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January 31, 2020

If you have recently bought some food or drinks at TGI Friday’s restaurant bar and grill, then you stand a chance to win a coupon code for free meals. FridaysVisit invites customers to share their experiences on their recent visit to the restaurant. The feedback is beneficial for both the restaurant and the customers.

FridaysVisit has simple questions that focus on what you saw, your feelings about it, and your suggestions for improvement. The company, in return, rewards you with amazing gifts in terms of coupon discounts. In this write-up, we will show you how to participate in the survey and win. Remember to keep the receipt after your purchase as it’s the entry to the survey.

TGI Friday’s

Name: FridaysVisit

Description: TGI Friday restaurant has a deep concern for their customer experience. FridaysVisit offers you the opportunity to participate and win lots of rewards for your time and effort.

FridaysVisit Summary

In UK, there are many restaurants, bars, and grills. Every restaurant competes to keep existing customers as well as attract new customers. That is why FridaysVisit is available so that you can share your experiences with the company and get the best services during your upcoming visit.

FridaysVisit is an online type with questions revolving around your experiences with the staff, speed of service, general cleanliness of the environment, and your suggestions, among other things. That’s why the survey is so attractive since it touches on things that matter to you.

FridaysVisit also offers you the opportunity to participate and win lots of rewards for your time and effort. That’s why, when taking this survey, you must always remember to give honest feedback. This feedback matters a lot to the company when it comes to decision making. It is an excellent habit to take the survey immediately after the visit or a few days after the visit. This is because the experiences are still fresh in your mind.

FridaysVisit is valid for those who have the survey invitation on their purchase receipt. The rewards keep changing and hence the need to present your code and find out what you have won.

Why take FridaysVisit?

Everybody wants satisfactory services. That’s what the TGI Friday’s restaurant works towards. The company is expanding and wants to attract as many customers as possible. Your experiences at the restaurant reveal to the company on areas of improvement and areas of excellence.

FridaysVisit allows the company to work on their weaknesses and maintain their areas of excellence. That’s why your feedback is vital. Once you complete the survey and submit your concerns, the company works on them and guarantees you the best services during your next visits. Besides, you get rewarded with a discount coupon which is redeemable for a free meal from one of the branches around the USA.

The simplified questions make FridaysVisit attractive, and since they base on your experience, then it takes lesser time to complete. Always check your receipt for the invitation and never hesitate to participate and share your experiences. The company is forever listening and ready to act on the suggestions you proposed.

FridaysVisit Eligibility Criteria 

Before you take FridaysVisit, there are requirements that you will need to meet and rules that you will abide by. This makes the entire process stress free as you are sure that the reward is on the way since you have met all the necessary requirements. We have compiled a list of the eligibility criteria as well as the rules you will need to keep in mind before taking part in the survey.

According to the company, these rules make the survey authentic, and the response much valuable. Also, the rules make the survey more legit as compared to other scam sites online. Therefore, follow through as we share the criteria for you to participate.

  • You must be an American resident as the chain of restaurants are located in the US
  • An age limit of 18 years and above is vital since it helps in providing quality responses
  • You need to have a recent purchase receipt with a survey code invitation
  • Employees, family members staff and close associates to the company are not eligible
  • You need a computer or gadget that accesses the internet with a browser
  •  A stable internet connection is critical for speedy finishing
  • You must be able to remember some of the experiences you had at the restaurant during your recent visit. This is where the survey questions come from.
  • Also, be willing to share honest feedback since it’s what the company relies on for decision making.
  • Provide your contact detail, including your email ID, phone number, and mailing address so that you can get information concerning the winners.
  • Take the survey within 48 hours of purchase.


FridaysVisit Restrictions

  • If you keep the survey page inactive for 20 minutes, then the survey is stopped
  • You must not attempt the survey on behalf of the actual visitor
  • Remember that the survey reward is not exchangeable, not shared and not transferable
  • The survey information on the site should not be tempered with as it’s a criminal activity
  • If you don’t meet the above criteria and rules laid, then you must not take part in the survey.
  • The coupon code expires and hence the need to redeem it before one month.

FridaysVisit Questions

As said earlier, the questions are simple and straightforward. You will not be required to overthink. The only thing required is remembering your treatment during the last two days’ visit to one of the restaurants. This means that you need to remember as much information as possible and share it in the survey. Below, find some of the areas you will tackle while doing the survey.

  • Your rating about the general restaurant
  • The food and drinks you received
  • The treatment of staff towards you
  • did your order arrive on time or you had to wait for hours?
  • The cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Your say on the menu at the restaurant. Is it sufficient?
  • Your recommendations and suggestions for improvement


How to take part in FridaysVisit?

Once you complete your order, check on your receipt to find out if you have an invitation to take part in the survey. Ensure your receipt has the details required when filling out the survey. Remember that the questions will come from the experiences you had in the restaurant. Are you ready with your receipt? Follow the steps below and win the reward.

Step 1: Open your browser and search for FridaysVisit or click the link below and access the site.

Step 2: You will notice that there are sections you need to fill in the numbers.

Find the details on your purchase receipt and fill in the four-digit store number, date, and check number.

Make sure the details are correct so that you don’t experience login problems. Every digit is on the receipt and labeled, so it’s easy to get them correctly

Step 3: Click start and get to the survey questions

Step 4: Respond to the questions honestly and remember as much as possible the details of your previous visit and respond to the questions.

Step 5: Don’t be inactive for more than 20 minutes since the page will stop

Step 6: Give your suggestions and recommendations in the survey

Step 7: Provide your contact details for notifications when you win the reward

Step 8: Complete the survey by pressing the submit button

Step 9: Check your mail for the coupon code and use it on your next visit to get your reward.

FridaysVisit Rewards 

Every company has its rewards. Some give cash, while others provide you with gift cards. This survey comes with a discount coupon where you win a meal or get a discount on your purchases. This means that you will save a lot on your purchase, reducing the budget. Since the survey takes less than ten minutes, why not save your cost by taking the survey and winning the discounted good?

Other things you will benefit from include notifications about exciting offers on food and drinks. This is because the company values your feedback and gives you the best offers for you to buy more at lower prices.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey is a legit platform with over 800 restaurants behind it
  • The survey questions come from your experiences hence easy
  • The reward comes instantly in the form of a redeemable coupon code
  • The survey takes less than ten minutes depending on your internet speed
  • Your feedback is an asset for the company and highly valued
  • You get excellent services once your issues have been resolved
  • There are contacts where you can voice your concerns for address


  • If you will not use the receipt within two days, then it expires
  • You must redeem your reward within 30 days as it’s only active in that period
  • If you are not from the US, then you cannot participate
  •  The reward cannot be exchanged or transferred
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FridaysVisit Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase Yes

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Is my info safe on FridaysVisit?

Yes, click on FridaysVisit policy and read carefully. That’s an agreement between you and the company on how you will be useful. Your contacts won’t be shared with third parties unless the company gets consent from you. The contacts shall only remain for communication purposes between you and the company.

Does the company provide an alternative way other than FridaysVisit?

No, the company has only FridaysVisit option since it’s easy and delivers results faster. Since there are over 800 outlets in 60 countries, compiling the outcome is easy with the online survey. However, in the future, maybe the company might adopt an additional way to accommodate those who find the email process not useful.

What makes FridaysVisit genuine?

Perhaps you have come across survey sites that pick your information and use it for the intended purpose. On the other hand, you might have come across sites that promise you gifts but end up delivering nothing. This might scare you from future surveys. However, this survey is unique since it has the rules, scope, and guidelines for participating. There are locations where you can visit and confirm the survey. Besides, the company has its headquarters and the contacts so that you can reach them with ease. This makes FridaysVisit legit.

How long do the receipt and the coupon code last?

The company would love to see you take the survey immediately. Therefore, the receipt lasts for 48 hours, while the coupon code once you win should be used within 30 days. The receipt expires fast since the company wants to get fresh information from you. Therefore, always take the survey within the given time when the receipt is still active.

How can I contact TGI Fridays for my concerns with FridaysVisit?

There are several ways on how you can reach out for help in case you have concerns. The company has provided the following avenues for you. Pick the one you prefer and raise your concerns.

  • TGI Friday Head Office, 6 Bedford St, London, WC2E 9HZ
  • TGI Fridays official phone number:– 08448 469 944



Finally, it’s time to wrap up and focus on doing the survey. We hope the information helps steer you through it. You can now take it with ease since you have the full guideline with you. As said before, the questions will largely depend on your experiences at the restaurant. Therefore, recall some of the experiences and share them truthfully.

Since the feedback will benefit you and other buyers, you contribute primarily to the growth of this company. If you plan to save some money on your purchases, then get your purchase receipt and do the survey at FridaysVisit so that you can redeem a coupon after that. If you have questions, drop them in the comment box.

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