December 7, 2019

Palm Research Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

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Survey Panels like Palm research make your opinions count in the business world. As you give your views you also earn rewards in different forms. Most panels offer gift cards and vouchers but for Palm Research, they pay real cash. When you use this panel you help companies make meaningful decisions in customer service and product development. This review takes you through a description of the panel, eligibility, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions.

Palm Research

Name: Palm Research

Description: Palm Research is a market research firm headquartered in San Diego, California. Its operations began in 2007, and the firm focuses on helping brands revamp products before it releases them to the market.



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Palm Research Summary

It is a subsidiary 100% owned by Eggressive Media, which has extensive experience in advertising and online research solutions.

Over the years, this panel has grown its membership to 250,000 both in the US and internationally. It operates in Poland, Germany, South Korea, France, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Philippines, Netherlands…the list continues to 41 countries globally.

This panel offers diversified services depending on a client’s needs. Among the services include online surveys, online focus groups, product testing, and daily surveys.

For companies wishing to conduct product testing, this is a befitting site. With testers from different nationalities, you can test products on a global scale.

When you become their panelist, expect 2 or 3 emails with surveys each day. If you think the emails will flood your inbox, they recommend that you create a discrete folder for differentiation.

Focus group discussion is a unique element about Palm Research. With the discussions, you interact with selected panelists on a topic started by the sponsor.


The discussions last a minimum of 30 minutes, and sometimes up to 2 hours. The good news is that focus group surveys pay more than regular surveys.

This panel is the friendliest for teenagers. Unlike many panels that restrict age requirement to 18, this is super flexible; at 14, you are good to go.

However, when you look at their website, it is difficult to talk much about this panel. They do not have a profile; the landing page takes you straight to the registration process.

A quick check through the net reveals many complaints about the site. However, there are success stories in equal measure.


Here is everything you need to know concerning eligibility:

  • To join, you must have reached the age of 14
  • A panelist should own a device that can be a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Having internet access is a must
  • To join you need a valid email address

How to take part

To take part in Palm Research surveys, be ready for a comprehensive registration process. Straightaway, let us look at the steps to follow:

  1. Go to their website using this link
  2. Read the quick facts and what they do on the landing page. On the bottom right, fill the sign-up details that include first name, last name, location, email address, and create a password.

Tip: Paraphrases make good passwords.

  1. Tick on the box if you agree to the terms and conditions and give consent for the panel to send you a verification email.
  2. Click submit to complete the first stage of the registration process.
  3. Next, log in to your email to check the verification email. In the mail, check the E-Signature that will be required to complete the next stage of registration.
  4. Click on the confirmation link that redirects you to your profile.
  5. Fill a long list of profile items that include country, phone number, PayPal Address, gender, birth date, race, education, income, employment, household details, the state where you live, and zip code. This info is used to check your qualifications for surveys.
  6. Sign off with your Name, and E-Signature key provided earlier and hit submit.
  7. Next, follow the link that directs you to a dashboard that displays Open Surveys, Referral Area, Payment Info, Account Info, Profile Survey, Knowledge Base, Message Center, and a place to log out.
  8. You can start by completing daily surveys available on site.


There is enough in store for panelists working with Palm Research. The least they pay per survey is $1, but for longer surveys, racking up $3 is an easy task. You need to accumulate $10 to withdraw your earnings.

To receive your payment, you can do so by linking your PayPal to the system. You can also process the payment via check. The downside is that you have to wait 45 days before they complete the transaction.

With this panel, you get at least three daily surveys that pay on a range of $0.50 to $1. Each of those surveys will take anything between 6 and 12 minutes, so no worries about wasting much time to complete the task.


  • They do not have a limit as to the number of tasks per day.
  • The payout threshold is very low; you can withdraw when you hit the $10 mark.
  • Joining Palm Research is free, no one asks a penny from you.
  • Using the site assures you of quality, they have over ten years of experience in research.
  • Surveys offered are short and straightforward to complete; it takes not over 15 minutes, with most of them not exceeding 10 minutes.
  • This panel operates internationally, unlike other panels that are available for US residents only.
  • The mode of withdrawal is flexible; you choose between PayPal or check.
  • It has an attractive referral program that pays members 10% lifetime earnings from referrals.
  • The interface that members use in accessing surveys is simple and easy to navigate.
  • You do not need a credit card; hence, your card information stays safe.
  • Another cool thing is the fact that they allow you to take surveys more than once each day, sometimes up to 3 times.
  • They have other options to expand your earning capacity, such as taking part in focus group discussions.
  • It is favorable for teenagers.
  • It is legit.


  • The payout time is painfully slow; you wait 45 days after the payment cycle for you to withdraw as little as $10.
  • Some members report errors midway through the survey leading to a denial of pay because of incomplete surveys.
  • This panel does not offer a sign-up bonus to new members, making it less attractive compared to other panels.
  • Their customer service is a mess; you wait for ages before getting responses to your inquiries.
  • The layout and design of their site are old-fashioned.
  • Low ratings by Better Business Bureau.

Palm Research Survey Center

NamePalm Research
PayoutCash, Check
Minimum Payout$10
Payment MethodPayPal, Paper Check
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Is my privacy assured when using Palm Research?

Do not have any worries regarding privacy when using Palm Research. This firm adheres to fair practices in business and never shares your information with third parties other than partners or affiliate sponsors.

They maintain personal data as part of the profile requirements. They, at no point, ask you to confirm your details through email or text message.

The panel may use cookies and pixel tracking to optimize your data. However, the information captured only relates to a member’s account and not any other info kept on your computer.

Note: They may update the privacy policy to include new terms, so always stay updated so as not to miss any changes.

What determines my qualifications for surveys?

As a market research company, Palm Research uses profile information provided at registration to determine the surveys you qualify to take part in. The same applies to focus groups that handle specific topics.

It is important to answer the preliminary questions accurately to increase the chances of getting more surveys. Also, make sure you register for different panels to get more survey opportunities.

Is this panel legit?

Yes, this panel is authentic. Often people want free things, but you should put in some effort to get what you want. To increase your earnings, you must roll your sleeves and answer as many surveys as possible.

Tip: Keep checking your mailbox to avoid missing out on existing opportunities.

Why do you seek my opinions?

Companies want to improve their products and customer service. Therefore, seeking feedback before any release is critical. It would be a total waste to roll out a product that no one likes in the market.

How do I get paid, and is the required tax paid from your side?

There are two ways of receiving payment from Palm Research. The first is through PayPal, and the other is through check.

When answering Palm Research surveys, you are acting as an independent contractor. That means you pay any taxes associated with your earnings.

What kinds of questions should I expect from Palm Research surveys?

The questions are dynamic, depending on the sector that the sponsor is operating their business. For example, if it is a cosmetics company, they will ask about the products you buy and why you continue using them.

They ask such questions to understand the performance of products in different markets. With that information at hand, they understand how to market or revamp products to meet market needs.

Is there any fee charged for participation in surveys?

No. At no time does Palm Research ask for any form of payment from its panelists. Beware of online scammers posing as legit panels.

Give no info to such sites. Palm Research site security runs on an SSL protocol and accessed on this web page:

What is unique about Palm Research?

First, this site offers many opportunities to take surveys. In a day, you take 2 or 3 surveys, making it an attractive panel to use.

Another special thing about them is the minimal cost of fund transfers. Let’s say you have accumulated $30; you will receive the full amount in your account. They do not deduct any transactional costs.

Besides, this panel offers amazing rewards through its affiliate program. You earn a lifetime commission of 10% from members who join using your referral link.

Can you disqualify me from continuing with a survey?

Palm Research may end an ongoing study if there is a conflict in responses as matched with the profile information. It is important to provide honest feedback when using this panel.

In rare cases, if your internet connection drops along the way, they may reject your responses. Every time you want to answer Palm surveys, ensure you connect to a stable internet connection.

What happens if I close my account with Palm Research?

The panel allows members to opt-out anytime. If you end your contract with Palm Research, they keep the balance in your account to compensate for administrative costs associated with maintaining an inactive account.

Why do you ask so much personal information?

They need the information to ensure that you get the best experience with this platform. The profile questionnaire is used to check if you qualify for a particular survey. It would be pointless to send you a medical survey when your interest is in communication.

Is my privacy assured?

Yes. This panel takes privacy matters seriously. They protect your data as per the privacy policy. They do not share your info with third parties unless it is a partner or sponsor. The sponsor usually seeks to confirm if the survey respondent met the requirements for the survey.

Will the surveys take much of my time?

No. Palm surveys average 6 to 12 minutes. You can take some moments while relaxing on your couch in the evening or even during your train ride.

What is the purpose of the E-signature key?

For foolproof security, the panel uses the E-signature key to confirm that the right person is logging into the account. It is an extra layer of security meant to protect your data from infringement.

Why do I get redirected to other sites?

Palm research hosts surveys on behalf of other panels. The real purpose of this is to ensure you do not run short of surveys.

Also, note that when directed to another panel, they may ask you to create a profile with them.


This panel is the best choice for teenagers wishing to start earning. However, it is not the best option to make quick cash. Waiting 45 days to get paid is not worth it. But if you are patient and willing to wait that long, then this is good for you.

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