How AI is Taking Predictive Analytics to the Next Level

May 3, 2021

AI is what humans rely on to do tedious and time-consuming tasks at a faster pace. Aside from predicting trends in product development, consumer habits, it can also use predictive analytics in big data.

AI can also help online gaming sites such as casinos track user activities. By doing so, the AI can make suitable games more accessible to the users.

Believe it or not, AI can also work to improve customer service. AI bots can stand in place of human support during off-hours and provide a more personable experience.

How AI Improves User Experience

Whether it’s predictive analytics in business or gaming, there’s no arguing that having an invisible helper makes the experience more familiar and even more comfortable.

In the Online Gaming Industry

Let’s use AI predictive analytics examples in the gaming industry. As we mentioned, customer service can greatly improve your user experience. Some platforms offer support 24/7, but others need to rely on bots to reply outside of business hours.

No longer are users met with generic replies and unhelpful answers that are sometimes completely irrelevant. With the help of a predictive AI with all the data, it has gathered from your activities, the artificial helper can better assist you.

We have seen a drastic improvement in user convenience and feedback with online casinos, as mentioned in CMSwire. Online gambling is now legal in many countries, such as Canada, Belize, Aruba, Armenia, and Hungary.

Let’s take Hungary for example, where online card games and slots have surged in popularity since the government lifted the ban in 2013. When you play in a in Hungary, popular games are blackjack, poker, slots, and roulette. The AI is then able to gather this information plus the user’s daily activities to optimize the interface to suit the individual’s tastes.

A player from Hungary may open up their online casino page and be met with endless roulette and slots games, while a player in Canada may see more real virtual casinos and poker.

AI Predictive Analytics in Business

One of the most prevalent purposes AI predictive analytics is being used is in sales. We see it every day via multiple social platforms, including the giants – Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Whatever you type into the Google search bar has randomly materialized on your social media platforms in the form of ads, miraculously finding products that appeal to you. This is no coincidence and no magical feat; it’s due to AI predictive analytics.

The artificial intelligence used by these companies gather your data, record your activities and predict trends that will appeal to you. What’s more, AI predictive analytics tailors each user’s experience uniquely. What pops up in your ads will be different from your friends and family.

The Benefits of AI Predictive Analytics

Some people may view the data gathering and assessment of AI predictive analytics as invasive, but others view it as a day-to-day convenience. Peter Deli, an expert in AI analytics, is a pioneer and trailblazer in the view of AI predictions. You can read more about the author here.

The use of AI analytics for businesses usually means more sales. AI analytics in customer service for companies, organizations, online casinos, and much more equates to higher customer satisfaction, which will lead to more success across the board for different industries.

Some can argue that AI predictive analytics is still in its infancy, and the sky is the limit for the final product. AI in the future can be used for protection, as it can spot trends in keyword searches that can assess the mental state of a person and prevent potential dangers.

An example of the above in online gambling is addiction. Due to a player’s actions, the AI can determine if a said gambler is having unhealthy habits and notify the casino. The player’s account will then be shut down for a period before greater damage is done.

For everyday life, AI can predict potentially harmful actions by the keywords individuals search for. However, we have yet to advance to a stage where AI predictive analytics is entirely precise.


AI predictive analytics is a double-edged sword. One side of the debate may state it’s an invasion of privacy and restricts choices, but there is no doubt it is also very helpful.

For businesses, it can improve customer service, efficiency, and the overall user experience. For everyday consumers, it decreases the time for searching and appeals to their personal interests. While for online gaming, the AI will analyze your habits and optimize your gaming experience.

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