survey. The payout is dependent on the length of the survey, with most surveys scooping $10 per completion. Cash payments will arrive in your PayPal account as soon as you initiate the transfer. The maximum period to get your pay is 14 days, but normally, it happens almost instantly.

As soon as you hit $8 in your account, you are entitled to make a withdrawal, which is checked out instantly. You may choose to accumulate the amount to a level that you are comfortable to withdraw.

If you have a friend that you are referring to Crowdology, you stand a chance of earning $20. Why not dive in and refer a friend using the Crowdology Referral System?

All earnings from Crowdology are eligible for taxation. Remember, since the respondents are considered as members and not employees, it remains a legal responsibility of the member to pay taxes.



  • Their pay is attractive, and you get up to $20 per survey.
  • You benefit from fast payouts that are as fast as a click of a button.
  • No one is charged for using the site as it is free to sign up.
  • The site is free for businesses who wish to learn more about their customers to make product improvements.
  • The system rides on a superior interface that displays a quality design.
  • As an affiliate, you are guaranteed of quality surveys because Crowdology is quite serious about demographics of its respondents, they dig deeper to ensure the surveys portray an almost perfect scenario.
  • They have access to more than 10 million respondents.
  • Cash payouts are well integrated with PayPal.


  • There is no point system to track the performance of those who take surveys; hence, available surveys may be directed to inexperienced respondents.
  • The survey panel is restricted to US and UK residents.
  • Some respondents complain of low invitation to surveys.
  • Some respondents have witnessed bugs though they were quickly resolved.
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How much can I earn from Crowdology?

You can earn as much cash as you want. The minimum for the shortest surveys is from 0.4 cents to 10 dollars for the longest. Other earnings, which could be $20 and above, will come from other ways such as prizes from sweepstakes entries or referrals. The friend referral system earns you $20 for each successful referral.

What is unique about Crowdology that other survey sites don’t have?

Crowdology offers both cash payouts and redeemable gift cards and online vouchers. Additionally, through Crowdology, you can participate in prize raffles through organized sweepstakes. Through these sweepstakes, you may win extra prizes from affiliates like Amazon. There is also the benefit of a robust friend referral system that guarantees you additional payments to boost your earnings.

Is Crowdology Legit?

Yes. If there is a legitimate site, it has to be Crowdology. With this survey panel, you are assured of responses from more than 10 million respondents, depending on your niche. Whether you are in the UK or US, this is your one-stop shop when it comes to surveys. We have standby respondents from diverse demographics ready to offer you the much-needed feedback. Predominantly, many online scams are running around the web, but we can vouch for Crowdology as a safe and credible panel.

I am worried about data privacy

Crowdology follows guidelines backed by legislation. The data protection act enacted in 1998 is the ultimate guide for all the data controlled by the firm. The survey panel also adheres to ESOMAR guidelines that govern the Research Society Code of Conduct. Your data is protected and used solely for research aimed at product improvement.

Which organizations does Crowdology work with?

There are lots of respected organizations that work closely with Crowdology. Just but to name a few, we have; HP, Skype, Phillips, Paypal, Nike, RAC, Dove, Aviva, Sage, Symantec, and Oracle. These organizations believe in what Crowdology stands for concerning market research.

Will I be charged for joining Crowdology?

Not at all. Signing up to Crowdology costs no cents. You only need to have a computer, phone, or tablet with a reliable internet connection and you! You will be required to enter some demographic details and verify your account through email.

Can I access Crowdology while outside the US?

Yes, you can also access Crowdology in the UK. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, you may not have an opportunity to enjoy Crowdology.

What nature of questions should I expect from the survey?

Crowdology offers a wide change of topics depending on the affiliate needs. Often, the surveys will end up in print, digital media as well as specific journals for consumer knowledge. Usually, the questions are fun and follow the details collected through your profile. Therefore respondents are encouraged to provide consistent information on profile and surveys.

Do you have a referral program in place?

Yes, there is a friend referral program in place for members. A friend voucher valued at $20 is up for grabs for each referral. The voucher may be used to purchase at Amazon in exchange for a product or service at the stated amount.

Will the survey consume my time?

The survey does not take up much of your time. The lengthiest surveys go for only 10 minutes; otherwise, with an average of 7 minutes, you should be done for most surveys.

There is no doubt that Crowdology is the real deal when it comes to complementing your other income. It is one way of accumulating passive income by sparing a few minutes each day to check on existing surveys. There is so much for you to do when you sign up for the panel.

Crowdology’s earning per survey is sufficiently reasonable to get you going. If you hate delays, you won’t be disappointed when you join Crowdology since the payouts are quite fast. Plus, there are many other ways to earn, which include prize raffles, friends referral system, and redeemable gift cards and vouchers from affiliate partners. Why not try Crowdology today?

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