FirehouseListens — Official Firehouse Subs® Survey [$500]

January 26, 2020

Taking a survey for money is a dream for most buyers. Most of the corporations reward you with gift cards or redeemable coupons. The case is different when you take the survey at FirehouseListens guarantees you a chance to win a reward of $500 in cash every month.

The only requirement is to share how you feel about the services you got at one of the Firehouse Subs outlets. Once you have the purchase receipt, use it to gain entry into FirehouseListens and share your feedback. In this writeup, we will be sharing details on how you can take the survey and win the best prize.

Firehouse Subs

Name: FirehouseListens

Description: FirehouseListens is the one and only official survey started by Firehouse Subs. You as a customer can win $500 for participating and leaving feedback on FirehouseListens.

FirehouseListens Summary

If you value quality food from the best restaurants, then Firehouse must be on your list. The restaurant is all over the USA and provides fast food services. It has also participated in community activities, winning the number one restaurant reward.

To continue serving you better and expanding to accommodate new customers, the restaurant has launched FirehouseListens, where you share your honest feedback and win lots of rewards. This is a culture with many restaurants that want to hear what their customers say; thus, Firehouse is also keen to listen to you through FirehouseListens.

The survey comprises of simple questions around the restaurants. You will come across questions that require you to say something about the cleanliness of the restaurant, the quality of food, the menu available, the prices of commodities, and the attitude of the staff, among other things. Therefore, there is a need to remember as much information as you can concerning your previous visit.

Once you complete the survey on FirehouseListens, you enter the sweepstake to win $500 monthly. This is another way to save on your shopping expenditure.

Why do you need to take the FirehouseListens survey?

This is a unique survey that offers you cash rewards in terms of gifts and other coupons in other surveys. Once you make the purchase, always remember that the receipt is the cash in waiting.

FirehouseListens improves services at the restaurant. In case you made a complaint about hygiene, then the restaurant management works on that so that the next time you visit the restaurant, you will find a conducive environment for your food.

Lastly, the survey is easy to take and requires a few minutes of your time. The management uses the information to attract customers and also beat its competitors.

FirehouseListens Eligibility Criteria 

Every company has its rules of the game. The rules guide the survey so that cases of scamming and low-quality responses are eliminated. Firehouse Subs have its criteria that you need to meet so that you can participate flawlessly. Besides, there are rules you need to follow for you to take part in the survey. Find the requirements below before you begin the survey.

  • You must be a legal resident in the USA
  • Be at least 18 years of age since it is the age that allows you to participate as an adult
  • Remember the experiences you had during your last visit, as they will be part of the answers to the questions.
  • Have a purchase receipt with an invitation code on it
  • You should not be an employee, family member, or any association with restaurants as you are not eligible.
  • You require a computer or phone or any gadget that will open your browser or the survey
  • A stable internet connection is also key for speeds so that you can complete this survey on time.
  • Knowledge in English or Spanish is also vital since you will need either for the survey
  • You must be willing to provide your contact details for communication purposes
  • Set aside around 10 minutes or less for the survey


FirehouseListens Restrictions

  • Do not allow any person to take the survey on your behalf
  • False feedback will be rejected
  • You must not tamper with the survey site
  • The reward is not transferable or exchangeable
  • Family members to the company management are not allowed for the survey
  • If the state nullifies the survey, then it’s void
  • Receipts over seven days are not valid


Questions you will get in FirehouseListens

As said earlier, the questions are easy and straightforward. They inquire about your real experiences at the restaurant and how you interacted with the service providers. The only thing you will need is the ability to recall some of the experiences you had on your recent visit. The areas where the questions will come from including the ones listed below.

  • Your general interaction with staff
  • The staff treatment towards you while you were at the restaurant
  • Ease of accessing the food you requested
  • The time it takes for the order to get to you
  • The behavior and attitude of the staff towards you
  • Your take on the prices of the things you bought from the restaurant
  • Your suggestions and recommendations to the company


How to take part in FirehouseListens?

Taking part in FirehouseListens requires you to have read and understood the terms and conditions. You must be eligible for the survey. We provided the eligibility criteria above for you to find out if you can participate. However, the process of taking part in the survey is easy. You will follow the guidelines below step by step so that you can have the best time while taking the survey.

Step 1: Have your laptop ready for the survey

Step 2: The purchase receipt should also be ready for use

Step 3: In your browser, go to

Step 4: It will direct you to the survey page where you choose according to your invitation type.

Step 5: Choose your preferred language between Spanish and English

Step 6: Check for the code in the middle or bottom of the survey to find out the exact choice you will make. The code in the middle of the receipt has 18 digits, while the receipts with the code at the bottom have 20 digits.

Step 7: Enter the code in the space provided on your survey platform

Step 8: Click start to get the survey questions

The questions will need you to recall some of the experiences while you did your shopping. Attempt the questions honestly so that the feedback can matter to the company

Step 9: After you have completed the questions, share your contact details so that the management can reach you once you win the $500 reward.

Step 10: Click submit and wait for the announcement. We always insist that you provide your genuine contacts so that you don’t miss rewards.

FirehouseListens Rewards

After you complete the survey, you get a direct entry into the monthly sweepstake. The grand prize for the monthly reward is the $500 cash prize. You will get a notification from the company if you emerge the lucky winner for this significant prize. Additionally, you get updates on all the offers and discounts available in the restaurant.

The reward comes in cash, and hence you have the authority to decide what to do with the cash. The reward is not transferable or exchangeable.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Since it is an online survey, you can take it anywhere
  •  Redeeming the prize is easy as the restaurant outlets are all over the USA
  • You have an equal chance of winning the prize after participating
  • The questions are easy and attractive for you to respond
  • The website is also clear and easy to navigate
  • You have the benefit of support from the customer care desk


  • The receipt expires after a week
  • You cannot transfer or exchange the reward
  • If you are not from the USA, then you aren’t eligible
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FirehouseListens Center

Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
LocationUSA, Canada
LanguageEnglish, Español

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Is there an alternative way of participating other than FirehouseListens?

No, there is no alternative for FirehouseListens. Instead, you will make a purchase and use the receipt code to enter the survey platform. The receipts have different codes and hence the need to choose the correct section when entering the code. Check on the website to see the various receipts. The reason why the company has decided to use the survey method is that the branches are numerous, and the survey section makes the process easy.

How many times can I participate in FirehouseListens?

In most cases, you can make as many entries as you can for the sweepstake. However, this will not increase your chances of winning. Therefore, you can participate at least four to five times a month before they announce the official winner.

Who benefits from my feedback on FirehouseListens?

Well, the company benefits and you also benefit. When you share honest feedback on FirehouseListens, the company uses it to make significant decisions for the benefit of the company. The outcomes result in better services for you as well as other buyers. This increases the customers for the restaurant. On your side, the company rewards you for the time and effort you took when taking the survey. You get an equal opportunity to participate in the monthly sweepstake that rewards you $500 if you are the lucky winner.

How can I solve the problems arising on FirehouseListens?

Before you begin the survey on FirehouseListens, you must ensure that everything is fine and running well. The things you need to check to avoid survey inconsistencies include internet speed. The internet should be stable for reliability. The cookies are also crucial. Ensure you accept cookies for a flawless experience when taking the survey. Lastly, make sure your gadget doesn’t have bugs, and also, they are in good condition. If the problem continues despite these efforts, then consult customer care for further assistance. We have shared the contact details below so that you can get the aid faster.

How can I contact the customer care desk for assistance with FirehouseListens?

If you are having trouble with the survey, do not hesitate to reach out to the customer care desk for assistance. There are many ways through which you can get support. We have the email option, mailing option, website contacts, and also the social media platforms. We have shared most of the contact below so that you can find it easy to go through the survey.

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Phone: 1-888-289-6185


Official website:

Mailing option

Firehouse “Customer Survey” Sweepstakes, PO Box 428, Macedon, NY 14502-0428



Finally, we believe you have all the information to enable you to take the survey after you have visited the Firehouse subs. The grand prize is irresistible. The only requirement is to buy and keep the receipt for FirehouseListens. The guideline provided is clear so that you can take the survey fast and win.

The next visit you make to the Firehouse Subs restaurant, remember that you have a chance to make the changes you need. Besides, you will get an opportunity to win. Use to start your survey today. If you have questions, then use the comment box below, and we promise to help you through it.

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