E-Poll Surveys Reviews — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 3, 2019

Have you ever tried a survey site but left after some time? Most people usually try out survey sites but end up leaving for various reasons. One such reason is that some surveys may be too long and too boring to fill out. If you are one such person, then you may want to give E-poll surveys a chance.

Completing surveys does not have to be a tiresome task. E-poll surveys give you the chance to earn from online survey sites by completing surveys in a fun and engaging way. Do you have an interest in the entertainment scene? Then, you are going to love this platform.

Can you earn legitimately from the website? And if you can, how do you go about it? Well, we did all the research for you. This article contains all the information you would want to know about E-poll. We take a more in-depth look at how it works and how you can earn so that you make an informed choice when deciding whether to join the site or not.

E-Poll Surveys Review
E-Poll Surveys

Name: E-Poll

Description: E-poll Surveys has been around since 1997 and is one of the oldest online survey sites. Just like other sites, market research companies help customers to voice their opinions. However, it comes with some uniqueness in that users complete the surveys in a fun and interactive way.

E-Poll Summary

The surveys issued by the platform center around the entertainment scene. Users are required to complete surveys by answering intriguing questions about celebrities, sports, TV, movies, and any other entertainment topics.

Once a user completes a survey, they earn a certain amount of points. The participant can later redeem the points for cash and a variety of other prices.

E-poll’s parent company is Bridge Entertainment Inc. Bridge rates A+ with the Better Business Bureau. The excellent rating assures you that the site is entirely legitimate, and you don’t have to worry about being a victim of fraud.

How to Earn Money on E-poll Surveys

A limitation of the site is that it does not offer a variety of ways through which you can earn. There are only two ways through which you can make money from the site. However, the most reliable method of earning some points is through paid surveys.

1. Taking Paid Surveys

We have already mentioned that the site is focused on the entertainment scene. Therefore, the surveys found on the website will mainly focus on TV watching habits, TV commercials, and other questions related to TV.

If you qualify for a survey, you will receive an email with an invitation to complete the survey. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the survey, so you need to check your email frequently. The reviews that you receive will be determined by the information you will provide when signing up. E-poll also uses your first survey to determine what polls suit you best.

It is important to note that some of these surveys usually have a maximum number of respondents required. If you complete the survey after the maximum respondents have filled the polls, you will not receive the reward.

Unlike other sites, E-poll does not give you even a small reward for surveys that you do not qualify for.

Alternatively, the site will ask you to watch a specific TV show or movie. You will then be required to complete a survey on the show or write a review of the show.

The survey options on this platform are quite impressive. If you, especially, have a knack for the entertainment industry, E-poll allows you to air your opinion while earning some extra cash from it.

2. Monthly Prize Draws

Each month, the site carries out prize draws that give you a chance to win a $20 bonus. While the award is not something to be too happy about, you do not need to do much to be eligible for the draws, which makes it a lucrative opportunity.

Each time you complete a survey, you gain entry to the draw. The more reviews that you complete, the more the entries that you get. Active members are assured of entries to the draws, as well as the rewards they receive from completing the surveys.

Every month, 50 winners are chosen and given the $20 prize. This prize depends entirely on luck and may not be the best method to rely on for some extra bucks.

How to Sign Up as a Member

Of course, before you can start earning from the site, you need to sign up as a member. Joining the website is free and should only take you a couple of minutes.

You will be required to provide your email address and fill out a form with your crucial details such as name, age, sex, among others. The form also needs you to input your demographics, including ethnicity, status, etc.

The form contains around ten questions. Once you are done filling it, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Clicking on the link to verify your account is the last thing you need to do before your account is activated.

Immediately after registration, you will receive your first survey to complete. Finishing this will automatically earn you 100 points. Ensure that you are as honest as possible when filling the first survey. The platform will use that first survey as a benchmark for what surveys to issue you in the future.

Besides, if E-poll notices that your answers are inconsistent, you may have your account suspended. Keeping the answers consistent may be difficult if you are not honest.

Eligibility Criteria

For you to join E-poll, you need to be a permanent resident of the US. However, information from their site indicates that they will be accepting members from other countries soon.

The site also has an age limit of 13 years. Additionally, there can only be one member of every household and residence. This rule is typical of survey sites, and it helps in ensuring that the information collected is unbiased.

Payment Reward System

On average, you will wait 4-6 weeks to receive new survey invitations. This means that in a month, you can earn a maximum of 100 points. The points keep accumulating for every survey you take, and they never expire as long as you complete a review every 12 months.

The payment threshold for redeeming your points is 3750, which is equivalent to $5. As the points keep accumulating, they increase in value.

When redeeming your points, you may choose from different rewards. These rewards include gift cards from well-known stores such as Amazon and Starbucks. You can also choose to donate the points to charity or redeem them as cash.

If you choose to receive your reward as cash, you will need to provide a PayPal account. The email that you submit should match the one associated with your account. It is also worth noting that you can only receive payments through PayPal in increments of $5.

All rewards are delivered electronically to your email. You will not receive the rewards immediately because you have to wait 4-6 weeks for the payments to be processed.



  • Unique

One of the main advantages of this site is that it offers a unique experience compared to other survey sites. The survey questions are fun and exciting, giving participants a great and relaxed time when filling out surveys. This unique aspect provides the site with an edge over its competitors.

  • Low Payment Threshold

Although you may take quite some time to accumulate the needed points, it is impressive that the site offers a low payment threshold. You can cash out as little as $5 from your accrued points. However, getting to the 3750 points that are needed may be a challenge, given that you can only earn a maximum of 100 points every month.

  • Variety of rewards

You can choose to redeem your points for several different prizes. For example, you can choose to have the points redeemed as cash, which is deposited into your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can get gift cards for different online stores. Another great way to use your accumulated points is by donating them to charity. The variety of options available gives the site an added advantage.

  • Convenient

The site is compatible with any smartphone or mobile device. This means that you can quickly complete surveys even when you are on the move. However, video surveys may be quite costly, and you may end up spending 250 worth of data on a 10-minute video.

  • Lower age requirement

An impressive feature of this site is that users who are 13+ years old are allowed to participate in the surveys. The entertainment industry relies heavily on the younger generation. As such, the site allows younger participants to take part, making it one of the most reliable survey programs for teenagers.

  • No expiry

Some online survey sites usually cancel out your points if you do not complete any surveys within some time. When using E-poll, you do not have to worry about your points expiring, as long as you log in and fill a study within 12 months.


  • Low frequency

One of the most significant disadvantages of the site is the low frequency of survey invites that you receive. The website sends an invitation for surveys every 4-6 weeks, which means that you cannot earn much from the site in a month. It will take you quite some time to accumulate enough points for the minimum threshold.

  • Limited membership

Presently, membership is only open to US residents. People from other countries who would love to take part in the surveys have to wait until E-poll opens its membership for other countries.

  • Slow payment processing

Even after waiting for a while for your accrued points to get to the threshold, you have to wait for 4-6 weeks before your payment is processed. The benefits from this site, therefore, are only suitable if you do not need the cash immediately.

  • Low rewards

Although the points you are awarded from each survey depending on the length and complexity of the poll, the points are quite low as compared to other sites. This makes it even more challenging to accrue the necessary points.

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E-Poll Survey Center

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Payment MethodPayPal, e-Gift Cards
Points Expiry12 months
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How much money can I make?

The amount of money you make will depend on the surveys you complete, and the points awarded for each survey. However, it will take you quite some time to earn a significant amount.

Can I get support?

One of the ways to determine whether an online site is legit or not is whether there is enough customer support. The site has an FAQ section that answers some of the questions that users may have, although it is not very comprehensive. The website does not have a contact form but offers an email that you can use to contact them. Replies are usually within a day, which is not too bad.

Is there a mobile app?

Unfortunately, the site does not offer a mobile app. However, you can access the site from any browser on your mobile phone.


Final Verdict

If you are wondering whether E-poll is legit, the answer is yes. However, given that the earnings are a bit on the low side, it may not be an efficient income-generating method.

Earning a significant amount may take you quite some time. If you do not mind waiting that long, E-poll is an online survey that you should try out. To make an impressive amount of money, we would suggest combining it with other legitimate online survey sites.

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