How to Make Money Online from Home

July 31, 2020

Are you having a hard time earning your living during these tempestuous times? Indeed, if you have never worked online before, you may find it hard to make ends meet and muddle through. In order to help everyone struggling, we have done our research. Some of the variants below are great even for those who aren’t that computer-savvy. Moreover, a lot of the mini-jobs listed below are totally combinable with one another – you can spend only a few hours per day doing this, and then start earning money differently.

So here’s the list of the best online activities you can make a living with:

1. Get paid to take surveys

Do you know how much time we spend waiting in lines over the course of our life? Six months. How many hours do we spend on public transport? From three to six years. And how much time do we spend twiddling our thumbs while quarantined? It’s scary to imagine. So why don’t we start making the most out of every second we live? This is our website’s mission.

We review all these paid survey services to help you make every second meaningful and get closer to the income you want with every breath you take (and every button you press). And you can take surveys from anywhere at any time. Well, you’re welcome.

2. Play casino games

Gambling is a way for you to monetize having fun. As soon as you cut your teeth on it, you can actually start making decent money. All that’s left is to find PayPal, iDebit, or Instadebit casinos (or casinos which accept your preferred payment method) and to read their reviews on, let’s say, the NativeCasinos website.

3. Invest

Yes, putting all of your eggs (cash) in one basket (investment) when you’re actually running low on it is not the best idea. However, investing some of it in stocks, bonds, or real estate would be fantastic. In such a way, you are not trading your time for money – you are making your money make more money instead. And it will keep happening for years to come. Wise financial decisions are life-altering ones in the long run.

Caution: don’t just jump in at the deep end. Conducting your own research in lieu of believing all the things the Internet “experts” say is essential to figuring out where the pitfalls are. Sign up for Stash to start investing as a beginner.

4. Teach others online

If you think you’ve got nothing to teach – you have never been more wrong in your entire life. At the very least, you speak, as a minimum, one language. And this language is foreign to so many people in the world. The platforms like Italki and Cambly allow you to find your native language learners and make money by helping them. Moreover, if you have any other skills you’d like to pass on to other people, you will be able to earn money while getting better at those things yourself.

As a matter of fact, when you’re trying to explain something to somebody else, you may start remembering aspects you’ve forgotten all of a sudden. Who would mind killing two birds like that with one stone?

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5. Have multiple sources of income

Since you’ve made it this far in the article, you already see how many money-making strategies are there in the palm of your hand. It means that it’s about time to mention that you are better of using multiple sources of income, both active and passive ones. Once again, don’t place all of your resources in one place – and don’t invest all the money you have in one company.

6. Write a Kindle eBook and publish it

This is one of those passive income sources. You may be surprised, but almost anyone can sell their eBooks on Amazon. What is more, you don’t have to write big fat novels all the time. Furthermore, it isn’t that hard to promote your writing – you can join the Great on Kindle program as a writer. As a result, discounts will promote your books immensely.

7. Start a YouTube channel

Even though this variant seems like a perfect chance to unleash your creativity, it’d be a bad idea to hope to get rich immediately. That is the reason why we recommend that you choose a topic you’re passionate about. If you do this, your blogging career will bring you fulfillment right away as well as financial freedom in the long run.


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8. Start your own online business or an online store

Have you ever been fired? If the answer is “yes,” then you understand how important it is to be financially stable and not terrified of what the future holds. For entrepreneurs, confidence in the future is based on the fact that they are their own employers. You are in charge here, and there is simply no one to fire you. Moreover, having an online business – or an online store – means that your startup will always be able to function, and no quarantine will be able to bring it down.

9. Work on freelance sites

To start a business is not the only thing you can do to work for yourself – we understand how blood-curdling the mere thought of it may be. There’s a way out – it is easy enough to just register on the freelance website. There are always tons of gig offers there. For example, you can start writing an article for a blog or take part in a web development project.

As you can see, being quarantine doesn’t have to mean being broke. Working for yourself and not for that dude is inspiring, and, more importantly, it can be brought to life. Some people leave a stable place to develop their own business. Nevertheless, you can start being your own boss without launching your startup. Keep hustling and, in the future, this will allow you to quit your day job and become happy.

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