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July 13, 2019


Everyone likes to earn extra cash, besides their regular salaries! Even you would not mind having an extra stream of income! When it comes to earning some extra cash or rewards, GiftHulk is one of the first names that come to mind. It is one of the most reliable Get-Paid-To sites – GPT that are available on the internet today!

Even though it does not help you earn thousands of dollars, but it is a great option for anyone in search of an additional income stream that requires no efforts at all!


Name: GiftHulk

Description: Shop, fill surveys, search, watch videos, and play games to earn amazing offers and money with GiftHulk! Since 2011, GiftHulk has given out $1,500,000 in rewards to its users, and it even got featured at the CBS TV network!

GiftHulk Review

The amazing GiftHulk website came into existence in the year 2011. A group of young entrepreneurs came together and founded the website to help people earn money without them making any efforts. You can become a part of the daily activities on the website, and by completing the tasks, you will be rewarded with money, rewards, discount vouchers, and much more!

The rewards and money are paid to the users as the Hulk Coins. Every task offers a different amount of coins that can be converted into cash and gift cards. 1000 Hulk coins equal to $1. To cash out the amount, your wallet must have at least 5000 Hulk Coins.

GiftHulk is a cent percent legit website. It is rumored to be a scam, but it has rewarded its users with phenomenal rewards since its establishment. Even Insider and CNN money positively reviewed the website, which is a clear indication that GiftHulk is a perfectly reliable option.

Eligibility Criteria

Excited to join the money-making express? Before you head out for fun earning way, check all the eligibility conditions that will allow you to become a part of GiftHulk!

  • The minimum age required to become a part of all the activities offered by GiftHulk is 13 years
  • All activities are available online at and to become a part of it, the users must have access to a stable internet connection
  • The GiftHulk survey is available for the legal and permanent residents of the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and Australia
  • To keep using the platform, a user is required to be active four times in one week. Unable to do so will result in a user being blocked

How to Sign-up?

Ready to start earning money and gift cards? Signing up at GiftHulk is super-easy, and it is free! All you need to do is follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Navigate to the Website

The first step is to navigate to the GiftHulk website! It is where you will get access to all the money-making activities and daily tasks!

Step 2: Choose your Option

There are three ways that can be used for signing up, including Google, Twitter, or using e-mail addresses!

Step 3: Create a Username and Password

After you have chosen the sign-up mode, you will be asked to create a username and password. The user will use the same credentials to sign-in into their accounts.

Step 4: Fill Out the Registration Form

To successfully register at GiftHulk, users need to fill all the required fields including the first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and the e-mail address.

Step 5: CAPTCHA Security Code

To successfully register on the website, users need to fill out the CAPTCHA security code and click on the “Create my account” option.

By following these simple steps, you can sign-up, register, and start earning with GiftHulk!

The Many Ways of Earning Hulk Coins

Not just surveys, but GiftHulk offers a variety of activities and tasks through which you can make good money and win gift cars!


You can earn hulk coins depending on the complexity and time taken to complete it.


Under the app section, firstly, you have to select which type a smartphone you have, and then according to that, a list is provided. By downloading the list, you will earn Hulk Coins.


Love shopping? With GiftHulk you can earn money for shopping! By choosing your favorite stores and spending on the listed stores, you earn up to 100 Hulk Coins.


On the GiftHulk TV, you will find different categories ranging from fashion and life tips to business. Every ten videos are equal to 10 Hulk coins, and you can earn a maximum of 30 Hulk coins per day with this feature.


If you refer someone to use GiftHulk, you end up receiving free 600 Hulk Coins. When the person uses your code.

Other Fun Ways to Earn Hulk Coins

Price Goals

Another way you can earn extra Hulk coins is by setting your price goals. When you set a goal for the first time, you get a reward of 50 Hulk Coins. To set a prized goal, you just need to visit the store, select whether you want to choose the gift card options or the PayPal option, then click the set goal button. It’s that simple!

Offer Wall

You can earn extra Hulk coins by completing different offers from the third-party companies available on the offer walls. It’s pretty simple. You can start by selecting your gender, and then several different offers are presented to you accordingly. Most offers only require you to sign up with a valid email or a social media account for a free service or a free trial.

EZ Coins

The EZ Coins is similar to the Offer Walls tab. EZ coins are the easiest offers to sign up for. You can easily sort through them to only sign up for free offers.


There are two tasks you can choose between. First is crowd flower tasks, and the second is GiftHulk tasks. In the crowd flower task, you get a task either to categorize pictures or to verify a certain company’s information. A task like this pays you anywhere between 4 to 16 Hulk Coins.

Under the GiftHulk tab, there are three tasks, and each of them requires you to post about the GiftHulk survey, either on a blog, a website or simply on YouTube. These tasks pay somewhere between 250 to 1000 Hulk Coins.

Understanding the Levels of GiftHulk

Yes, you heard it right; there are different levels for GiftHulk users. As your level goes up, the number of perks you also receive increases.


It’s the initial level of every GiftHulk user. You get five chips for the ‘guess the card’ game. It’s a game that helps you earn free Hulk coins and many other rewards.


This is the level you reach when you earn 1000 Hulk coins and earn ten chips in ‘guess the card’ game.


This is the level you reach by either earning 10000 Hulk coins or by inviting ten users. It not only offers you 20 chips for ‘guess the card’ game but also a 2.5% cashback on the purchased price.


This is the level you reach when you either earn 25000 Hulk coins or invite 25 users. It gives you 60 chips in ‘guess the card’ game. It also provides a 5% rebate on the purchase price plus a faster delivery service of prizes.


It is the highest of all levels. It can be achieved by either earning 50000 hulk coins or inviting 50 users. For this level, you not only get 60 chips for ‘guess the card’ game, 10% rebate on the purchase price, faster delivery, but also a $10 digital gift card!

Payment and Rewards

GiftHulk offers 130 different rewards! Some of the most popular ones include;

PayPal Payments

  • $5 PayPal payment
  • $10 PayPal payment
  • $25 PayPal payment
  • $50 PayPal payment

Gift Cards

  • Amazon gift card
  • Target
  • Burger King
  • Nike

The Pay-out

What you receive after pay-out depends upon what you choose. You can choose to get the earned Hulk coins as gift cards, cash in the PayPal account, or any other merchandise at the time of pay-out.

If you choose the cash option, the Hulk coins will be converted into cash delivered directly to your PayPal account. The gift cards offered to the users are for a variety of different stores, including Home Depot, iTunes, and many others!

Other options include physical prizes that are sent to you within seven business days of pay-out. Another pay-out option is to bid on items.



  • Signing-up and registering on GiftHulk is free of any charges and very simple
  • The website offers multiple ways of earning other than surveys
  • You can choose the way you wish to receive your earned Hulk coins; there are no restrictions
  • The chances of hacking are limited


  • You must stay online for many hours to earn a good amount of Hulk Coins
  • It is only available in a few countries
  • The offers are very limited
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Is GiftHulk a legit site?

Yes, it is. If you are still unsure, you can always read the reviews given by people. And what’s the worst that can happen? It’s a free site, so it’s not like you will be losing money to use it, so it is worth a try. It

Why should you prefer GiftHulk over other sites?

It has many options to choose from which can be a fun and easy way to earn cash.

Is it available worldwide?

No, it isn't. It is only available in Canada, UK, US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

How do I refer someone to GiftHulk?

Any user who uses your invite code to register or registers through the unique referral link you sent will be listed as your referral.

What are Hulk Coins?

Hulk coins is a unique currency that is rewarded to users after they complete the tasks. These coins can be redeemed as cash, gift cards, or merchandise.

What are rebates?

Rebates are offered only when a user reaches the Gold, Platinum, or the Diamond level. Rebate is the percentage returned to a user after purchase.

How to complete offers?

The instructions and requirements for every offer are mentioned in the offer. It is advised that the users only use accurate information, and complete each of these offers once only. Users must not refresh the page without completing the offer. Hulk coins are not awarded to users who enter incorrect information.

Overall, GiftHulk has many rewards and easy ways to earn. You should not hesitate to give it a try!

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