Parent/Guardian/Adult Student Satisfaction Survey

Dear Parent/Guardian or Adult Student,         

A special education staffing was recently held to discuss your child's or your Individualized Education Plan.  The decisions made by the IEP team, including you, are very important and we hope the experience was positive.

In order to continually improve special education services, please respond to the questions that follow.  Your input is greatly appreciated.


The Administration of District #843

1. Where is your student enrolled?*
2. Please rate the following questions using these designations:
1 = Dissatisfied2 = Somewhat Dissatisfied3 = Satisfied4 = Mostly Satisfied5 = Highly SatisfiedN/A
Quality of special education and related services provided to your student
Your experience with the evaluation of your student
Your experience with the development of your student's IEP
Your experience with the decision regarding the placement of your student
Your opportunity for input about your student's strengths and concerns for his/her education
The amount and type of information you received during the IEP team process
The amount of information you receive regularly about your student's progress toward the annual goals and whether the goals will be achieved by the end of the year
Your satisfaction with the communication between home and school
If your child is 14 years or older, the amount of information you received from the school about transition options (for example: education opportunities, job opportunities, living arrangements, etc.) for your student
3. Please provide any additional information or feedback to assist us in meeting your future and/or needs of your student
4. Would you be interested in participating in a Parent Advisory Committee for the purposes of reviewing and discussing policies and procedures regarding discipline of students within District #843 programs?

Thank you for completing the survey.