Mindswarms Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

November 20, 2019

Many companies and sites perform surveys by asking questions that require a yes or no answer. With time, people have come up with other apps to answer these questions. That way, they take many surveys in a short period and get more earnings.

mindswarmsDue to those reasons, Mindswarms came up with a survey where you answer using a video. It’s hard to lie in a video, and at least they can analyze your expressions to see whether you are telling the truth. The other good thing with conducting surveys using videos is you will take time to think about what you say. So you will go through the survey questions and come up with an answer.


Mindswarms is a marketing research company that helps companies in marketing their products. They also perform market research for other companies so they can make changes that will help improve their sales and increase profits.

Mindswarms has worked with many and well-known companies worldwide. It is well known for its method of collecting data using videos. It is also known for providing quality data to the companies they research on their behalf. This is due to the team of experts who analyze the data they get and come up with the best data.

Mindswarms Review

Name: Mindswarms

Description: Mindswarms is among the leading marketing research companies. It uses videos to get data from its participants. By using videos, they can get more accurate information, unlike other online survey sites where people answer yes or no questions.

Its main aim is to provide high-quality data. To achieve this, they have a team of experts who analyze the videos made by the participants and can come up with information that will help the researchers.

mindswarms Summary

What do you need to enter?

You will need:

  • A computer or a smartphone
  • Access to the internet so you can access the Mindswarms app
  • You must be 18years and above to take part in the survey

When you register for Mindswarms, they ask for your personal information, which may include your name, email address, email address, demographics, marital status, and age. Apart from that, there is the information that Mindswarmss collects for itself. This information includes the IP address, access time, the webpage, and the webpages you access during your visit.

The information they get from you helps them to improve their services and provide you with what you want. Also, using the information you give them, they can provide you with a survey that is most suitable for you depending on your demographics and status. They also use the information to communicate with you when there are new surveys and when they make changes. The information they collect from your account is to verify whether your account is legit.

Who does Mindswarms share your information with?

Mindswarms may share your personal information with the researcher. According to the agreement with the researcher, they are allowed to share the information. It serves as proof of the research. They can also use personal information to advertise their site.

The researcher uses the data for their marketing strategies, but It’s prohibited for them to use the data publicly. Your email is forwarded to PayPal for payment purposes. When you invite a friend to the site, the friend will see it was you who requested them. You can also change your profile by visiting the update profile.

How to sign in

Step one

There are two distinct ways to sign up as a member of Mindswarms. One way is by browsing the app on your computer or laptop and log in. But you must have a webcam on your device. The other way is by downloading the app on your smartphone.

Step two

The next step is creating your profile. In this step, you create a video as a profile. It is to make sure the camera you are using is working. After the video, you will get the questions that you are supposed to answer. Those questions will help them identify which survey if fit for you.

Step three

The next step is where you apply for the survey. In your account, you will see a section for applying for the surveys. Choose a survey depending on your demographics. Answer the questions you will get. The researcher will review your application in 24hrs. If you qualify for the survey, go ahead and take the survey.

Step four

After you get approved for the survey, you will get around seven questions. Read the questions carefully and provide the answers in the form of a video. The video should be around one minute. Make sure you are honest. Your response helps in the decision making of a company.

Most surveys are in English, so when making the video, use English. In case the survey is in another language, answer the questions using the language they have used. Make sure in your video you are audible and clear.

Earnings and Payments

For most surveys, you will earn around $50 in one survey. Most surveys have approximately seven questions, and each question pays about $10. The surveys take around 20minutes each. The payment process takes around 24hours. They pay the participants using a PayPal account.

You will get survey notification via your email, or when you log in your Mindswarms account on your dashboard, you will see the available surveys. The survey is open to all people worldwide, but specific reviews depend on your demographics.

How to Record a Great Video

If you consider joining Mindwarms, you will need tips on how to make a great video. This way, you will get more surveys, and your work will easily be accepted.

  • The first tip of making a quality video is yourself. Let out your emotions and make them look real and not rehearsed.
  • Be honest and always give the right information. A company may use the opinion or answer you give when making crucial decisions.
  • Shoot the video halfway, they are more interested in your facial expression, and a halfway video is more close.
  • Take the whole minute to explain your answer. Do not rush; give a comprehensive response.


  • Used worldwide
  • Unlike other surveys, Mindswarms is open to everyone. Anyone can take part in the survey. There are surveys for everyone.
  • Pays better – With Mindswarms, you take part in one survey and get paid $50. With other survey sites, you will need to do surveys for several months so you can earn $50.
  • Fast payment – It does not only pay well but pays fast as well. After you have completed your survey, the payment is in 24hours the much it can take to process your payment is four days.
  • Free and easy – Joining the survey site is free. You do not have to pay any amount of money to take part in the survey. Also, the joining process is easy. They only require a few personal details and a video.
  • Friendly app – Mindswarms has a friendly app that is usable on a smartphone. This is unlike most survey sites that you will need a computer or a laptop.


  • Demographic factor – Most of the surveys depend on demographics. It means you can go for days without qualifying for any survey due to your current location.
  • Camera – The fact that you need a webcam to take part in and the fact that surveying is through videos may sound like a lot of work to some people. Also, some people may not have a webcam.
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Is Mindswarms Legit?

With many scam survey sites, it’s hard to tell which site is legit and which is not. Because Mindswarmsss pays way better than other surveys, it may be confused as a scam. The truth is that the site is legit. On its website, there are reviews of people who have used it and are satisfied with it. They even go ahead and recommend people to join.



Is there another way of earning with Mindswarms, or is it just the survey?

Yes, you can earn by referring your friends to the site. On your account, there is a section for referring. When you tell your friends about this survey, and they sign up, you get paid. The amount they pay is not on the site.

Which method does Mindswarms use to reward those who participate?

They pay by the use of cash in your PayPal account 24hours after completing the survey. One can also redeem the money in amazon for gifts.

Do Mindswarms perform field surveys or they ask the questions to be answered directly?

In some research, you may be required to show some product and maybe talk about the price. They make sure they give you a brief of what the survey is about in the beginning before you start the survey to make sure you are fit for the survey and make sure you are comfortable to do the survey.

How many questions can one survey have, and how many minutes can one spend on a survey?

One survey can have around seven questions. Each survey can take approximately 20minutes to complete. Each question in the survey will need a minimum of one minute video answering the questions.

Who is qualified to take this survey?

The site is open for anybody above 18 years. Kids who are 13years and above can also take part in the survey with permission from the parents. Apart from that, the site is open to everybody from any part of the world.

Is one paid for signing in and taking the profile video?

No, you do not earn for registering and taking the profile video. The profile video is to show that you are capable of making a video for the survey. Also, researchers want to see the quality of the video. The only time you earn is when you take part in a survey.


Experts can tell when you are lying and when you are telling the truth by the look of your facial expressions. That’s why Mindswarms came up with a method of doing a survey where people answer questions using videos. That way, they analyze and find out who is telling the truth and who is lying.

By taking part in this survey, you enjoy yourself as it is fun and you get paid. The best part is, Mindswarms pays a good amount of money compared to other surveys. The best part is that you help other companies make improvements hence improving their sales. It’s an activity where all the parties benefits.

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