Healthcare Opinions Rewarded: Navigating Top 10 Paid Surveys Online

February 7, 2024

Healthcare surveys are among the most important surveys out there. They are designed to improve medical services, working conditions for healthcare workers, and other crucial aspects of the national healthcare infrastructure.

These surveys matter so much that medical workers are even compensated for taking them. This marks a great source of additional income for physicians and other employees in the healthcare ecosystem. There are even lists like the top 10 best paid medical surveys online that help you decide on the best platform that can make taking these surveys easy for you.

What are paid medical surveys?

Paid medical surveys are surveys given to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to gather their opinions, knowledge, experience, and insights into various questions related to their profession.

As these opinions are used to implement extremely important changes and you cannot get them from anyone else but practicing professionals, taking them is even rewarded by small sums. Although taking one survey will not get you anything, taking many of them might amount to something. Depending on how many surveys a month you take, you can get around $10, or you can get somewhere close to $70.

Of course, looking for these surveys one by one and taking them in person would be very time-consuming, and thus would not pay off for healthcare workers. Thus, the best system to take paid medical surveys is provided by platforms that accumulate such surveys from various sources and give access to them all in one place. This way healthcare professionals can conveniently take the surveys online whenever they feel like it.

There is usually a procedure of confirmation to prove that you are in fact who you say you are and work in the medical profession. The stringiness of the procedure depends on the platform you are using. Some will make it as straightforward as possible, while with others you might have to wait for quite a while until they confirm you and you can start taking surveys.

Some examples of paid medical surveys online

Let us take some examples from the top 10 paid medical surveys online list to see how various platforms work and differ.

The first on the list is This website has various surveys, including paid medical surveys. Thus, although medical surveys are for medical professionals only, there are no limits to what surveys these professionals can take. Some of the surveys are very short, others quite long thus you can choose which one you prefer according to how much time you have to spare at any given moment.

Additionally, the app offers an option to lease some of your unused bandwidth. Thus, there are plenty of ways to make money with this platform, making it an easy first choice.

InCrowd is a platform that provides only very short paid medical surveys. Their aim is to provide insights to researchers as soon as possible. Thus, there will often be just a few very focused survey questions. If you know that you will be willing to do only such surveys, InCrowd might be the right platform for you.

My Medical Panel is another platform that is specifically for medical professionals to take surveys. They have an extensive global community of healthcare professionals and pay up to $6 for a survey. You can also earn money by referring other doctors to the website. Your earnings come either as gift cards or prepaid cards and it might take up to 60 days to receive them.

Finally, there are platforms like MedSurvey, that have paid medical surveys not only for doctors but for patients as well. They can pay over $100 dollars for one 15-minute survey, thus the payout is very good. However, doctors can only take the surveys that target their specialty, thus there will not be that many surveys to take. Still, it is worth checking out from time to time to see if you qualify for a well-compensated survey.

Different types of paid medical surveys

As you probably have already gathered from the above, paid medical surveys differ in length. Some will be only a few questions long and take you less than a minute to complete. Others might be quite long and in-depth.

There are, however, more ways in which surveys can differ. Here are some examples.

  • The research can be quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative research surveys will be gathering quantitative data, so they will be mostly asking closed questions. They will need demographic data about you, your experience, and basic answers to where your opinion leans. Qualitative research surveys will have open questions as they will need to have more in-depth answers from your perspective.
  • The survey may or may not involve a live video interview. Some platforms offer a chance to participate in research by being interviewed. These research interviews will take much more of your time and effort but will also pay more than simple online surveys.
  • Paid medical surveys might be targeted or not. Targeted surveys will need answers from doctors specializing in a particular area or having specific demographic features. Additionally, some surveys might target those who have been in the profession for decades or, on the contrary, those who have just started. Other surveys will not be so specified and will gather the opinions of all types of healthcare workers.

These are the main ways in which surveys can differ. Of course, there may be other features that will make some surveys stand out from the others. The world of paid medical surveys is wide and varied thus there are plenty from which you can choose the ones that suit you best.

Final question – is all this legit?

The last question you might be having is whether taking paid medical surveys is a legitimate way to make money. The answer is a cautious yes. Cautious because you should check the legitimacy of a website that offers to provide you with the surveys.

If the website checks out, using it to get paid for being surveyed as a medical professional is a legitimate practice honored among your peers.

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