Local Food Guide Farmer Sign Up
Thank you for taking the time to give us details about your farm.  Information provided here will be included in Appalachian Sustainable Development's Local Food Guide and also submitted to SO Fresh for their online Local Food Guide.  The printed guide from 2015 can be viewed at:  http://asdevelop.org/wp-content/uploads/2015foodguideFinalInColor.pdf We look forward to publishing the 2016 guide in March.
1. Farm/Producer Name
2. Primary Contact Person
3. Mailing Adress
Zip Code
4. Email address
5. Phone Number
6. County
7. Physical Address
8. Do you sell at this physical address?
9. Website (if applicable)
10. Description of Farm (Please limit descriptions to under 300 characters including spaces)
11. Check Three (3) Primary Items Offered
check all that apply
Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs
Dairy, Eggs, Honey
Wine, Beer, Cider Mead
Baked Goods, Preserves, Salsa
Plants, Flowers
Agritourism, Pick Your Own
Certified Organic
12. Other items not listed above?
13. Would you be willing to have people visit and tour your farm? ASD is thinking about hosting a regional farm tour in 2016 and would like to get an idea of how many farmers might be interested.
14. Are there any other local farms, businesses or restaurants that support local products that you would like to recommend for inclusion in the guide? If so, please provide as much information as possible (a contact name, phone number, email, etc) Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!
15. Would you be interested in having a larger presence in the Local Food Guide by purchasing an advertisement? If yes, we will follow up with you.

Please contact tmcnaughton@asdevelop.org if you have any questions regarding this survey