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January 31, 2020

Trendy fashion is a desire for everyone. The Gap Factory has all the fashionable designs to make you look classy. The company has stores in different countries worldwide, including China, the USA, and other countries. It offers designs to all genders.

They offer you the Gap Factory Survey that comes after you have bought your products at one of their stores. The company is interested in your experiences when purchasing your goods. Once you speak your mind, the company listens and makes the necessary changes you suggested. In return, you get a coupon discount to shop for less. I am going to show you how to take this survey with ease and win.

Gap Factory Survey

Name: Gap Factory Survey

Description: The GAP factory focuses on fashion and clothes for everybody. They have stores in different countries worldwide, including China, the USA, and other countries. They offer you the Gap Factory Survey to get your authentic experience when shopping with them.

Gap Factory Survey Summary

As said before, the GAP factory focuses on fashion and clothes for everybody. When visiting the shop, you can get your desired fashion. Once you make that purchase, remember to keep your receipt for the survey. This receipt is valid for seven days after purchase.

Gap uses Gap Factory Survey so that they can work on their weaker areas and continue with their areas of excellence. Your honest feedback supports this mission. That’s why the company simplified the questions to make them easy to answer and save you time.

Note that the questions focus on your experiences in the store that you visited. Therefore, it is vital to recall the experiences and share truthful feedback.

Why you need to participate in the Gap Factory Survey?

Gap Factory Survey came about after the company realized that it needed to expand, and the only way to do that was through your input. The survey touches on your experiences, including the treatment you had at the store and the general appearance of the store.

Therefore, Gap Factory Survey will improve your next shopping experience since the feedback you share is taken seriously by the company. You end up helping other customers who didn’t have a chance to voice the universal concerns at the store.

Additionally, you need to participate in the survey since it gives you a 15% discount coupon code so that you can shop for less during your upcoming visit. This is the shortcut for you to save money for other uses.

Lastly, the survey comes from a legit company, and participating guarantees you a win. You will love the simple questions that take less of your time. Besides, you will attempt the survey online hence convenient.

There are rules and regulations you need to meet so that you can take part in the survey. This makes the whole process legit and worthwhile. Read below to find out if you are eligible or not.

Gap Factory Survey Eligibility Criteria & Rules

How do you qualify for Gap Factory Survey? Well, many companies have their ways of qualifying you for their surveys. Some have open entry, while others will focus on a specific region. This makes the survey a quality one for reliable results. Here are the requirements for you to participate in this gap factory survey.

  • You must have a purchase receipt and an invitation to take the survey from the store
  • Your receipt should be a recent one within seven days of purchase
  • English, Spanish, French, or Japanese are the survey languages and hence the need to be familiar with any of the languages.
  • You are a resident in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Japan
  • The required age is 18 year and above for you to participate
  • Set aside a few minutes to do the survey
  • You need a laptop, phone or any other gadget that accesses the internet with your browser
  • You must have a stable internet connection for faster use and time saving
  • You need to remember some of the experiences you had at the store, including the way you were treated and how fast you got the services.
  • If you are associated with the company either as a staff, family member, or supplier, then you cannot participate in the survey.
  •  Provide honest feedback
  • Be willing to share your contact details for communications in case you win


Gap Factory Survey Restrictions

  • You must use the receipt once since it offers one entry only
  • The survey site information should not be tempered with as it a criminal offense
  • Do not attempt the survey on behalf of the visitor to the store
  • Once you win your reward, remember it is not shared, transferred or even exchange
  • Use the coupon code within 30 days as it will expire
  •  Always take the survey within seven days of purchase
  • Failure to follow the rules above will lead to disqualification


How to participate in the Gap Factory Survey?

At this point, you must have read and agreed to the rules that the survey requires. Besides, you must meet the eligibility criteria. With your laptop connected to transferable internet, you can also get your receipt ready for the task. The receipt is valid for seven days of use. Follow the steps below to enter the survey and win the discounts for your next purchase.

Step 1: On your browser, search for gap factory survey or click Gap Factory Survey

Step 2: Select your country on the page pops up

Step 3: Choose your preferred language between English, Spanish, French or Japanese

Step 4: Click ‘begin’ to start filling the boxes

Step 5: Enter the details in your receipt. These details include the date of the visit, the store number, time of purchase, and your transaction number.

Step 6: Confirm your age and also the security question and click ‘submit’ to access the survey questions.

These questions are simple, and based on your experience since the store, attempt them honestly and give your recommendations as well as suggestions.

Step 7: Provide your contact details, including your phone number, email id, and personal mailing address. These will be useful when communicating the results and sharing the winning code with you.

Step 8: Once you complete, click ‘submit’ and get the coupon code on your mail

Step 9: Visit the store near you and redeem the code for a discount while shopping.

Gap Factory Survey Rewards 

Once you complete the Gap Factory Survey, there are rewards you will get for your effort and time. The company values the feedback, and that’s why it compensates you for that. Therefore, you must always provide honest feedback for rewards.

Gap Factory rewards you with a 15% discount coupon once you complete the survey and submit it successfully. You will get the code in your email. You need to write it down so that you can use it on your next visit. Besides, you get notifications about offers and discounts before other customers. You are always the priority.

This is why you need to provide your correct contacts so that you don’t miss these exciting rewards.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey platform is easy to navigate
  •  The questions are simplified so that you can answer them fast
  •  Take less than ten minutes to complete
  •  You get a reward after completing the survey
  •  The response is based on experiences at the store
  • The survey company is legit since the branches are all over


  • If you are not from the eligible countries, then you won’t participate
  • The reward cannot be exchanged or transferred
  • You need to purchase something from the store
  • The receipt expires after seven days, and the coupon discount code only works within 30days.
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Gap Factory Survey Center

NameGap Factory Survey
Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase Yes
LocationUSA, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Spain
LanguageEnglish, Espanol, French, Italian, Japanese

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Is there an alternative way of taking the Gap Factory Survey?

No, the company doesn’t provide an alternative for the survey. The online survey makes the tallying much easier and arriving at solutions much faster. Therefore, the company prefers the online survey to other systems due to its efficiency. Besides, the online system allows ease of comparison on how the company branches are doing in terms of serving customers.

How will I get my reward after the Gap Factory Survey?

When you complete the Gap Factory Survey, the company has a discount coupon for you so that you can use it during your next visit. To get this coupon code, you must provide your contact details just after attempting the survey questions. The company will send the code to your email. Write the code down and redeem it during your next visit.

How secure are my contact details with the Gap Factory Survey?

Contacts security is key since they are private documents. Well, Gap assures you of confidentiality and privacy with your contact details. They will never share the details with the third party unless you give them consent. In fact, the contacts will only be used when sharing important information such as discounts and offer at the store and majorly when sharing the coupon code with you.

Do you have referral systems for points?

No, Gap requires you to buy and get the receipt to take the survey. On the receipt, you will find the codes that are necessary for taking the survey. The referral system isn’t available since the company requires authentic feedback from a satisfied customer. If you are looking for a way to benefit more from the company, then you can take part in the survey often. Besides, keep an eye on the discounts and offers.

Who owns the Gap Factory Survey?

The platform is owned by GAP Factory, which is a company that sells wear. The company has branches in different countries where you can shop and take part in the survey and win. Through this survey, the outcomes help improve the way you get services.

How can I handle login issues when taking the Gap Factory Survey?

Sometimes, you might experience login problems. Some of the causes for these hiccups include; failure to accept cookies when asked, a faulty device, poor internet connection, and even unsupported browsers. First, make sure you solve these issues from your side before you request assistance from the customer care.

Do you have contacts to help me raise concerns?

Yes, the company is a caring partner and always listens to its customers. Therefore, they have provided contact details, both phone, site, email address, and also a mailing option. Besides, the company has also shred social media channels so that you can have options for reaching them for assistance. We have shared the details below. Pick the one that suits your requirements and get assisted immediately.

  • Address: Gap Factory Customer Service, 6007 Green Pointe Drive, Groveport, OH 43125
  • Phone Number: 844-437-6654 (US), 888-906-1104 (TDD hearing impaired)



After going through the guidelines for participating in the Gap Factory Survey, we hope you can now take part in ease. The survey comes with simplified questions and fun to answer. The only thing you will need is to recall past experiences during your shopping. The company wants your feedback so that the services can get better every time you go shopping.

If you have questions, feel free to reach the customer care through the contacts we shared above. Also, you can leave a reply below so that we get in touch to help you further.

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