iPoll Review — Online Paid Surveys Scam or Legit?

October 25, 2019

Is there anything more satisfying than having a passive income? No feeling in this world is more fulfilling than the realization that you can earn some extra cash at the comfort of your home. One way of making some passive income at home is by participating in surveys. This is the newest trend in town. Companies have realized that customers are their most significant assets. They get the best consultation feedback by engaging their customers. They then use the feedback to improve their services.

iPollTo get the feedback. Companies engage in surveys in which they involve their customers. The customers are supposed to respond to some questions. The company then uses the answers to the questions to improve their products and services. As a way of motivating the customers, the companies offer incentives in the form of cash rewards or gifts. The customers then participate in the survey with the hope of winning the reward. This is a very passive way of earning as most of the surveys are online, and you can participate in your own free time. iPoll is one such survey.

iPoll Review

Name: iPoll

Description: If you ever wish to earn some extra coins while you do your shopping, or buying coffee, then you should check out iPoll. This survey pays you cash rewards for participating in surveys. It pays cash rewards through PayPal.

What is iPoll?

iPoll is based in the US, and you can find it on ipoll.com. It was previously known as Survey Head. Unlike other surveys, iPoll is mostly mobile-centered. What this means is that users can take part in the survey using their phones. That means you can participate in the survey from the comfort of your couch, while on the bus coming from work or during a road trip with your friends.

One important point to note is that just like other pollsters, you will not earn millions of dollars by participating in the iPoll survey. However, it is an excellent avenue for complementing your income. Apart from cash rewards, iPoll also allows you to win gift cards and sweepstake entries for completing their surveys.

iPoll is not a scam. It is legit and has been existence for more than ten years. However, users have had complaints about the survey. First of all, the survey takes a long time to pay. They want you to accumulate your earnings to a certain amount before they can pay you. There have also been complaints about users being conned by people using the name of iPoll.

What is unique about iPoll is the fact that you can participate in their mobile app. This is instead of the usual way of using a browser to participate. However, nothing stops you from logging into their official site and participating in the survey through the browser.

Eligibility criteria

Participation in the survey is open to an individual who satisfies the requirements. These include age requirements and geographical locations. It would be a waste of time to try and participate in a survey that you have not met the qualifications.

  • You are eligible to participate in iPoll if you are eighteen years old or older
  • iPoll is only available for people living in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

How to participate in the survey

There are two ways that you can join the iPoll survey. One, you can take part through their website. The other way is by downloading their app on your phone and participating from there.

To participate through their website, you follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your computer is on and has a reliable internet connection
  2. Open your browser and log in to www.iPoll.com which is the iPoll’s official site
  3. Once you are in, click on the green button, “Login.”
  4. Use your Linkedin or Facebook account to log in
  5. You are in to take part in the iPoll surveys

If you want to use the phone app, follow the following steps:

  1. Search and download the app on Google Play or App Store. If you visit the official website and scroll down, you will also get the direct download link. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Install the app on your phone
  3. Read and understand their terms and conditions. Accept their terms and conditions together with their privacy policy.
  4. After signing up, you should create your profile. You should provide information such as your gender, address, education, career, date of birth, etc.
  5. If you wish to redeem your cash rewards through PayPal, then make sure you sign in using the same email address that you use for your PayPal account.

The iPoll app will request access to your location. If you do not accept sharing your location, you may not get invitations to participate in local surveys.

Whenever there is a new survey that matches the profile you provided, you will always receive an invitation through your email. If you are using the app, stay alert for the push notifications on your phone.

You should complete the survey as soon as possible, as each survey has a limited number of participants. You can find out about the surveys that are currently available on the dashboard. This will also indicate the cash reward and the estimated time. Most of the surveys will have a cash reward of about $1.50 and will take an estimated 10-15 minutes to complete.

You will only participate in the survey and get paid off if you meet the qualification requirements. When you take the surveys, you should always read the questions carefully and provide honest answers. This is because iPoll may blacklist you if they realize that you are going too fast or that you are giving contradicting answers. They can terminate your account or stop sending you invitations to participate in new surveys.

The other reason why you should provide honest answers is that your feedback is vital in decision making. Apart from winning a reward, your feedback is going to help in making crucial decisions regarding staffing and service delivery. Inaccurate feedback will, therefore, lead to wrong conclusions.

The rewards you can get at iPoll

iPoll offers different rewards that include cash rewards. The cash rewards are redeemable via PayPal to verified PayPal accounts only. It is mandatory to use the same email to sign up for the iPoll that you use for your PayPal account.

You can also get rewards through Amazon e-vouchers and iTunes gift codes. iPoll tries to reimburse your rewards as quickly as possible. However, on some occasions, it may take up to 4 weeks. In the US, the minimum amount you can redeem is $25 if you redeem through Amazon gift cards or $50 via PayPal.



  • It is free of any charge to sign up for iPoll surveys
  • You have the option of choosing either gift cards or PayPal to redeem your rewards
  • iPoll sign-up is easy. You need to have a computer with a reliable internet connection if you will be using the website. Or you should have a phone with either Android or iOS if you will be using the app.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 years can participate. The only restriction is for those below 18 years old.
  • You will be given a time estimate before taking part in any survey. This will help you decide if you will have ample time to participate or not.
  • The amount you will get per survey is shown before participating in it
  • You will earn badges for meeting various milestones and get paid a small amount each time you hit a milestone.
  • The phone app is sleek and user-friendly


  • The pay per survey is low compared to the time taken answering the questions
  • Some users complain that the app crashes occasionally
  • It can take longer, up to 4 weeks, to receive payments or gift cards
  • Some users complain that their accounts got terminated without valid reasons
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iPoll is a popular survey panel. It is operated by Dynata (formerly known as Survey Sampling International), which is a world leader in marketing research. Dynata also owns and manages other survey platforms such as Surveyon, Survey Spot, Opinion Outspot, and Quick Thoughts.

iPoll allows you to earn cash or gift rewards by taking part in their surveys on different products and services. You have the option of answering the questions from either your computer or your phone. iPoll is eligible for all people who are 18 years old and above.


What is iPoll?

iPoll is a survey panel operated by Dynata, which is a world leader in marketing research. It allows you to win cash rewards as well as gift cards when you participate in their surveys. The cash rewards are redeemable through PayPal.

What are the requirements for joining iPoll?

For you to qualify to take part in the iPoll surveys, you must be at least 18 years and older. You also need to be in a country where iPoll is available. You can go to their site and check if your country is among the list of 32 countries.

How do I join iPoll?

As long as you are in a country where iPoll is available, and you are also 18 years or older, it is effortless for you to join iPoll. It will take you very few minutes to join. If you are using your computer, you will need to visit the iPoll official website at www.ipoll.com. After that, provide your email and choose a password. Make sure to use the same email that you use for your PayPal account. On the next screen, you will get a form that you are required to fill. Provide your name, address, age, and other demographic details. After that, you may be asked a few more questions so that you can be matched with surveys. For example, they can ask about your income, living arrangements, etc.

Does iPoll respect my privacy?

Most people are reluctant to share their details, especially online. This is understandable as there have been occasions where people’s data has been misused. The iPoll’s privacy policy is very clear about all the data they may collect from you with your permission. These include your name, address, email address, occupation, age, gender, etc.

If a survey asks for sensitive data such as your sexual life, religion, race, origin, or political views, it should ask for your consent. iPoll is clear about how they use the data that you give them and how they share it. You also have access to the information that they have about you. You also have the right to withdraw consent, delete and rectify your data.

What can I win on iPoll?

iPoll allows you to win cash rewards as well as gift cards. The cash rewards are redeemable through PayPal. As such, you should always use the same email in your PayPal account to sign up for iPoll. The gift cards can be redeemed through Amazon.com e-vouchers or iTunes gift codes. In the US, there is a minimum payment threshold at $25 if you wish to redeem your reward through Amazon gift cards. The threshold is $50 if you want to redeem via PayPal.

Apart from the hope of winning rewards, you are required to provide honest answers to the questions. This is because your feedback is essential in decision making. As such, if iPoll suspects that you are contradicting yourself in the answers you give, then they can blacklist you. That will mean you will not get new invitations to participate in a survey, or they can close your account.

Is iPoll legit, or is it a scam?

You may not get a lot of money as payments by participating in iPoll surveys. You may even be screened out of some surveys at times. However, despite all this, iPoll is legit. People get legitimately paid on iPoll. Furthermore, iPoll has been existence for more than ten years. While longevity may not be proof of legitimacy, the fact that it has survived for that long means people trust it.


Everybody likes the idea of complementing their income. It sounds even better when you can earn some more while you are traveling, coming from work, or relaxing on your couch. iPoll offers you the opportunity to make that extra coin by participating in their surveys.

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