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October 23, 2019

Price Choppers is an American chain of supermarkets. Owned by the Golub Corporation, the supermarkets are headquartered in New York. The Price Chopper supermarket was founded in 1932 and currently operates in 6 states, with a total of 129 stores.

PCopinion - Customer Survey Price ChopperPrice Choppers management acknowledges the value of its customers and strives to offer them better purchase items at the store. In its quest to serve its customer’s products of their choice and improvise its departments according to the merchandise customers want, Price Choppers decided to host an online feedback program.

The purpose of this feedback program is to facilitate the connection between Price Chopper management and its customers. Hence, it will become easier for customers to reach out to the management and provide feedback about a specific employee or may report a complaint. Additionally, this feedback program could also be used to give suggestions to the management.

The responses from this survey feedback are held in high regard and are used by the management to improve its services accordingly. This survey feedback program is called PCOpinion Survey.

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Price Chopper

Name: Pcopinion

Description: PCOpinion Survey is Price Chopper’s way of connecting with their customers and reaching out to them for feedback. The survey focuses on tapping into the details of the most recent visits of its participating customers by presenting them with multiple-choice questions. Sometimes these questions ask the participants to rate Price Choppers’ services, and at other times, they simply ask for feedback/advice.

About PCOpinion Survey

The survey is hosted online at the website: https://www.pcopinion.com/. It is open to legal residents of 6 states of the United States only. These include Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Entrants must have reached 18 years of age at the time of entering the online survey.

A valid purchase receipt is required to enter the survey online. Since the receipt validity period is unspecified, it is advised to participants to enter the survey at their earliest. Once the participants complete the survey, they are entered into monthly sweepstakes hosted by the Price Choppers administration. Lastly, the survey is available in English language only. There are no other language options available at the moment. So if understanding and communicating in English is not one of the strengths of the participant, then it is highly encouraged that they take help. Ask a friend who understands and speaks the language fluently to assist you with the survey and feedback part.

How to Enter PCOpinion Survey?

There are two methods of entering the PCOpinion Survey sweepstakes. One is via survey completion online, and the other is via the mail-in method.

1. Entering via Survey Completion Online

Participants who wish to enter via this method need to have a valid purchase receipt in their possession. Without this receipt, they may not be able to enter the survey. Once they get their hands on the receipt, they must visit https://www.pcopinion.com/. From this web page, they will get redirected here: https://survey-d.researchnow.com/survey/selfserve/53b/1604146?market=1HYPERLINK “https://survey-d.researchnow.com/survey/selfserve/53b/1604146?market=1#?”#?.

On this page, participants will be asked to enter the store number they purchased items from and their date and time of purchase. Additionally, they will also be asked to enter details about order number and the amount they paid in dollars. However, participants are allowed to opt-out of entering the amount spent in-store on purchases and just enter the order number only.

Once participants have entered the details, they are allowed access to survey questions. Upon completion of the survey, participants are given a chance to recognize any one of the employees they encountered on their last visit and give feedback about their service to the management.

In the end, participants are presented with a choice of whether or not they wish to be roped in for the monthly sweepstakes. If participants choose to enter the sweepstakes, they are awarded one entry into the draw per survey completion. There is a limit of one survey completion allowed per person per day.

2. Entering via the Mail-In Method

Participants, who wish to make no purchase and escape the survey completion, may enter PCOpinion sweepstakes via this method. All they need to do is simply handprint their names, complete address, zip codes, and phone numbers with area codes on a piece of paper. The specifications of this paper are 3”x5,” and it must be mailed in #10 (number 10) envelopes to the following address:

“Price Chopper / Market 32 Customer Experience Survey Giveaway – Free Entry”,
Fact Finders, Inc.,
2010 Western Avenue,
Albany, NY 12203.

One entry per envelope per week is allowed via this method. No mechanically reproduced entries will be entertained. Participants found indulging in such activities will be disqualified.


Prizes include a month of free groceries worth $500. One person per household in a month will be selected for the prize. Additionally, one winner per sweepstakes period will be randomly selected. In any event, if the winner fails to claim their prize, the prize will be forfeited.

Rules & Eligibility Criteria

  1. The PCOpinion survey is open to legal residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.
  2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. There are two ways to enter the PCOpinion survey sweepstakes.
  4. The online survey completion method requires a valid purchase receipt.
  5. The survey completion method has a limit of 1 entry per survey completed.
  6. A total of 1 online surveys can be attempted in a day.
  7. For mail-in entries, participants are supposed to legibly hand-print their details. Do not write or mechanically reproduce them.
  8. One entry per week is allowed via the mail-in method.
  9. Multiple entries cannot be sent in 1 envelope. For multiple entries use multiple envelopes.
  10. Winners are expected to respond to the winner’s notification with ten days of prize announcement.
  11. One person per household is allowed to win in a month.
  12. All federal and state taxes apply.
  13. All taxes are winner’s responsibility.
  14. If the winner fails to claim the prize, it will remain unrewarded.
  15. The survey sweepstakes are void outside the states mentioned and wherever prohibited by law.
  16. The employees, associates, their families, inmates, and all other people having any affiliation with the Price Choppers company disqualify to enter the PCOpinion sweepstakes.
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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Prize($500) Free Month Groceries
Validation CodeNA
Prize ExpiryNA
EntriesOnline - 1/day
Mail-in - 1/week
Purchase No
EnterOnline or Mail


1. Where can I see the past winners’ list?

Participants may request a physical copy of the past winners’ list. It will be provided to them upon request. Other than that a list of past winners’ names are mentioned at the bottom of this web page: https://www.pcopinion.com/

2. Can I get access to official PCOpinion sweepstakes rules online?

Yes, participants are provided a link to official survey sweepstakes rules. However, if you are finding it difficult to locate the link, then simply visit http://survey.openvenue.com/cs/355617/rules3.html.

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