How Can You Tell Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

September 16, 2020

The fear of getting cheated on by your partner while being in a relationship is legit real. Cheating or infidelity is, in fact, the most challenging problem that could occur in a relationship. The problem is not losing your partner but the troubling fact of being manipulated and befooled by your partner while you invest your time and energy in loving him/ her. The cheater puts his/ her partner into suffering and heartbreak while enjoying a fantastic life with someone else in secrecy.

Trust is a crucial element in any relationship but one can’t turn a blind eye on the suspicious activities of their partner and live in denial.

We’ have listed down some signs that are indicative of a possibility that your partner might be cheating on you. Before you move on to these signs, you can try attempting a quick survey at CheaterChecker and see what the survey has to say about your fears and suspicions!

Here’s all you need to know to find out when and how your partner is cheating on you!

Instant Modification in Dressing and Styling

If you notice a sudden modification in your partner’s dressing and styling, this is a sign of major influence. It’s very unlikely for a person to change his entire appearance and styling all of a sudden and that too, out of their comfort zone.

When your partner is cheating on you, you’ll notice a pattern of changes. You’ll start seeing them getting dressed up all nice and opposite to their nature on routine days. Upon confrontation, you’d never get to know if they dressed up for an outing. rather you’ll be given lame excuses.

Enhanced Secrecy

It’s strange waking up to see a pattern or password on your partner’s phone when you were just listening to music on it the other night. You might think of it as a security measure but you won’t be able to guess the password or pattern. Even if your partner reveals it to you, you’ll see them getting extra conscious and insecure about their phone. Either they won’t leave their phone with you alone or you’ll just find old data lying on their phone. Observe carefully, they’ll be deleting their chats, there’ll be new social media accounts and some folders in the phone would be locked.

Unnecessary Outdoor Visits

When someone’s cheating on you and having a secret affair, there’ll be a specific pattern of unnecessary and frequent outdoor visits. Going to a grocery store, all dressed up and coming home back after a longer duration having nothing in hand is a major red flag. Even if you ask, there’ll be the name of some new friend or office colleague who doesn’t even exist.

Obviously, if someone’s cheating, they’ll be looking for opportunities that facilitate their meeting with their new love interest. Also, you won’t be accompanied by them on your office dinners or other invitations but you’ll get to know that they weren’t home either.

Changes in Morals and Values

It’s not naturally possible for a person to depict the sudden change in morals, concepts, and values, unless and until there is a strong external influence. The sudden acceptance towards different ideas and previously unacceptable ideas is a signal that something is wrong. Though, they’ll always give some unclear justifications about it.

Difference in Attitude and Treatment

If your spouse is showing a different attitude towards you and treating you differently than the way they used to previously, you need to find out the reason and ask them. If that’s due to workload, your partner will tell you straight away. However, if you suspect infidelity, look for one of these following signs:

  • Your partner finds all those activities boring which you both used to enjoy
  • Lazy and indifferent attitude
  • Lack of interest in family events and invitations

Avoidance of Intimacy

Intimacy is the prime need of marital relationships. When intimacy goes away from a relationship, it’s almost the end of it. The change in sex patterns and frequency is a potential indicator of infidelity.

Besides, there’ll be less or no expression of love, both verbally and physically. You won’t find your partner attractive towards you, trying to hold your hand or hug you. Even if you’ll get romantic with them, you won’t be reciprocated the same way.

Frequent Lying and Excuses

Loyalty and honesty are the foundation of relationships. If both of the partners want to maintain a happy relationship, both of them would stay truthful and loyal to each other. So, if your partner is frequently lying to you and give lame excuses for their inappropriate behavior, it clearly depicts that they are no more interested in this relationship. This is the case when your partner has found another love interest.

Incomprehensible Hefty Expenses

Financial stress is a part of life and spouses sometimes go through a major financial crisis. But there’s always some communication and discussion over it. However, unexplainable and incomprehensible financial crises are not a good sign. Cheating or infidelity is expensive as there are outings, hoteling, exchange of expensive gifts, etc.

  • It’s a cheating indicator if there are any one or all of the following signs:
  • Higher transactions in their credit card or e-banking statements
  • Arguments over money or contributing less money in household expenses
  • Big bills or expensive receipts in their wallet
  • Avoidance of money expenditure on fancy things like trips, outings, etc.

Outbursts of Rage and Anger

The sudden outbursts of rage and anger from your better half for no apparent reason is not normal. When they are cheating, they’ll project their fears and insecurities over you. They’ll show frustration and intimidation just to suppress your voice and questions.

All of the above-mentioned aspects are possible signs of cheating but it’s not necessary that if your partner is showing any or all of the above-mentioned signs, they are cheating on you. If you observe such things, don’t make a firm assumption by yourself, instead, communicate and convey your doubts and feelings wisely.

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