Does International Dating Work Nowadays?

March 30, 2024

International dating has been around for much longer than you might think. The concept of mail-order brides is several centuries old, dating back to the 1600s and the first American colonies. In the last few decades, the dating method has modernized with the appearance of online catalogs, websites, and intermediaries, making everything that much easier.

To answer the question, international dating is much more popular today than it was ever before. American men look toward foreign countries for loyal, conservative women who would bear their children. Of course, as people travel much more often, it isn’t uncommon to hook up with local ladies during these journeys.

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The Concept of International Dating

When we talk about international dating, we primarily refer to long-distance online relationships. However, the term can also be used for expats who travel abroad seeking a wife.

International dating has become much easier and more accessible with the development of technology and globalization. We can use all sorts of online platforms to meet women from other countries as if we were communicating with local ladies. Furthermore, cheap airfares and simpler visa policies make it easier to live abroad.

That said, not only does international dating work, but it thrives in this day and age. As Western women become more liberal and marriage-averse, men look toward countries like China, Thailand, Colombia, and Ukraine, seeking a traditional, conservative wife. On top of that, this form of dating is ideal for men looking for exotic experiences.

Pros of International Dating

For all intents and purposes, the benefits of international dating outweigh the drawbacks. However, you may look at it, this form of dating is another option when looking for a girlfriend or a wife.

  • Endless Options

The first and most important thing about international dating is that it gives you endless possibilities. Instead of focusing on a limited dating pool in your city or village, you can pursue ladies all over the world. If you’re an American, many of these mail-order brides will be eager to meet you, as you can create safety and opportunities.

Today, Western men can use specialized dating platforms that will put them in touch with ladies from Asia, South America, and East Europe. You can meet women from Russia, the Philippines, and Venezuela without ever leaving home or overspending.

  • Focused Dating

Given that long distance between two people, you can rest assured that the other person isn’t dating for fun. Both sides are interested in a long-term, committed relationship; otherwise, they wouldn’t spend so much time and money on endless chatting.

International dating is the best form of dating if you’re looking for marriage. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll openly discuss kids and long-term life goals during one of the first online dates. This also means that the girl is less likely to cheat on you or screw you over in some other way.

  • More Honesty

As mentioned, for an international relationship to work, the couple needs to be open and transparent from the get-go. Both sides should understand what they’re getting from their partners, whether we’re talking about finances, kids, or living conditions. This would expedite the process and ensure that the other person isn’t wasting their time.

The good thing about being honest is that it’s less likely to be heartbroken. As long as you fulfill the requirements made by another person, the relationship will likely succeed. In other words, it’s a perfect dating approach for mature people who are willing to put their best foot forward.

  • Fun and Exciting

Of course, we can’t neglect the fact that international dating is much more fun than dating locally. You’ll meet all sorts of people who speak different languages and have interesting habits. You’ll also have a first hand opportunity to see how people live in other parts of the world, which will broaden your horizons and make you a more complete person.

However, the real fun starts when you meet your future wife. You will enter a completely new world that you’ve probably never experienced before and meet interesting people. International dating is especially fun for guys as they’re the ones who commonly visit female partners.

Cons of International Dating

Unfortunately, international dating isn’t always fun and games. It often suffers from the same issues as standard online dating, where one side might show minimal respect toward the other person. Furthermore, even if you were to get married, that doesn’t mean that the marriage will be a success.

  • Not Seeing Partner

Not being able to see a person’s full figure can be quite risky, especially if we consider that you need to travel to another country to meet up. While the cameras do help, you still won’t see some parts of the body, nor will you see that person naked (in most cases).

Unfortunately, many people who use these platforms lack confidence and like to present themselves in the best light possible. For example, you might travel several thousand miles to meet your mail-order bride only to realize she’s much bigger than she might’ve looked on camera. Similarly, a guy might be short, but you won’t know that before you meet her.

  • Website Scams

Most men use specialized sites to meet with foreign girls. These platforms are specifically made for guys who want to hook up with mail-order brides. Unfortunately, many of them have a bad rep and will try to take advantage of you.

The most common website scam involves robots. These automated message systems interact with you as if they’re a real person, making you spend credits for nothing. You also need to be aware that some websites use convoluted pricing plans, so you don’t fully understand what you’re spending your money on.

  • Marriage Uncertainty

Even if you talk to a lady for months without end, that doesn’t mean that a marriage will be a success. In fact, there were many horror stories where foreign men visited brides’ countries only to get robbed.

The best way to prevent any malpractice is by keeping your eyes peeled for small cues when dating. Ideally, you should be looking for a woman who is truly interested in you, not just your money or visa. You always have to remember that this is, first and foremost, a relationship in which both sides have to be prepared to spend the rest of their lives with the other person.

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