September 23, 2020

How To Get Paid With Online Surveys? – Branded Surveys Review

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Do you know you can get paid for participating in online surveys? Well, if not, before you begin to search ‘how,’ read the full article and get your answers!

In the present age, people have discovered many options to earn money online, one of which is attempting paid online surveys. However, not all of them can be trusted. When it comes to getting paid online, you have to be sure it is not a scam. However, recently, one name has surfaced and grabbed the attention of many, i.e., Branded Surveys.

People were suspicious in the beginning. But the good news is that Branded Surveys are legit. So yeah, you can trust them to get paid for participating in online surveys.

Want to know more about it? Check out the Branded Surveys review.

Here is a Branded Surveys starter pack for you:

Understanding the Platform

People who have been into this getting-paid-for-online-surveys-thing might have heard the name Branded Surveys, or we can say These were once popular as Mintvine. It was introduced in 2012 and is owned by Branded Research.

Mintvinea greatly popular site for surveys had gathered a ton of good reviews. However, in 2017, they decided to rebrand themselves as Branded Surveys.

What matters is that everything about them is still the same; a marketing firm that pays members/participants for taking part in online surveys. The good thing is they provide a more user-friendly experience now.

They are unique for what they offer, i.e., the number of surveys. As compared to other sites, Branded Surveys have the most number of surveys to offer their members.

In the world full of cons, fake gurus, and scams, it is always better to know who is reliable than the rest. And so Branded Surveys remains among the top sites for online surveys.

Signing Up with Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys cater to clients who are eager to spend a good sum of money on your opinions and thoughts, such as Forrester, JD Power, Nielsen.

It is easy to sign up, and the platform is available for UK, US, and Canadian citizens. They can join via email or Facebook. As soon as you sign up, you can start earning. However, you will be required to set up a profile, and you will get 50 points ($0.50) for doing so.

If you are concerned about why they need your personal information, here is what you must understand:

The information you provide helps to create the demographic and to analyze which surveys are best suited for your involvement.

Why Is Branded Surveys the Right Place to Be?

It is the most well-known website on the web. Also, there are a good number of reviews for this one. Even though it is better to read each review individually in order to understand all aspects, some patterns always help you to see the big picture. So here is what users’ feedback say about Branded Surveys:

  • The survey panel is unique and pays good money. You get paid $3 to $4 in about half an hour. However, it is not an ideal amount, but it is greater than twice the rate on average.
  • You can select from gift cards or cash—Starbucks, iTunes, Target, Amazon, all of these sound so pleasing. Moreover, PayPal cash is even more exciting. Moreover, the ability to select makes it even better.
  • You increase your earnings with time. It does not take you long before you finally upgrade your status to a greater level, i.e., silver or gold.
  • The good thing is that even if you get disqualified, you will still receive a few points. Well, that is a fair deal to seal, isn’t it?
  • The website has a unique and modern design. As compared to other websites that pay you for participating in online surveys, Branded Surveys had created an applaudable appearance among all. It is easy to navigate, and you will easily find what you are looking for.

Simply to say, Branded Surveys surely meets the expectations of users by delivering them one of a kind user experience and offering them a good sum of money for their valuable contribution. So the next time you decide to earn some money through online surveys, you know where to go!

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