Get Know The Causes And Treatments Of Erectile Dysfunction

June 7, 2021

Erectile dysfunction is the incapability of a male to endure erection continually and repetitively. It is a common problem in males, and according to recent stats, it affects almost 52% of men across the world. It not only ruins people’s sexual life but also destroys their relationships. It is also true that most people are hesitant to discuss this private problem with others and even doctors. Therefore, it is quite vital to openly discuss this problem.

This article will provide you with enough information about the causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction. So, stick with us and read it till the end!

Erectile Dysfunction Mechanics:

Before explaining the causes and treatments of ED, you must briefly know about this men’s disease.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a male is not able to get or sustain an erection to perform sexual activity. An erection is attained when the brain delivers a chemical signal to the penile muscles, triggering them to relax. It initiates with sexual stimulation that can either be in a mental or tactile way. A chemical known as nitric oxide released in the nerves makes the penile muscles relaxed and supports rapid blood flow. When the penis is filled up with this blood buildup, it causes to achieve a powerful erection.

On the other hand, when another chemical named phosphodiesterase type 5 comes into existence itself, it breaks down the nitric oxide that leads to the penile muscles constrict again and loses the erection, limiting the blood flow.

Causes of ED:

There are many physical and physiological issues that lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction in males. Have a look at them!

Physical Issues:

  • Vascular Diseases

We know that males get a strong erection when there is an increased blood flow to the penis. But, any vascular diseases that reduce the bloodstream to the penis can make it difficult to achieve an erection. These diseases include high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and enhanced levels of cholesterols.

  • Neurologic Disorder

For a powerful erection, a man needs accurate functioning of his nerves and brain. Therefore, any disorder that restricts the functions of nerves or the brain can trigger erectile dysfunction. Some common neurologic disorders are Alzheimer’s disease and Stroke Multiple sclerosis.

  • Diabetes

Men having diabetes mellitus can suffer from an erectile dysfunction problem at any time of their life especially when they don’t have optimal sugar control. It can damage the blood vessels or nerves that can be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

  • Lifestyle

There are various lifestyle options such as drinking, smoking, and drug abuse, which can raise the risk of erectile dysfunction. They restrict the blood supply of the penis.

Psychiatric Conditions:

Getting an erection is usually associated with the brain (because it brings excitement and pleasure to sex). However, any problem that affects the functioning of the brain can lead to ED. Some psychiatric conditions that can be a cause of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Low-self esteem
  • Depression

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction:

After knowing the causes, here you will get to know some of the effective treatments for erectile dysfunction:

  • Lifestyle Changes

There are numerous lifestyle changes that can help men to improve their sexual function. You can stop smoking, start doing exercises, and lose weight.

  • Medications

There are several medications such as Viagra and Levitra 20 mg that also make men able to get a powerful erection while performing sexual activity. Such medicines usually improve the blood flow to the penis and minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction.

  • Psychotherapy

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated problem to handle. Thus, you must understand that you need to involve your partner and consult a doctor if you want to overcome this issue. They will suggest you some psychotherapies to get a powerful erection.

  • Surgery

If the ED is because of the restriction of the artery distributing the penis particularly in younger patients, they can surgically increase the blood flow. The other thing they can do surgically is to go for implant surgery. In this surgery, the implant is filled with pressurized fluid whenever an erection is needed.

The Final Words:

Concerning the causes of erectile dysfunction listed above, some men are advised to take medicines or to change some of their routines to treat this ailment. It will help them in stabilizing their bodies and conditioning them so that a strong erection can be achieved. Other ways of treating erectile dysfunction can be used by getting consultation from a doctor.

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