ReviewCaptainDs — Official Captain D’s® Survey [$1000]

February 17, 2020

Families across the USA love Captain D’s restaurant as it offers the most delicious seafood. The company would like to listen as you speak regarding your previous visit experiences. It is in the process of improving your satisfaction every time you purchase some food from the restaurant.

Participating in ReviewCaptainDs requires a receipt issued on your purchases. The receipt features a unique code that allows you access to the survey questions. In this guideline, we are going to find out the most straightforward way you can use to take ReviewCaptainDs and win plenty of rewards. Follow-through the write-up and increase your chances of winning.


Name: ReviewCaptainDs

Description: With over forty years in business, Captain D restaurant has the best for the shoppers, and that’s why this survey matters most to the company. The company has thousands of employees in all the 500 locations and serves thousands of customers daily.

ReviewCaptainDs Summary

The management is aware that you might experience negative or positive outcomes during your purchase. Therefore, sharing the experiences allows the company to make the required adjustment so that your next shopping experiences are no longer the same.

ReviewCaptainDs at Captain D restaurant features simplified questions that will take a few minutes to complete, and after that, you enter into a draw to win the grand prize. The critical requirement is to have a recent purchase receipt and the willingness to share honest feedback.

Since the restaurant has branches all over the US, you will find it easy to take the survey after purchasing it in any of the outlets near you.

Why Take Part in ReviewCaptainDs?

This survey allows you to express yourself and speak out your mind. The company is listening, and in return for your honest feedback, you get rewarded with free fish and fries.

ReviewCaptainDs allows the company to work on the flaws you highlighted in various areas as well as continue to do well in their areas of strength. This allows the company to grow since more customers will love the services at the restaurant. In other words, you become the spokesperson to hundreds of people who haven’t had the opportunity to take this survey.

Participating in ReviewCaptainDs guarantees you a fantastic experience as the questions are simplified, which means you will have fewer minutes to complete them. Besides, the survey is an online one hence won’t interfere with your daily routine since you can do it anywhere during your free time.

ReviewCaptainDs Eligibility Criteria and Rules

Before you participate in this survey, there are the requirements you need to meet first. These requirements set the company above the rest since the survey becomes very authentic. The eligibility criteria and rules guide the entire survey process for the quality outcomes after the survey.

  • You need a purchase receipt with a survey code for the online survey. This receipt should be a recent one
  • You must have basic knowledge in English and Spanish since they are the critical languages for the survey
  • Must be 18 years and above to participate in the feedback survey
  • A gadget that accesses the internet through a browser is vital. This could be a laptop or phone
  • A stable internet connection is also a requirement so that you can complete the survey faster
  • Set aside a few minutes for the survey
  • If you are associated with the company either as an employee, family member or partners, then you are not eligible for the survey
  • Be willing to share honest feedback during the survey
  • Ability to remember your shopping experiences since the questions revolve around your shopping in the restaurant
  • You need to share your contact details so that the company can find it easy to share the good news when you win. These include your phone contact, email id, and mailing address.


ReviewCaptainDs Restrictions

Apart from the general rules, other things can disqualify you from taking this survey. Always be attentive to the following.

  • An expired receipt isn’t valid and will not enter you into the survey process
  • Attempting the survey on behalf of the actual visitor is not allowed
  • Exchanging or transferring rewards isn’t available
  • You will win gift cards but not cash
  • Tampering with the survey information is a criminal offense
  • If you are a family member or closely related to the company, then you must not participate
  • Failure to follow the above rules and regulations leads to disqualification
  • Sometimes if the state wants the survey discontinued, then it stops being valid immediately
  • After winning, write the code and use it within thirty days or else it will expire, and the company won’t be responsible


ReviewCaptainDs Rewards

The company has excellent news for participants and loyal customers. Once you complete the survey by sharing honest feedback, you get compensated for the time and effort. The compensation comes in different forms and is a great way to save money.

Some of the rewards you get include free fish and fries. Immediately you complete the survey and submit your feedback; you get a coupon code that will be redeemable during your upcoming visit. Write the code down and present it at the counter during your next visit.

Additionally, you will have a chance to enter the sweepstakes. This gives you an equal opportunity to win a gift card worth $1000. This would be a great addition to your shopping.

A lastly, the company values your feedback and will invite you for upcoming surveys. Also, you will get priority messages such as discounts and offers before other shoppers learn about them.


ReviewCaptainDs Questions

If you love easy things, then ReviewCaptainDs meets your requirements. Every company has its set of questions, depending on what it offers to the buyers. Well, in this food industry, the items will revolve around your experiences at the restaurant. That’s why you will find the subjects fun and straightforward.

  • The overall rating of the restaurant on the rating scale
  • The quality of food offered
  • Is the menu sufficient?
  • The prices of the food available
  • Ease of paying for the food
  • Does the order arrive on time?
  • Your view on the staff behavior and attitude towards you
  • Is the restaurant clean for business?
  • Did you like the arrangement in the hotel?
  • What your suggestions and recommendations for improvement?


How to Take Part in ReviewCaptainDs and Win?

Besides the online option, there is an offline option for entry into the sweepstakes via the mailing option. We will discuss the two processes in this section.

The process for taking part in this Captain D restaurant survey is straightforward. First, you must confirm that you are eligible for the survey, and you have read and understood the general rules. After that, get everything ready, including your purchase receipt with a code. Enter your internet connection is excellent so that you reduce the amount of time spent responding to the questions. Follow these steps and win.

Entry through the Online Survey

Step 1: Pick your receipt and get ready for the process

Step 2: In your browser, search for Captain D restaurant survey or go directly through this link.

Step 3: Once you are on the survey site, choose your preferred language between English and Spanish.

Step 4: On your receipt, locate the store number, date section and the total amount you spent

Step 5: Enter the details in the boxes provided on your receipt

Step 6: Make sure the details are accurate to avoid any login issues

Step 7: Press start to access the survey questions

Step 8: Answer the questions honestly while trying your best to recall the details of the previous visit since they form part of the questions.

Step 9: Once you complete this section, provide your suggestion to the coms any for improvement.

Step 10: Share your contact details that include the email ID, phone number and mailing address

Step 11: Once you are done, click submit and wait for the code

Step 12: Write the code down from your email and use it during your next visit.

· Additionally, you get a direct entry into the sweepstakes where you have an equal chance to win $1000 gift card

Entry through the Mailing Option

This is an alternative for you to enter the sweepstakes without a purchase receipt. Make sure you have enough cash for postage charges. Get a piece of paper and write down your full name, date of birth, and contacts.

Get an envelope and seal the deals in the envelope. After that, mail this to c/o EMPATHICA DAILY SWEEPSTAKES, 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40, New York, NY.

You get only one entry per every mail you send.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The survey site is easy to navigate
  • You are guaranteed of a win after the survey
  • You get a chance to participate in the sweepstakes
  • There is an alternative to the online survey which is the mailing option
  • The survey is legit as the company has physical locations
  • There are contacts with a reliable customer care service
  • The questions are simple and attractive based on your experiences
  • Your responses lead to transformation in the restaurant


  • The receipt expires within three days
  • Only American residents are eligible
  • You cannot exchange the prize for money
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ReviewCaptainDs Center

Prize$1000, $500, Coupon
Winner(s)$1000 - 1/Daily
$500 - 3/Weekly
Coupon - Every Participant
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
20+ - Korea
LocationUSA, Canada, Honduras, Germany, Denmark, UK, Korea

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Can I use both ReviewCaptainDs & the mailing option for sweepstakes?

No, you can use either method at once. If you choose ReviewCaptainDs, you can participate in answering the questions and later on enter the sweepstakes. The online entry requires a purchase receipt.

How will I get my rewards if I win?

When taking ReviewCaptainDs, the company requires you to share contact details so that you can get communication concerning the winning. Therefore, hare the accurate contacts for notification.

Do you have a system for inviting members for additional benefits?

No, there is no system for inviting members to ReviewCaptainDs. The company provides a section where you purchase and gain entry into the sweepstakes.

I have log in problems on ReviewCaptainDs, kindly help?

Check your browser, cookies, and an internet connection. If they are working correctly, then consult the customer care desk through the contacts in the next section.

How can I reach customer care for assistance?

The company is a listening partner. It has provided avenues ranging from phone calls, email, website, mailing, and social media options for you to communicate. Below, find some of the contacts and choose the one that will meet your requirements quickly.

  • Address: 624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 30, Nashville, TN 37211, United States
  • Captain D’s Phone Number: 615-391-5461


We have shared the information you need to complete ReviewCaptainDs and win. As you eat at one of the 500 locations in the US, remember the opportunity to taste and win. The survey benefits you with improved services in addition to the rewards you get.

Entry into the sweepstakes does not require a purchase receipt. You can still mail to the company and participate with an equal chance of winning. If you have questions about the survey, then leave a reply below. Alternatively, use the contacts we have agreed in the section above to raise your concerns. We are always here to guide you through until you satisfactorily do the survey.

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