Complete this MyEDT pupil research questionnaire and win
This form is intended to collect answers from those, in Ireland, who wish to consider or are planning to purchase driving lessons for loved ones or for themselves. 

By filling this form you will not only help us collect crucial information from potential school of motoring students but also help us understand the needs of our clients and present us thoughts on how to enhance our system delivery. This knowledge further helps us to tailor our training systems and personalize our learning packages more effectively to suit their wants and needs. Specifically our company is looking for responses from pupils interested in Beginner driving lessons in South Dublin.

We have been attempting to market our driving school more vigorously. Thus, we decided to reach this prospective audience by conducting a Facebook competition where free driving lessons would be awarded a prize. For this survey, the main goal was to reach these individuals. 

This customer survey competition has been designed by MyEDT Driving School of Dublin, Ireland, and is deemed to offer crucial information that will help our school to improve on its services and become the best driving school in Ireland. MyEDT Driving School is a driving school in Dublin that is centered on conveying an outstanding driving lesson experience to both novice and expert learner drivers. That’s the reason why we are settling for nothing but the best services. 

Again we would like to extend our utmost of thanks for taking the time to participate in our survey. We understand that by participating in this survey, you or a loved one have plans to opt for driving lessons in Dublin in the near future. I wish you all the best as you participate in this survey.

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What are your thoughts on the mandatory 12 lesson EDT syllabus? The Essential Driver Training Syllabus was introduced in 2011 by the Road Safety Authority. For more information visit our website.
What factors do you think might stop you from learning to drive?
What do you think is a fair price per hour of driving tuition?
How much do you think it will cost you to pass your driving test from start to finish?
Picture this. You have your driving test booked tomorrow. What are you most afraid of?
Finally...Please share with us in detail what it means to you to pass the driving test and hold a full Irish driving licence?
Please contact if you have any questions regarding this survey.