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September 19, 2019

Subway is an American submarine-style sandwich restaurant that operates on several locations all around the world. With its unique offerings and healthier alternatives to fast food, Subway restaurants have acquired a key position in the eyes of their customers and competitors.MySubwayCard

As much as its popularity grows, so does the desire of Subway management to make the lives of its customers healthier and easier by allowing the smoother purchase of meals at varied discount rates. For this purpose, the organization came up with the idea of gift cards. One such gift card program is called ‘MySubwayCard.’

MySubwayCard Review

Name: MySubwayCard

Description: MySubwayCard is a gift card provided by the Subway restaurants’ management. It comes in two forms; the physical gift card form and the electronic e-Gift card.

The main use of this card is to help users purchase Subway meals, goods, and services with ease at participating Subway outlets across the United States of America and Canada. MySubwayCard can also be used while ordering online or ordering via Subway App. Additionally, these cards can be used in conjunction with other Subway rewards program such as Subway MyWay Rewards.

Only legal residents of the aforementioned countries, which are the United States of America and Canada can purchase or register the ‘MySubwayCard.’ The physical MySubwayCard can be purchased from any participating physical store, and the My Subway e-Gift card can be purchased online via websites and authorized retailers and dealers.

How to Register for MySubwayCard?

For registration, customers can use any of the two platforms, the website as well as the Subway App.

The website for getting MySubwayCard registered online is the one used for creating a Subway MyWay Rewards account, which is a separate rewards program. Each user is allowed to create only one Subway account at any time they want. Customers may visit MyWayRewards for creating the account, and once it’s created, MySubwayCard can be registered with it. My Subway Gift cards can be reloaded and reused whenever required by the customers. However, the minimum to a maximum limit of the account balance is $5-$500. You may register your MySubwayCard via the mobile app as well.

No matter which method you choose to register, you will first need to purchase this gift card in either physical or electronic form from any of the participating Subway outlets or the Subway’s website. You may also purchase MySubwayCard from authorized resellers, retailers, and online stores. Alternatively, you may just log on to and sift your way to the ‘Gift Cards’ tab. Click on it and buy MySubwayCard from here. Once you have purchased the gift card, you may proceed with the registration.

1. Registering via Mobile App

If you wish to register your card via mobile app, simply go to app purchase stores for Google and Apple smartphones and download the Subway app. The online links to download Subway App for Apple users is iPhone App, and for Android users: Android App.

Once you have downloaded the application, your card gets automatically enrolled for registration. Provide the required details, and you are all ready and set to use your rewards while purchasing meals at participating Subway stores. However, when you order a meal via a mobile app, it takes approximately 15 minutes for the order to be processed.

2. Registering Online

If you wish to register your MySubwayCard online, first of all, you will need to create an account with the Subway website. Visit SubwayCard for Canadian users and MyWayRewards for American users. Find your way around the site for ‘Buy gift card’ or ‘Account sign up’ options and then proceed. Each user is advised to create one account only. In case, a user has multiple Subway gift cards; they may attach/link all their cards in one account only.

Once you have created the account by providing information such as a valid e-mail address and then choosing a suitable password, you may proceed with attaching your cards to your account.

After your MySubwayCard has been attached, you may load balance ranging from $5 up to $500 into your account and use it to make purchases online and in-store. You may reload your card when required and use this service as long as you want free of cost since it does not expire and requires no fee to be paid.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  1. Various Subway rewards and points can be earned from it.
  2. For every $1 that you spend, you receive a total of 4 tokens.
  3. Once you have reached the 200 token marks, you will be awarded a prize of $2 off on your next purchases.
  4. Free of cost and swift meal buying and transactions.
  5. Use of the card within participating countries interchangeably makes it easier for customers to buy meals while traveling.


  • Anybody can misuse it.
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T&C of MySubwayCard

  1. The ‘MySubwayCard’ comes in both forms: physical and electronic.
  2. The physical card can be bought from participating in Subway stores across the United States of America and Canada.
  3. The electronic card also known as Subway eGift Card can be purchased via online stores such as
  4. The ‘MySubwayCard’ in either form is used only up to the amount deposited in it which is a maximum of $500.
  5. My Subway gift card can be used in participating in physical stores, on the web, and while placing an order via a mobile app.
  6. My Subway gift card needs to be registered online before being used.
  7. The balance in a physical My Subway Gift Card is transferable to an eGift card and vice versa.
  8. To find out whether or not the Subway store you are visiting is participating in the gift card program, ask the Sandwich Artist first.
  9. MySubwayCard service is only open to legal residents of the United States of America and Canada.
  10. If a Canadian customer uses MySubwayCard for making purchases in an American participating Subway store, the amount charged will automatically be converted in terms of value to the currency of the United States of America.
  11. MySubwayCard service does not expire nor carries a fee payable for being used.
  12. Users are allowed to check their balance by logging into their accounts, whether online or via mobile app.
  13. The ‘MySubwayCard’ can be reloaded and reused as many times as the customer desires.
  14. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) helps users in checking their balance online or via phone calls.
  15. Customers are responsible for all kinds of transactions taking place with their card, whether authorized or unauthorized.
  16. If you choose to keep your ‘MySubwayCard’ unregistered you will solely be responsible in case, it gets damaged or stolen or lost, and you will not be reissued a new card.
  17. However, if you choose to register your ‘MySubwayCard’ with the website, not only will you be reissued a new card but the balance will also be restored.
  18. You may buy the ‘MySubwayCard’ for corporate needs as well.


1. Is My Subway gift card program the same as the Subway MyWay Rewards program?

No, they are both different programs. However, you may link the cards associated with both under the same account you have with the Subway website.

2. What if I want to put a $1000 balance in MySubwayCard account?

Unfortunately, the maximum amount limit is $500. You are not allowed to exceed the limit given.

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