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January 31, 2020

Have you visited the Frisch’s Big Boy lately?

How did you like their food and the services? Is there something you would love to suggest to them. You can easily do that now. The Frisch’s Big Boy is holding a survey on where the customers answer questions on their experience in the store. Also, the customers get a chance to suggest something they would like done to the restaurant.

After the survey, the management of the stores have a sit-down and go through the survey. They come up with the best way to improve so they can be able to capture more customers and make sure their current customers are fully satisfied.

In this article, you will learn all there is about the stores from how you join to how you fill the survey on With the information, it will be easy for you to take part in the survey.


Description: is a survey site by the Big Boy restaurant chain. The restaurant is well known for its signature hamburger, also for its literally Big Boy holding a hamburger sign. The survey is to help them collect feedback from their customers so they can tell how satisfied their customers are. Summary

The restaurant is well known for its signature hamburger, also for its literally Big Boy holding a hamburger sign. The restaurant has seen a lot of changes over the years but still grown to 120 stores and almost 10,000 employees over the years. is to help them collect feedback from their customers so they can tell how satisfied their customers are. The survey is online and is free to take. The surveying process is easy as the customers are required to write on their experience and maybe recommend a few things to the restaurant. The survey takes only a few minutes as most questions need a yes or no answer.

With the feedback they get, they can make changes in the restaurant that helps them to make more profits. Apart from that, they make sure their customers are fully satisfied, and they get exactly what they want. On the other hand, the customers can express their feelings freely, and also save some coins from the discounts they get after the survey. Eligibility Criteria

  • You need a recent receipt from the restaurant
  • You need to be 18 years and above to take part in the survey
  • The survey is online, so you need a laptop or a smartphone or any other PC so you can access the survey.
  • You need a strong connection to the internet to make the whole process easy and fast
  • You need to be a resident of the United States
  • Read all the rules and policies kept in place by the survey
  • Follow all the rules when taking the survey
  • The employees and their family members can’t take part in the survey to make sure all the comments are fair.
  • Make sure you are honest when writing the survey answers as your opinions help in decision making.
  • You need to read and understand either English or Spanish as the survey is in either of the languages.
  • The receipt is valid for seven days after purchasing it
  • You can’t transfer your award
  • The coupon expires in 30 days after taking the survey. Make sure you use it before it expires.


How to go about step by step

Step 1: Go to the survey site at and make sure you have the right site to avoid wasting time and giving your details to the wrong people.

Step 2: Choose the language you intend to use

Step 3: Enter the details on the receipt, starting with the 23 digits at the bottom of the receipt. Enter the time and date you visited the store.

Step 4: Answer the personal details from gender, name, address, and everything else they ask

Step 5: Click the start button to continue with the survey

Step 6: Answer all the questions from the yes or no questions. Rate your experience from how you were satisfied to how dissatisfied you were.

Step 7: Submit your survey for them to see your opinion

Step 8: You will get a validation code, write it down on the receipt and take a screenshot to make sure you don’t lose it. Redeem it on your next visit to the restaurant.

Before taking the survey, make sure you read all the rules and make sure you agree with everything before to avoid agreeing to things that you may not like. Make sure you go through their policies to make sure the information you give them is secure, and the information does not land on the wrong hands.

Questions asked on

  • Rate your experience in the store from satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • How was the food you ate in the restaurant?
  • How was the pricing of the food?
  • How clean was the restaurant?
  • How clean were the washrooms if you visited?
  • Did you get anyone to welcome you at the door?
  • How was the staff?
  • How long did you take to get your order?
  • Comment on anything you would recommend to the restaurant in a few words
  • Did you get anyone to explain to you about the ongoing survey?
  • Would you recommend the restaurant to a friend?
  • Have you visited the restaurant in the last 30 days?

The questions on the survey may not be the same always, but the questions revolve around those questions as the whole survey targets to know how your experience was and how satisfied you were in the restaurant. Rewards

As a way of motivating more people to take part in the survey. The Frisch has come up with a reward system where at the end of the survey, they give the person taking the survey a validation code that they redeem on the restaurant on their next visit. The validation code cannot get transferred to another person. The validation code is also valid for 30 days after that the code is invalid and cannot be used to redeem the discount.

Why take part in

For the customers, you get to save a few coins from the discount you get from the survey. Apart from that, you become a part of the decision making process in the restaurant as your opinion will help in making a decision.

Taking part helps you to give your opinion freely without fearing to hurt a specific person. The opinion you give gets to the right people, and something is done about it, so in the end, you get what you would have wished.

Importance of

They can collect quality data that helps them in decision making that helps in improving the restaurant. Also, they can interact with their customers and get to know how their customers feel about their services. This way, the customers feel cared for and are more likely to come back.

A survey is also a form of marketing as people will hear about the discounts they get after the survey and come to the restaurant to take part so they can also get the discount. As they come so they can get the discount, they may end up loving the services there and end up being loyal customers. The survey also helps Fisch’s management monitor other stores in different areas. That way, they can tell the stores that are not following the rules from the opinion and reviews they get.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • You save a few coins from the discount they get
  • Fisch’s restaurant get quality data that help in decision making
  • You get a chance to be involved in decision making
  • You get an opportunity to give their opinion free without the fear of victimization
  • You get an opportunity to interact with the management
  • The survey is free you don’t need to pay anything to take part


  • You must purchase first in the restaurant to take part in the survey
  • The survey is only available online
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Prize$200 Gift Card
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EnterOnline, Mail
LanguageEnglish, Español

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How long does it take to complete the survey on

The whole survey is on the customers’ experiences so it’s simple and everyone can take part in it. Due to this, it only takes a few minutes to complete. The fact that most of the questions need a yes or no answers make it very easy. On average, it only takes around five minutes to complete the survey when your typing speed and your internet is good.

How do I make sure you have the right site?

To make sure you have the right site, go to the original company site, and use the link given to access the site. You can also confirm you have the right site by making sure the logo and the brand image is the same on the site to the original site. Taking the survey on a scam site can cost you a lot. First, you waste time filling details, and then you may end up giving your details to the wrong people who may use the details for the wrong reasons. Or simply use

Which are the reasons that can cause me to get disqualified from

Different reasons can cause you to get disqualified from One reason is giving false information in the survey that can make them make the wrong decision. Due to this, if you get suspected of providing false information, you get disqualified, and you don’t receive your award.

If they realize you did not follow the rules put in place by the survey, you will also get disqualified, and you won’t be able to take part in any other survey they hold. Apart from that, you will not receive the award you had won.

Manipulating the survey system can also cause you to get disqualified, and if the manipulation has caused a lot of damage, you may get charged as it is an offense. You will not be able to take part in any other survey held by the Frisch Big Boy restaurant again.

How will I know the information I give on is safe and well protected?

The employees will not see the information you provide for the restaurant. The opinion and the whole survey information will get presented with no identity. Apart from that, the survey site is protected by protection software to make sure no one can hack the system and get the information. In case they want to display your identity, they must ask for permission first from you before doing it.

Is there another way of taking the survey apart from

The only way to take the survey is With the online survey, Frisch’s restaurant can collect quality data in a short time, unlike other ways of surveying. Apart from that, the online way of surveying is more accurate and doesn’t require a lot. For those reasons, Frisch’s restaurant has chosen the online surveying only.

What do I do if I’m having issues accessing

Enter the 23 digits on the receipt and make sure you enter them correctly to make sure it’s not the problem. If still, you can’t access the survey, contact Frisch’s customer service and explain to them the problem you are having, and they will help you out.


2861 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, OH 45419, USA

PV44+7V Kettering, Sugarcreek Township, OH, USA

+1 937-297-0833



By taking part in, your voice gets heard, and also you help in critical decision making. The survey does not ask much, requirements are not strict, and rules are few and easy to follow. The questions on the survey are all on your experience in the store. You don’t need any qualifications to take part in or understand the questions.

Save a few minutes and be a part of the decision making in the restaurant. In return, you get rewarded as well. What’s better than that?

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