Restaurant Use of Local Food
Thank you for taking the time to give us details about your restaurant/business.  Information provided here will be used to determine current levels of local food usage in restaurants so we can evaluate the impacts our efforts are having on increasing connections between local food producers and restaurants and economic develop of our local food economy.
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1. Restaurant or Small Retailer Name:
2. What is your address?
3. Phone Number:
4. Email address
5. Are you a participant of Rooted in Appalachia? Participating in RIA requires 3 of the 5 following criteria:
6. Which 3 criteria satisfy your participation in RiA?
7. Do you promote that you serve local food?
8. How do you promote your support of local food and farmers?
9. Do you think serving local food drives customers into your establishment?
10. Do you think serving local food increases your sales income?
11. Do you have customers asking if you serve local food?
12. Are your customers mostly:
13. Please estimate the total annual percentage of your total beer, wine, and spirits you purchase from local makers?
14. Please estimate the total annual percentage of fruits & vegetables you purchase from local farmers.
15. Please estimate the total annual percentage of meats you purchase from local farmers.
16. How much do spend purchasing local food from farmers on a weekly basis?
17. How many different local farmers do you currently purchase from?
18. Please name the farmers you are currently buying from?
19. How do you usually source local products?
20. Do you have to go out of your way to source local food?
21. Other comments, insights and/or suggestions you'd like to share?
22. If you would like to use our local food online ordering system, please provide us with your name and email address so we can set up an account for you. Someone from the Rooted in Appalachia Team will contact you once your account is set up.

Please contact Tamara McNaughton at (828)284-2877 or if you have any questions regarding this survey