Rental Reservation Request Form
This request form will be submitted to the rental department of RAL Resort Property Management, Inc.  The information submitted will be kept solely for the purposes of the rental to be booked at the location selected below.  The information submitted will only be available to the employees of RAL Resort Property Management, Inc. and will not be distributed, sold, released, etc. to any third party at any time.  This rental request will be acknowledged within the next few business days following a submission.  If a rental is procured, a reservation email will be sent to the email address provided.  If no rental is able to be made at the time of the request, a follow-up phone call or email to you will be made about availability at the resort or at one of our other locations.  RAL Resort Property Management, Inc. thanks you for your rental request!
1. What is your resort preference? Please select one from the following:*
2. What is the date of check in you are looking for? Please input as MM/DD/YYYY. (Please note: Estero Island Beach Club, Surfrider Beach Club, Island Towers Resort, Kahlua Beach Club and Tropical Sands Resort require a check in on Saturdays only. Petit Crest Villas requires a check in on Fridays only.)*
3. What room type were you looking at renting? Please select one from the following: (If you know the room number, please enter it in the optional box below.)*
4. What is your name?*
5. What is your email address?*
6. What is your phone number?*
7. What is your mailing address?*
8. What is your credit card number? (Please note, only Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Cards are accepted for rentals.)*
9. What is the expiration date on the credit card?*
10. What is the security code on the card? (This is the last 3 digits on the back of the card.)*
11. What is the billing zipcode for the credit card?*
12. What is the name on the credit card?*
13. You agree that this rental is for 1-week only? Please select, "I Agree," below.*
14. Do you agree to allow RAL Resort Property Management, Inc. to charge your credit card for the full amount of the rental including the applicable tax rate? (Please note: online rental requests are based on the full room rental rate as defined by our rate sheet. Please refer to this sheet for pricing.) Please select, "I Agree," below.*
15. Do you agree to the cancellation policy of RAL Resort Property Management, Inc.? Please select, "I Agree," below. (For more information on this policy, please see our cancellation policy on the website or call the office.)*
16. Do you agree that all information provided in this request was done voluntarily by you and you alone and you are authorized to use the credit card as listed above? Please input your name in the box below.*
17. Please Note: The minimum age for check in is 23 years old. Please select, "I Agree," below.*

Please contact if you have any questions regarding this request form