July 6, 2019

E-Rewards Review—How to Sign Up & Get Cashback

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Surveys have always been an essential part of promoting and marketing a product or company. The online survey is an easy way to target a specific audience and to collect data. An online survey holds great importance. It gives your thinking a voice. You even to get paid for it.


Many companies need reviews on their products. They mostly ask questions like “which of our product, consumer likes the most, or why people are not interested in our new campaign.” For that, the companies eventually hire some market researchers so that they perform analysis on data and give results according to the need. Market researchers create polls and ask people about their opinions about the product or service, on which the company wants customer feedback. The market researcher asks people to be the part of their panel in exchange for some compensation. Joining these panels make you a part of databases along with the rest of the people giving opinions.

E-Rewards Survey Review


Name: E-Rewards

Description: E-rewards work as the‘middle-man’ who gathers all the data. E-rewards are employed by companies to collect reviews through online surveys. E-rewards has been working in this field since 1999. It is the part of Research Now Group, which is a market research company based in Plano, Texas. E-Reward allows its users to express their opinions. The site pays them according to the survey they attempted. E-rewards claim that they are partnered with some companies who want data on their products and services.



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How to Sign Up On E-Rewards?

The problems with e-rewards begin here. Though the enrollment is free, you cannot sign up until you get an invite from a partner. The partners are companies and brands working with E-rewards. The brands often send you to invite via email, but not everyone can get an invite. Even if you are interested in E-rewards, and send your email address to the partner, there is a low chance that you will receive an invite.

If you are lucky enough to get an invite to the website, you have to be a legal citizen of the US to sign up. With the invitation, you will be asked to fill the required information within 30 days. The information like name, date of birth and address and all the other required information has to be filled in 30 days so that the website can analyze your profile and provide you with surveys that match your profile.

Survey System

Once you are done with an invitation and signing up, E-rewards will start sending you surveys. There will not only be surveys, but the market studies as well. These will be sent to your email so that you can attempt it and can earn rewards set by the website. The surveys you receive depends on the information you put on your profile. The rewards are known as opinion points and come in the form of E-rewards currency. Once you receive a survey, you have to complete it within 30 days.

What Prize Do You Get On E-Rewards?

E-rewards pays back in the form of rewards like gift cards, hotel reward points, online or printed magazine subscription or even with the airline miles. It is all about the opinion points you collect. If you have gathered enough points, you can exchange them with any reward that is equivalent to your points. $10 is the lowest amount of reward available on the list of rewards. It means that you have to collect points which are equivalent to at least $10, to avail anything from the reward list.

There are 50 retailers working with the E-Reward with whom you can redeem your reward cards and recompense all your rewards through the reward center. These reward center can be accessed by a member account only. When you have collected $60, you can redeem anything worth $25. The actual worth of every dollar you will be getting is $0.41. It seems confusing, but most of the survey sites work like this.

Many companies work with E-Rewards. We have mentioned some of them.

  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines Miles
  • Flying Blue Miles
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Horizon Air Miles
  • Denny´s American Diner
  • eBags Gift Cards
  • Magazines like Vogue, Allure, Better Homes & Gardens, ESPN magazine, Golf, and many others
  • Best Buy


  • E-Rewards offers you to become a part of the study, which can help the other consumers. If there is something which seems off with the product or service, the panelist will let the company know about it.
  • Another amazing thing about this site is that it sends you a link. Even if you fail to open the link within the given time, it still allows you to open it and do the rest of your work.
  • E-Rewards pays you more than any other site, some users have experienced that E-Reward paid them $14 for each survey they attempted, and this thing should be appreciated.
  • A single link is sent to you on your email, to attempt the survey. You can also go to your account and fill out another survey which has not been sent to your account.
  • The currency transference system of E-Rewards is quite fast than any other survey website. They mostly take a day or even a few hours to transfer money.


  • There is a major issue with E-Rewards, which is that you cannot sign in until you get an invitation from the partner. It hinders the access of many interested people.
  • If you have plans to make money through a survey, then this site is not your thing. It does not allow you to transfer your money through PayPal or Visa. It just rewards you with gifts and discounts on different outlets. And if you are interested in getting a magazine subscription for a year than this thing is for you.
  • Another drawback of E-Reward is that they do not tell you how much time a survey will take. Sometimes it takes half an hour, and in the end, you get to know that the survey does not match your profile.
  • Another complain the users faced is that there account got deleted without any sort of warning. The website did not bother to inform you about the reason.

E-Reward is not a scam, but it is helpful for certain type of people. The ones who are interested in gifts rather than money and those who are patient enough to wait for the dollars to get collected.

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  • How to sign up for E-reward surveys?
    • You need an invitation from the partners of E-reward. Without an invitation, E-Reward does not allow you to get into the website.
  • How do you get rewarded on E-Reward?
    • E-reward pays you in the form of reward points, with which you can buy things from list E-reward offers, like magazine subscriptions, hotel reward points, etc.
  • What is the worth of each dollar you get on E-Reward?
    • When you collect $60, the amount you can redeem is $25, which means that the worth of each dollar is $0.41.
  • What is the requirement of getting enrolled in E-Rewards?
    • Other than an invitation, you should be a legal citizen of the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, UK or Australia to get an entrance.


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