October 10, 2020

Disinfecting Surfaces in the Era of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has everybody thinking about health and safety more than normal. With the virus affecting the entire world and people increasingly concerned about their health, it becomes extra important to make sure that your place of business remains healthy and safe. Even prior to COVID-19 and even after the vaccine for this disease is finally in place, businesses should always prioritize cleanliness. Here are some ways to improve health and safety in your place of business.

Disinfecting Electronic Equipment

With a standard surface, you can just spray or wipe down the area and be done with it. During COVID-19, some of the huge industrial companies as Bolair which sell not only a foam spray machine but also a disinfection sprayer for commercial personal needs. Electronic systems are much more sensitive, however. For starters, they tend to be less resistant to spills and leaks, meaning that standard cleaning fluid can damage the interior workings of the machine as it seeps in. Secondly, many wipes and cleaning solutions build up static electricity when used, which can damage processors. For this reason, companies that have a lot of electronic workstations usually use specialized sprays and equipment for disinfectant. An electrostatic disinfecting station can avoid the dangers of leaks into the interior of the equipment or static surges that could compromise files and programming.

COVID-19 and Surfaces

As a new but dangerous virus, COVID-19 has many unknowns about it. This array of unknowns includes questions on how long it stays on surfaces. The range of possible time is huge, from two hours to more than a week. Because of this unknown, most companies are taking extra precautions by spraying and disinfecting surfaces more frequently than they normally would. However, electronics pose a unique challenge. First of all, many of them circulate air with fans, making it more likely to spread an airborne virus that ends up on a surface. Secondly, traditional cleaning fluids can damage electronic equipment. To help combat this problem, you need to make sure that you have a good electrostatic disinfection system in place.

Other Diseases of Concern

Even without the current COVID-19 dilemma, it helps to keep a clean workplace and disinfect surfaces regularly. Many cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces for a period of days unless they are killed with disinfectants. Even more serious pathogens can live on surfaces as well, including some dangerous illnesses whose victims initially appear as asymptomatic. The best way to prevent this issue is to fuse proper disinfectants, which can kill up to 99.9% of these potentially hazardous germs. Whether you worry about bacteria, allergens, or seasonal viruses, you should always keep proper disinfectant procedures in mind. This becomes especially important if you have several workstations that are in close proximity to each other or if there is a work station that several people use throughout the course of the day.

Finding the Right Surface Disinfectants

A disinfecting station should include electrostatic sprays, proper nozzle hookups, and the ability to move the station from one area to another. The multiple nozzles allow you to spray different types of machinery, making sure that you use a broad spray for large surfaces while also giving you the ability to focus deeply on hard-to-reach nooks and crannies if needed. Consider the equipment that you need disinfected on a regular basis and select the station that provides you with what you need, be that a spray or a nozzle. If you aren’t sure what kind of equipment to buy, talk to your salesperson or manufacturer to get some advice.

Other Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs

Using a surface disinfectant is one excellent way to keep germs from spreading too far. However, you can also take steps on an individual level to prevent the spread of germs. The use of proper handwashing technique, for example, is paramount. Using gloves at workstations that are less likely to receive disinfecting solution on a regular basis can help since bacteria and germs live on the skin better than on the surface of sterile gloves. In areas where sterilization needs are higher, the use of masks and other protective equipment can also make sure that sterile solutions have to do the less heavy lifting when it comes to stopping the spread of infection and disease.

If you own a business and want to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, investing in a good disinfecting station should be a priority. By choosing a station that has the cleaning solutions you need and electrostatic solutions that prevent damage to valuable electronics, you give yourself the best possible chance of fighting not only COVID-19 but other bacteria and viruses as well.


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