April 2, 2020

CVS Health Survey — Official CVS® Survey [$1000 Prize]

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CVS Pharmacy is all about medicines and other related products. If you have ever shopped for your medications, then CVS is not a new company for you. The fact that the company has been there for years is proof that you are dealing with a legitimate company. When you purchase medicines or other pharmacy products, it’s important that you give your feedback for improved services. That’s why the CVS survey is available so that your feedback counts when it comes to the decision making of the company.

In this review, we will focus on details about the CVS Health survey how you can participate, the eligibility, pros, and cons. We will also help you answer a few frequently asked questions so that you find it easy to navigate through the entire process and earn rewards.

CVS Health Survey

Name: CVS Survey

Description: CVS Health survey is run by CVS Pharmacy, which is all about medicines and other related products. CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores, and this is one of the oldest pharmacies in the USA. It was formerly known as Consumer Value Store. According to Fortune 500, the company ranks 7th as per the USA corporation. The retail is widespread, with over 9,000 stores in the USA.



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CVS Survey Summary

The company came into existence in 1963, Lowell, Massachusetts, the United States, and that’s why it’s among the pioneer companies in the health industry. It was founded by Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein Hebreux Jules, and Ralph Hoagland.

Other than medicines, the store has a variety of products that include beauty products and cosmetics, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise, film and photo finishing services, and food products.

Once you shop at CVS, you get a receipt, and the information on the receipt will help you take the CVS survey and help the company improve its services. In return for your opinion, you are given rewards in the form of discounts on products as well as numerous offers. In the monthly drawings, you are guaranteed amazing prizes if you are among the lucky participants.

The CVS Health survey is done online, and therefore, you need the best internet and also a gadget that can access online platforms.

When you share your honest opinion, it helps in the delivery of service and fabulous products to you. Additionally, you contribute to the exceptional service you receive at any of the stores near you. Remember that any type of feedback you share will add value to the company.

By completing the CVS survey, the company will reward you up to $1000 as well as discounts on products you purchase.

Is CVS Company legit or a scam?

You have the right to doubt until you find reasons to believe. In most cases, we have an online platform that tricks you into scam sites and even steals your contact details for advertisements. This is one of the reasons that have made many people shy away from online surveys. Well, the CVS Company has proved to be legit since the customers in reviews praise the company.

Other reasons for its legitness include the over 8,000 stores available and more than 20,000 workers by the stores. We also based its legitness on the number of years the company has operated and still going strong. Since 1964, the company has grown tremendously with locations and more employees joining the company. The presence of the companies physical location is also one of the key things to note.

As if that is not enough, we have come across hundreds of positive reviews for the company. The proof of rewards by those who have also taken part in the survey is evident. Therefore, if you are ready to add a survey platform to your 2020 plans, then it should be the CVS guest feedback survey.

The fact that the requirement for the US residents also confirms that it is legit then those from other countries won’t waste their time taking part in the survey. The reason why it’s about US residents is the proximity to the different locations of CVS.

CVS Health Survey Eligibility criteria

Just like other survey platforms, there are rules and regulations that you need to meet so that you can freely take part in CVS health survey. These rules help you to earn rewards and also save you time in case you are not eligible. Therefore, the company emphasizes that you read the eligibility criteria keenly so that you can find it easy and enjoyable to participate.

Below, we have compiled an in-depth list of the things you need to meet so that you can participate in the surveys.

  • You must be a resident in the USA. This is because online stores are in the USA.
  • You must be 18 years and above. This is an age where you can make decisions with medicines. Therefore, children are not eligible for surveys.
  • A laptop or a mobile phone with a fantastic internet is ideal. The survey is done online, and their accessibility via the gadgets is necessary.
  • You must have the purchase receipt as the code for participating in the survey is on the receipt.
  • You must either know English or Espanol, as they will be used in the survey. You will choose the language that you are familiar with for an easy process.
  • You must have a few minutes to complete the survey
  •  Your feedback should be genuine and hence the need to recall your previous experience at the store.

How to participate in the CVS health survey?

  • Make sure you qualify for you to participate in the survey.
  • Visit the survey site at www.CVSHealthSurvey.com
  • Choose the preferred language either English or Spanish.
  • At the bottom side, click the continue button.
  • With your receipt ready, locate the 17 digit code on the receipt.
  • Enter the digit in the space provided and click continue.
  • Once you click, you will be directed to the questionnaire page where you answer the questions based on your past visits. At this point, you are required to be as genuine as possible and hence the need to remember the details well.
  • Finally, you will be required to provide your contact so that you can be notified if you are the winner.
  • This will mark the end of the survey.


Another alternative way of participating in the CVS survey is through the mail. Once you make your purchase, get a piece of paper, and participate freely. Send the details that include your feedback and code to CVS Pharmacy $1,000 Monthly Sweepstakes, 16200 Dallas Parkway, Suite 140, Dallas, Texas 75248-6897.

Note that alternative ways like phone participation might come with a shorter code on the purchase process. This code is still valid and will earn you an entry into the draw. Therefore, the numerous ways given for taking part in the draw are there for you to choose the one that suits you.

CVS Health Survey Restrictions

  • Once you win the prize, you cannot transfer to another person or share.
  • You must not penetrate or tweak the survey page or else you will face legal action
  • Where the law prohibits the survey, then it’s void
  • If you live outside the USA, then the chance of participating are zero

CVS Health Survey Rewards

  • Once you participate in the surveys, you need to wait for the notification if you are a winner. Some of the top rewards you will get include various monthly offers.
  • $1000 monthly drawings for you to participate in.
  • One member of a household can apply and participate in the $1000 reward in each monthly drawing.

How to contact CVS for your questions and concerns?

If you have questions for CVS, they have plenty of sections where you can communicate with the help desk. Here are the various platforms we came across that can help you get your concerns answered.

  • Make a direct call through 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287)
  • The mailing address is

CVS Corporation

Customer Relations

One CVS Drive

Woonsocket, RI 0289


  • Incredible rewards for participating in the surveys
  • It’s free to participate, and the only requirement is the receipt code
  • The feedback you give improves the services
  • This is a legit site for you to participate worry-free
  • Your contact information is secure
  • The customer care response is swift
  • You get the best products on the surveys
  • You will also get discounts on the products you buy
  • Fantastic offers for you are available
  • The communication channel is open for consultations
  • The stores are all over the United States and hence easy to reach one for services


  • Only for 18 years and above
  • For the resident of USA only
  • One person per household can participate
  • The sweepstake reward takes a longer time
  • You have to purchase a product for the receipt code
  • The CVS staff cannot participate in the survey

CVS Health Survey Center

NameCVS Health Survey
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
LanguageEnglish, Español

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CVS Health Survey FAQs

What can I do if My CVS survey page is not working?

If your page is not working and you are unable to access the website for the survey, then you need to confirm the browsers you are using. Again, you need to accept cookies in case you are asked to. Always use the official site for the survey as other sites can defraud you.

CVS survey reward is taking a long time. Why is this so?

In most cases, there are hundreds of entries, and since this is a free and fair process, it requires patience so that winners can be chosen randomly.

Who benefits from my CVS survey feedback?

As a guest, once you take the survey, the company will benefit from your feedback by improving services the way you recommend. This will see you get the best services for your next shopping. Also, you benefit from the discounts, as well as the free offers from the company.

Which languages are used for the CVS surveys?

You can switch between English and Spanish for you to take the surveys. That’s why one of the critical requirements in either English or Spanish language.

Can someone take the CVS Health survey on my behalf?

The survey depends on your honest opinion since you visited the store. Therefore, you are required to take the survey by yourself so that the full information remains authentic and also reflects the truth about your visit.


You have the information about CVS. Luckily, there are three options in which you can participate in the surveys. i.e., via an online survey, phone and through the mail. All the methods guarantee you equal chances of entry into the draw.

If you are trying to find out something to do in 2020, then the survey at CVS will be an excellent choice for you. Remember, the advantages are numerous, and you will end up loving the outcome. It is your time to decide whether to participate or not. Well, if you have questions, you can feel free to comment so that we can help you out and make your path to the surveys even more comfortable. Here is the link once you make the purchase CVS survey.

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