innoPoll Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 7, 2019

There are many avenues available for making money online. One such channel is by taking part in online paid surveys.

The only challenge with online paid surveys is that they are very many. Therefore, it is difficult to choose one from the other. Some will pay more than others, while others will never pay. The internet is also full of scams. It is, therefore, a challenge to differentiate a good site and a fraud.

In this review, we will look at one such survey site-InnoPoll. We want to see if it is worth your time. We will seek to answer questions such as how much they pay if they are legit and how you can earn. Follow us to the end to get the answers to these questions.

innoPoll Review

Name: innoPoll

Description: innoPoll is a survey panel that operates under Bovitz Inc as its mother company. It is a market research company that operates from New York. The survey site pays you for participating in surveys and sharing your opinion about various topics. The surveys can be about the products you use every day or others yet to join the market. For every survey that you complete, you get a reward in the form of a cash or gift card. The company has a strict privacy policy that protects your personal data. Unlike other survey sites, InnoPoll does not have a minimum payout threshold, and you get your payments immediately you complete a survey.

InnoPoll Summary

InnoPoll is a survey panel that pays you for sharing what you think about different products and services from different brands. The opinions you provide help businesses to understand market behaviors and needs. This helps them to make necessary changes in areas such as product quality, staffing, and so on.

The survey panel runs and operates under its mother company, known as Bovitz Inc. Bovitz Inc is a market research company with its headquarters in New York.

When you sign up and become a member, you will start receiving invitations to participate in surveys through your email.

InnoPoll stands out from other survey sites. The main thing that makes them unique is the fact that they have a very strict privacy policy. The personal data that you provide will never be shared with third parties. Unlike many other survey sites, InnoPoll will not ask you to create a member account and provide all your details to update your profile.

All they ask for is your email. As much as you provide your real email, you can be sure that they will not share it with any third party. They ask for your email so that they can contact you through it and also send you surveys through the email.

How InnoPoll works

The survey panel will not charge you anything to join.

Being a reputable survey site, InnoPoll is very particular when it comes to selecting their panelists. Your demographic details such as your age, gender, income, and so on may disqualify you from participating in a survey.

Before you can take a survey, the administrators of the survey panel will ask you questions regarding your age, gender, job, and other relevant data. The answers you give here will either give you the go-ahead to participate in the survey or disqualify you.

You can also register by using your Facebook or Google account. You will then get a confirmation link that they will send to your email.

You can also go ahead and confirm your phone number so that you will be receiving your rewards immediately after you complete a survey.

After you provide your email and set up your profile, you will start receiving invitations to take part in surveys whenever a survey is available.

The frequency of surveys on the survey site is, however, not encouraging. You can expect to get about 3 to 6 studies per month. This is disappointing as you cannot make a decent income with that rate of surveys.

You will not qualify to take all the surveys for which you receive an invitation to your email. The prescreening questions will, at times, disqualify you from taking the survey. The good news is that InnoPoll will always reward you with one loyalty credit regardless of whether you complete a survey or not. This is another factor that makes this survey site to stand out from other websites. This is because, in other survey sites, you must qualify for you to earn. If you do not qualify for a poll, then you do not get anything.

Once you accumulate three loyalty credits, the survey site will pay you $2. This means that if you do not qualify for a survey, you will be earning about $0.67 per survey.

If you qualify to take part in a survey, you can expect to make around $2 and more. This is way higher than what other survey sites pay.

The surveys from the survey panel are not long. You will not get bored taking them, and they will not take too much of your time.


This survey site has no rewards points system where you earn points for every survey you complete. The points go to your account, where they have to accumulate up to a certain threshold before you can redeem them.

This is not the case with InnoPoll. Here, you get your payment in cash or gift cards. The site also does not have a minimum threshold that you must attain to get paid. You get your payment immediately you complete a survey.

InnoPoll is one of the survey sites known for their convenient payments and for giving incentives to their members to continue taking part in surveys.

On this survey panel, you can expect to get 3 to 6 survey invitation on your email per month. For every survey you complete, you will make between $1 and $5. For every survey you take, you will get a loyalty credit as an incentive to continue participating.

When they get to three surveys, the survey site will give you $2 as a loyalty bonus. This encourages you to continue participating in the surveys.


Another cool thing that sets InnoPoll apart from others is the fact that you do not have to log in to their site or contact them in any way for you to get your reward. Your payments will be mailed to you immediately you complete a survey. This unique way of handling rewards makes the site very popular. People want to make money and be able to use it as soon as possible.

The survey site also gives you a variety of options for you to choose from as the payment mode you prefer. These include getting a cash payment through your PayPal account, Bitcoin, or gift cards from a variety of brands. The gift cards could be from Amazon, Tango gift card, and so on. You can also donate your rewards to Habitat for Humanity. This way, you will be earning for doing good in society through charity.

Is the InnoPoll survey site legit or a scam?

InnoPoll is one of the best survey sites that you can get in the online paid survey world.

If you want to know if a site is legit or a scam, there are things that you should look out for. For example, you should try to understand if the website charges you anything for you to join. Also, you should try to get proof that it pays its users after they complete a survey. You should also try to see if it supports PayPal payments.

InnoPoll meets all these criteria. It is free to join the site, and they pay you immediately you finish taking a survey. They can send you your cash payment through PayPal, which is a good indication.



  • The survey site has no minimum payout threshold that you must attain before you get paid. They pay you immediately you finish taking part in a survey.
  • The sign up to the site is free of charge, and it is fast
  • Their payments are higher as compared to other survey sites in the market
  • The survey panel pays you loyalty credits even if you get disqualified from a survey
  • InnoPoll has a strict privacy policy. You are sure that your personal data will not land in the hands of any third party.


  • It is difficult to qualify for the surveys. You have to answer prescreening questions to determine if you are eligible to take the survey or not.
  • The frequency of the surveys at their site is low. They will send you about 3 to 6 surveys a month, which denies you the chance to maximize your earnings.
  • Unlike other survey sites, InnoPoll does not offer you a bonus after you sign up.
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innoPoll Survey Center

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Payment MethodPayPal, Bitcoins, Amazon, Tango, Donation
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Is the survey site legit?

You may not earn a lot of money on the site. The frequency of the surveys may below. But despite all this, InnoPoll is not a scam. It is a legit site that you can join and earn some extra cash passively.

How do I earn on the site?

The site offers you only one means of earning, and that is by taking part in surveys. The surveys are sent to you through your email address. You will get about $1 to $5 for every survey you complete.

You will get your payments immediately after you complete your survey.

How much can I earn on the site?

How much you can earn on the site will depend on the number of surveys you receive in a month. If you take more surveys, the more you earn.

However, the frequency of surveys on the site is low. As such, you cannot expect to make so much money on the site. But you will certainly make some pocket money.


The internet offers numerous ways of earning passively. Participating in online surveys is one way.

InnoPoll is a paid online survey site. It is a legit site that pays you for giving your opinion about various products. It sends you surveys through your email address, and you get paid immediately you complete the survey.

In July 2017, InnoPoll rebranded to Forthright Surveys.

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