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May 11, 2020

The DieselPowerGear company has been offering the best rewards for the customers since its inception. Buyers have purchased commodities, including clothes and jewelry from the site to emerge winners. Did you know that by the end of June, you could win a 4×4 truck? Well, this is in line with the Dieselpowergear sweepstakes on the Dieselpowergear.com site.

You only need to purchase from the site and win a pickup plus other exciting rewards. I will take you through the process of participating so that by the end of the sweepstakes, at least you will have won a reward and, most importantly, the pickup. If you are ready for this challenge, then welcome on board and let us see what this sweepstake has for you.

Diesel Power Gear Survey Review

Name: DieselPowerGear Sweepstakes

Description: The Diesel Power Gear is a popular retailer in the USA, specializing in selling clothes and accessories to suit the style of diesel product users. They dedicate time to give the diesel users enough torque to power their trucks that also come with rewards. This allows you to buy and win. Additionally, you will earn points for signing up to join the diesel club. Afterward, you can easily purchase commodities, parts, and even inquire for service from the site. On signing up, you accumulate points, and these points will collect every time you make a purchase.

DieselPowerGear Summary

Also, diesel power modifies your pickup to suit your style and match your personality. You will again come across reality TV shows by the diesel brothers who focus on repairs and customize pickups. Well, that’s where the company started, and up to now, they have expanded to provide additional products to suit your style. When you visit the site Diesel Power, you will come across hundreds of products currently on sale.

Why do you need to participate in the DieselPowerGear Giveaway 2020?

Most companies gather information from their buyers to know how their products are doing and if there are concerns, then it becomes easy to address them. Well, that’s how they grow. In return, some reward you for the effort and time taken to accomplish the survey. Now, the following are reasons you need to take part in these sweepstakes today.

First, your diesel friends are buying quality products from the site and looking more stylish and fashionable. You don’t have to miss this yet you have a diesel beast. Therefore, you will come across a variety of products that match your style form the site as you continue collecting points from each purchase you make.

These products available come in a range of affordable prices. The quality is on another level, and once you have your gear, then be ready to use it for years. Also, the products arrive in time for you to try them and feel good.

The sweepstakes providers are legit, and this is backed by their physical locations in the USA and other parts where you can visit and check on a variety of products. Additionally, they provide contacts so that you can have concerns addressed even faster.

Furthermore, the company allows you to win plenty of rewards, including the grand prize of a pick up every six months. So, imagine walking away with a brand new 4×4 pickup. Above that, you can still win a trip with a fully paid, luxurious experience and article to collect the prize and meet the Diesel team.

Lastly, taking part in the sweepstakes allows you to explore more about the company and understand how to raise concerns for easy address. Also, the company is dedicated to working on your concerns so that they can retain your loyalty and even attract new customers to buy the products.

Eligibility criteria and rules

Are you ready to take part in this survey? Well, you must have gone through the rules and regulations. This allows you to know the criteria for participating. Therefore, it’s a way to save time. Well, just like other companies that run sweepstakes and surveys, some rules and regulations govern the whole process. I find it easy to take part in a competition that has rules because it shows the seriousness of the company in collecting information to improve services.

Now, Diesel Power Gear also has a rule that you need to follow so that you can participate and win a truck. Below, we have highlighted some of the core rules and requirements for participation. Take time and go through to know what is expected.

  • You must be an American citizen living in the 50 states. Other areas include the district of Columbia and Canada.
  • At least 18 years of age is vital for participation
  • Have a stable internet connection for the online survey
  • Be able to visit dieselpowergear.com and submit entries
  • Have basic knowledge in English or Spanish
  • Must not be an employee or family member or any close associate of the company
  • At least have some information about your purchase and the experiences you had
  • Participate only when the entry is active
  • The promotion is subject to the applicable laws in the state
  • Be able to provide your contact details including the email address, phone contacts, location, and any other contact that will make it easy to be reached once you win.
  • You must agree to abide by the laid down rules
  • The administrators are final to all matters that concern this promotion
  • If a minor participates, then consent from the parents is needed
  • The promotion starts on 1st May 2020 and ends on 31st May 2020

Survey Restrictions

  • You are disqualified if you fail to meet the survey requirements
  • Minors are not allowed unless there is consent from parents, and agreement forms the management.
  • Tampering with the site is not advised and punishable by law
  • The prizes you win are not transferable
  • Entries after the promotion are invalid
  • If the state law prohibits the survey, then it will be discontinued


Once you accumulate the points, you are eligible for various rewards by the company. The following is a list of rewards and privileges you get by taking part in the promotion.

First, you stand a chance to win the grand prize of a 4×4 Used 2018 RAM 2500, color White with a total ARV of $46,500. You will get a free air ticket and one night paid in full for you to meet the team and receive your present at Salt Lake City. Also, you can opt for an alternative Grand Prize with a cash alternative of $15,000 awarded in the form of a check.

Furthermore, you benefit from timely information based on available promotions. You get early discounts on products before other buyers.

How to participate and win rewards?

We hope you have gone through the rules and regulations for this promotion. After that, it is time to take part in the sweepstake and win rewards. But before that, note that there are three methods of participating in this promotion. We have shared how to participate in using the methods available. Therefore, choose the one that suits you and get closer to winning the mega prize.

Method 1: Purchase entry

This begins on the day the promotion is open for participation. Well, visit the DieselPowerGear.com, www.4x4anything.com, http://legiontires.com, and www.heavydsparks.com websites and purchase as many products as you wish.

Note that for every $5 you spend on buying an item, you get one entry. So, more entries increase your chances of winning.

Method 2: Diesel club points entry

During the entry, you can log in to your diesel club account and view the accumulated points. Remember that during registration, you get 250 free points, and when you continue with purchases, the points accumulated increase. You can now visit the site and in your account, check the available entry points. Every 50 points can be redeemed for one entry. As you get the points, make sure you also go through the Diesel Club Points terms and conditions.

The mail-in-Entry

This entry doesn’t require a purchase to get entry points. Instead, write on a piece of paper your name, street address, state or province, city, zip or postal code, telephone number, country, complete email address on a standard 4” x 6” postcard. Afterward, send it to Nomad Giveaway, P.O. Box 2670, Salt Lake City, UT 84110 USA.

Note that for every mail request, you get 25 entries.

The method used allows you to have 1000 entries maximum. Additionally, when you make an entry via mail, then you consent to receive updates from the company.

The finalist drawing is a random drawing that happens in the month after the end of the promotion. A random selection is done hence a fair sweepstake for winners.

The winner also receives the grand prize in the location to be announced by the sponsor. Also, if there is a change in dates, official communication shall be notified by the sponsor.

The winners shall be contacted via the contacts you shared with the sponsor. After that, you will be required to sign an affidavit and proceed to get your prize. The prize winner will also sign other signatures regarding taxes.




  • It offers an equal chance to win the grand prize as the final drawing is based on a random selection.
  • Your information privacy is essential hence protected by the organization
  • This is a legit company and thus offer the straight forward services
  • There are three ways to enter the survey



  • It is limited to American citizens only and few Canadian citizens
  • Your winning depends on luck
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How do I know that I have won the prize?

Well, when you are participating, there is a point you share your contact details. These include your phone number, email address, and location, among other details. This is what the company uses to share with you the final winner.

Are the sweepstakes prizes real?

Yes, the sweepstakes prizes are real, and the company has proof of the previous winners who have walked away with the grand prize. Above that, the website also indicated the eligibility for winning the prize.

Can I exchange the prize?

In most cases, the grand prize is always a pickup. This can be converted to money depending on the value and exchange rate at that time. Also, the transactions and any additional charges will be on you in case you plan to change the prize.

The more I participate, the higher the chances of winning, right?

No, this promotion is a probability and allows you to participate via entries. All the entries will be tallied and entered into a draw. A winner is selected based on random picking. Therefore, it is a stroke of luck hence an equal opportunity to win.

Where are the headquarters of Diesel Power gear?

The Diesel Power Gear headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the commonplace where winners meet the team and also collect the prices.

What is Diesel Power selling fashionable outerwear?

According to the sponsor, the idea of selling the wears came from the kind of services the customers get. They wanted to give customers something that matches the style of diesel products and hence a great way to add power and confidence when on your truck.

Are there contacts for sharing concerns for address?

Yes, there are numerous ways you can reach the management for an address. First, they have phone contacts, websites, and social media sites. We have shared them below. Use the one that will make your work easier.

  • DieselSellerz | Diesel Power Gear | 4x4Anything
  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm MST
  • Call: 1 (855)-234-4625
  • Text: 1 (801)-850-0099
  • Email: info@dieselpowergear.com


The DieselPowerGear Giveaway 2020 is all that you need to get your year in gear. You can now participate in the sweepstakes via the various methods available and win the grand prize. The rules are clear, and this makes the participation even easier for you.

Now, visit the website and start winning. You will require a few minutes to participate hence the need to give it your best. The more entries you have can get you a higher chance of winning.

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