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September 27, 2019

So, I visited this restaurant and ordered a churrasco steak served with rice and beans. In five minutes my meal is there, and I think “that was fast” so I take a bite and guess what? The meal is cold, and the beans have a taste, they are not fresh. So I call the person who served me, she takes forever to come. You should have seen the look I was given when she finally comes to my table. I even forgot I wanted to complain; I ordered a drink this time I take my drink and pay and walk out. Some battles are not worth fighting.

The look I was given was that of “that isn’t my problem.” On my way out, I wished there was a platform I could use to complain without the one-on-one talks because in most cases, they give you excuses and apologies, and that’s all. Then tomorrow they will do the same thing again. The person who is supposed to get the information and make sure that it doesn’t happen again does not get the information.

I know there are a lot like me out there who would want to complain but have no chance to do so. At times it’s not even the look you are given, some of those people are incredibly nice you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Other times you feel it’s not their fault, but they will be forced to take the blame. That is why an online survey like Pollolisten is a better way to air your opinion.


Name: PolloListens

Description: Pollolistens is a survey done by Pollo Tropical. Pollo tropical is an American food chain restaurant. It mainly serves Carribean cuisine foods and is famous for its black beans, rice, and marinated grilled chicken. Its headquarters are in Miami Dade County, Florida.

In the survey, the customers are supposed to give feedback on their experience with the restaurant. From how they were served, how the food was, the hygiene in the place, and the pricing of the food. Everything they experienced in the restaurant.

About PolloListens Survey

The survey is critical to Pollo tropical, so giving the right information is recommended. The Pollo tropical is planning to make improvements using the information they get from the survey. This way they will be able to give the customers what they like hence more business, and the customers will get their ideal restaurant. A happy client means more business.

Apart from getting the ideal restaurant, any time you take part in the Pollolisten survey and complete it to the end, you are given a code that you will use in your next visit to the restaurant, and you will be given a discount on whatever you purchase.

What do you need for the Pollolisten survey?

  • The first thing you need is a receipt from the Pollo Tropical restaurant that acts as proof of purchase. The receipt is supposed to be at least two days old. An older receipt cannot be used in the survey.
  • The person taking part in the survey should be 18 years and above. Below that age is said to be a child and so may not be mature enough to give accurate information.
  • You must understand English or Spanish because the survey comes only in those two languages.
  • A laptop or a computer or a smartphone is needed in the survey as it is done online. Also, access to the internet is something you need to go through with the survey.

Eligibility criteria of the Pollolistens survey

  • You must be a citizen of the 50 states of America and the district of Columbia.
  • You must be 18 years and above to take part in the survey.
  • Each participant of the survey will use the receipt they acquire once.
  • The customers are required to give their details in the survey as the information submitted will be used to contact the winner.
  • The receipt will remain valid for two days after acquiring it. This means you should enter the code for the survey before the two days; otherwise, that code will be invalid.
  • The survey itself will only be there for a limited period which will be communicated by the company.
  • Employees of Pollo Tropical, their family members, sponsors, or any promotional agency are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • Buying more items does not increase your chances of winning.
  • Customers are required to give an honest review of the restaurant.

How do I access the survey?

The process is very simple. You cannot take more than 10 minutes on the survey. It’s as simple as sharing your experience and rating the Pollo Tropical Restaurant from how you like it or dislike it.

Step 1

The first step is getting on the Pollo tropical website and click the survey link pollolistens.com. After clicking the link, a home page will appear.

Step 2

Choose the language you want to use through the survey.

Step 3

Enter the 16 digits on your receipt on the space provided.

Step 4

Enter the 5-digit passcode on the receipt on the space indicated passcode

Step 5

Enter all the personal details that will be asked, and after that, you will be directed to the Pollo tropical feedback page

Step 6

On this step, you are supposed to rate the Pollo Tropical restaurant from how you like or dislike it.

Step 7

A questionnaire will appear where you are supposed to answer the questions asked honestly. Make sure you answer all the questions correctly and in a clear way for easy understanding.

Step 8

After you have answered all the questions on the questionnaire, a code will be given to you. Write the code on the receipt.

Step 9

Redeem your discount using the code you have acquired after the survey. The code remains valid for two days after the survey.

Questions asked in the survey

  • How was the restaurant in general?
  • How was the quality of the food you ate in the restaurant?
  • How was the pricing of the food in the restaurant?
  • How was the hotness of the food?
  • How accurate was the order you gave?
  • How fresh was the food you ate at the restaurant?
  • How was the cleanliness of the restaurant?
  • How were the staff relating to the customers?

The rewards

Taking the survey has a bonus for both parties. First, the Pollo Tropical restaurant will review the results on the survey and get to know where they need to improve to impress their customers. The customers also will get what they want. The restaurant will be improved to their liking from the services to the food to the hygiene name them.

Apart from the improvement, anyone who completes the survey to the end gets something in return. At the end of the survey, a code will be given, and you use that code get meals at a discounted rate the next time you visit the restaurant. You can also get an entirely free meal. Apart from the free meal and the discount, there are more prizes to be won by those who take part in the survey.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Customers get to air their complaints and views.
  • After taking part in the survey, customers get to win awards and discounts and also free meals.
  • The company gets to know where they need to improve.
  • The survey brings in some interaction between the restaurant and its customers, something that doesn’t happen often.


  • The survey is only there for a specified period.
  • The receipts are only valid for two days after the purchase.
  • Some people may not give accurate information.
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Pollolisten is a survey done by Pollo Tropical restaurant, an American food chain known for its Carribean food. The restaurant is famous for its marinated grilled chicken. It was founded in 1988 by two brothers, Larry and Stuart Harris.

With no education or training in cooking, Larry could not get a job in any restaurant. So he started reading Latin recipe books and practicing cooking until he came up with a unique recipe for the Pollo tropical grilled chicken.

It started in Florida and now has grown to a multimillion company consisting of 140 restaurants in Florida and Georgia, five locations within colleges. It’s also located in South America, Central America, Carribean, and Puerto Rico and even 32 international locations.

The Pollo Tropical is known for its good interaction with customers and people in the community. It has held charity events for the community. An example is the Chonga line; it also expanded, and it now gives people their space to do weddings on Valentine’s day and now the ongoing survey. This is an indication it tries to maintain a good relationship with people which is people should freely take part in the survey to help them improve their restaurant.


I have been trying to get in the survey, but it’s not going through what could be the problem?

Chances are you are not entering the code on the receipt correctly. Also, if the receipt was already used by someone else, it cannot be used in the survey again. The code in the receipt can only be used once. The receipt is only valid for two days after acquiring it. Make sure that you use the right link.

Do I need to purchase anything to take part in the survey?

YES, for you to take part in the survey you need a code that’s usually on the receipt you get after buying meals in a Pollo restaurant. So purchase something to get the receipt and use that code to take part in the survey.

Does everyone who takes part in the survey get something in return? 

Every person who takes part in the survey all through to the end gets to win something — either redeemable points where you get a discount when you visit the restaurant or you secure a free meal the next time you visit Pollo Restaurant. The trick is to make sure you complete the survey to the last point.

Is this survey open all the time?

NO, the survey is not always there; it’s seasonal and only comes once in a while.


The world keeps on rapidly changing every day. New restaurants come up, and people come up with new recipes. From history, it’s clear the Pollo tropical restaurant is quite an old restaurant. As more restaurants come up, it needs to keep up with the trends.

Conducting a survey is quite essential as it helps the restaurant know how it is fairing on and how the customers perceive it. It also provides an avenue where it works on improving its services and food as well.

At the end of the survey, the management of Pollo Tropical will analyze all those reviews made by the customers and get to see which changes and improvements they will make. By doing so, they will be in a better position to attract more customers and compete in the growing market of the food chain.

Apart from helping the restaurant improve, the customers have a platform to air their complaints. They can be able to tell the restaurant where they are doing things the right way and where they are failing. They can be able to ask for a new item on their menu. And also after airing their opinion, they get to enjoy a free meal in the Pollo Tropical restaurant. It’s a good deal for both parties. Everyone should make sure they participate and give an honest opinion because it is a win-win situation for everybody.


In case of any queries, you can maybe contact Pollo Restaurant.

Pollo Tropical Corporate Office and Headquarters, 7255 Corporate Center Drive, Suite C, Miami, FL 33126.


Pollolistens survey link: http://www.pollolistens.com/

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