Forex Market Ways To Earn Money – Forex Online Trading

The topic that I will talk deals today specifically with companies that manage funds Forex, i.e., receive money from their investors or clients to invest that money in forex trading. In return, they offer excellent profit on their investment.

Before fully addressing this issue requires a quick introduction to what is the Forex. And suggest you share this information with all your friends and acquaintances because this way you help prevent the number of cheated by these companies to increase.
Quick Introduction to Forex.

Forex Exchange Forex is derived from and means “Foreign Currency Exchange Market,” it is important to understand that Forex is not a trademark, only is the name given to the transactions of buying and selling currencies from one country to another.

There are 4 features that Forex is one of the most attractive markets for speculators. Speculators are all who buy or sell currencies with the purpose of obtaining a profit:

1. Its large size (Forex is the largest financial market in the world)
2. Highly liquid, transactions, ie, buying and selling currencies are done simultaneously. If someone is willing to sell a currency pair, there is always someone willing to buy.
March. Large volume (volume of transactions of $ 3 trillion a day), and
4. Its high volatility (i.e., the price of currency pairs change every time.)

These features give speculators the opportunity to participate in this market and profit daily.

Short in Forex, there is great potential for profit, which is why we can easily be duped by companies that allegedly managed forex funds that pay excellent returns on their investment.
Mechanisms used by fraudsters to motivate clients to invest with them.

Let’s begin:

1. To introduce its proposal for a “business,” they focus on the potential for fabulous profits forex. In this way, potential customers are impressed with the magnitude of Forex, and of course, they have found the great opportunity of a lifetime to change your financial situation. Are tempted by the ease of making money and eventually give money to these companies for managing them and making them work den. Why does it? Because they confuse think these companies are part of the Forex, when in fact they are not, they say they will invest their money in forex, but in truth, there is evidence that they do not. Conclusion, if it is too good to be true, then it is not. Do not invest with them.

2. They will speak badly of the banks and financial institutions and thus justify not regulated by any watchdog or by any government. They are so clever that makes us believe that banks are the villains, that banks are selfish, do not want us to win best interests to have our money and they are getting rich with our money. In this way they achieve their objective, you invest with them to please them not to banks.

3. March. These companies raise money, so it is, capture money from their customers and their customers do not receive a diploma attesting to their investment, and still, less to be legally recognized and most worrisome is not that, but these companies are not authorized to raise money, imagine.

4. High interest according to invested capital. “The more we invest more wins.” Absurd, because in forex gains cannot be guaranteed. Here are the actual statistics on Forex: “99% of traders lose money in their accounts to forex trading and worse,” 10% of them go bankrupt. ” So logically, is there any guarantee that these companies are within that small group of winners of 1%. No, no.

5. Attractive commissions for promoting your business and get new customers or investors. This is a great motivation to “share” this great opportunity especially with family and close friends. Then all in the family.

6. Minimum capital investment to open a virtual account, to engage customers. This will show generous to allow any person of any social class can access the investment world.

7. Companies that managed forex funds find it difficult to give money to their customers, whether capital or earnings. That’s why they have invented a method of internal transfer of stocks between investors famously known as “cash out.” This ingenious method makes the investor has to promote these companies to attract new investors and thus their money. How? For example, if this month I have to charge about 200 dollars of profit, perforce I have to find a new investor wants to invest $ 200 in order to collect my winnings, meaning that he gave me the money to me directly and I only will transfer the balance of my virtual account in that company to the account of the new investor. And so these companies do not pay out a dime.

8. August. Now think a bit. If these companies are not authorized to raise money. Fewer still are allowed to transfer money among their clients. Why: a) because it would be committing the crime of laundering money b) they do not make any transfer, just move the numbers, because that money is not there. Dangerous indeed.

9. You’ve heard the phrase: Let the money work for you. If true. How you intend to make your money work for you, without any prior knowledge without experience, without a system. Permiteme was impossible.

Finally, the list is too long and I hope that what you’ve seen the complete certainty that if someone offers you the possibility of investing in Forex den have the wisdom to say no. Not only that but be supportive of others and warn them of the danger they are running … So let us not be mere spectators and to share this information with others and avoid that the world has more scams. For sure we will be rewarded.