Specpan Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

November 14, 2019

Are there are times you wish you could talk to the manufacturer of a product and tell them what you think? For example, you have a particular brand of canned beans that you love. You love how the spices are balanced, and you love the additional beef that tastes so good. The only problem is the sweetener they have added. That aspect is the only thing that makes you think twice before putting the can in your shopping bag.

What if you got a chance to talk to those who manufacture your favorite canned beans? At least you would get an opportunity to tell them how the sweet taste is a deal-breaker and how it makes you not want to take more.

SpecpanIf more people feel the same way about the sweet taste, the manufacturers will remove the sweetener in the recipe, and you will get to have your perfect beans.

Survey apps help you to interact with brands. You tell them how you feel about their products and maybe influence a significant change in the products or even services. The best part is after you give your opinion, you earn points.

Specpan is one of the survey sites. They perform surveys on behalf of brands because online surveys are much faster than traditional surveys. During these surveys, the brands get quality information and also get a chance to market their products. With the information, they can restrategize and come up with ways that maximize their profits.

In this article, you will see how Specpan works and what you need to join the survey. Apart from that, you will get to know what rewards they give to their participants and how the awards get to them.


Specpan is in Indianapolis. It specializes in market research and online surveys. Online surveys have proven to be the best survey method as it takes less time during which a lot of information gets to the surveyors. Online surveys also make it easy to reach people who have interacted with or are aware of the product you are researching. That way, the users can give an informed opinion.

Specpan conducts surveys for companies and does market research. The opinions they get help in decision making and innovation in those companies which help in maximizing the sales and hence the profits increase.

Specpan Review

Name: Specpan

Description: Specpan is a subsidiary of the Farnworth Group. It has been in the market for the past 13 years, during which it has gained a lot of experience in qualitative and quantitative data acquirement. It helps companies and brands research on their behalf.

Specpan Summary

When you sign in, you are prompted to tell about yourself. That way, the platform gives you surveys that best fit you. They make sure they provide surveys on what you are familiar with, and so the information you give will be out of experience or observation. This way, they can collect information that is useful to the brand conducting the research.

Requirements and Rules

Before joining any survey site, it’s always good to first know what you require. You should also see if you agree with the terms and conditions to avoid issues coming up later after you have invested your time. Here is what you need before joining Specpan:

  • A smartphone or a computer or a laptop.
  • Access to the internet
  • You must be 18years and above
  • You need to be a citizen and resident of the USA or from Canada.
  • One needs a unique identification when registering. The information you provide when signing in or during research is safe with Specpan. The other people who can access it are the third party brands conducting the survey.

Signing Up

The first process is signing up where you enter your details, such as your name, email address, and mail address. In the profile, you are also supposed to tell a few things about yourself and some demographics. The details are for allocating you with the survey that suits you the best. After signing up, you earn 200 bonus points, which equals $2.

In case you have any change in your life, it’s good to change your profile too. An example is when you have an additional hobby. Your profile determines the surveys you get. If you do not make the changes, some surveys that you could have qualified for may pass you.


When a survey that you qualify for comes up, you receive an email. The email will contain a link to the survey. Most surveys take around four to six minutes, and each has its payment. The payment depends on how complex the survey is and the time it takes to complete the survey. The survey payment ranges from 500 to 2000 points.


Before you start completing a survey, you will see how much you can make on that particular survey. Specpan survey site awards the participants in the form of points that you can redeem later for cash or gifts. One hundred points equal to 1$.

You can redeem points after they have accumulated to 2500 in amazon e-voucher, visa card, or prepaid visa debit. How fast you reach the points required depends on how many surveys you do and the nature of the survey. The longer the so that, the higher your points.

Once you have reached your target and you redeem your points, it will take around four to six weeks to receive the payment. The first payment is through mail to the address you give when signing in. Make sure the address you provide is functional.

Is Specpan legit?

Because the internet has lots of survey sites, you cannot be too sure which one is a scam and which one is the real deal. That’s why it’s okay for you do doubt whether Specpan is legit or not.

The existence of Specpan for those many years is proof the company is legit. It has many members who have taken part in the surveys and received their payment. For proof, you can go through the reviews on their site and see the comments and reviews of people who took part in the surveys and received the payments.



  • Better rewards
  • Compared to other survey sites, Spespan awards its participants better. For one survey, they can award up to 2000points, which is 20$.
  • Joining the site is free, and you do not pay anything to take part in the surveys. The joining process is simple and does not require any qualifications. Anyone can join as long as they can read and understand.
  • Signing up bonus – After you sign up as a member of Specpan, you are given a bonus of 200 points, which equals $2. You don’t need to take part in a survey. Just sign in and get your first earning.
  • Respects your space – Other survey apps spam you with emails advertising their services after you provide your email address. Specpan only sends you emails when notifying you of a new survey. They respect your space.
  • Easy to use – Everything you need is right on the home page after logging in. You can see a survey request, the earnings you have made. It makes it easy to use for every person.


  • Expiring points – One of the disadvantages of Specpan is the system of points expiring after a year. If a year passes without you redeeming the points, they expire, and you can’t redeem the points anymore. The problem is, at times, a year can end without accumulating the points required to redeem, so you will lose all your points.
  • Few suitable surveys – Specpan suggests surveys using the information you write on your profile. Also, the survey you get is according to your demographics. Due to these factors, you may stay for a long time without getting a survey that suits you.
  • Joining the site is free. They don’t ask for so much in personal details, and they don’t send you spam. It will do you no harm in joining. You may not get surveys frequently, but you will not know until you try. You do not have much to lose when you sign in, and you have a chance of earning extra coins. It’s worth trying.
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Specpan Survey Center

Minimum Payout$25
Payment MethodAmazon
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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How much can you earn with Specpan?

How much you earn depends on several factors. One factor is how willing you are to take the surveys as the more the survey, the more money you get. The other factor is the number of surveys that you receive. One person may receive many surveys while the other may not. The determining factor is the details on your profile.

How does Specpan pay?

The first earning you redeem is mailed to the address you give when signing up. You can redeem subsequent earnings for gifts on amazon or using your credit card. The other option is through the use of prepaid debit cards. After redeeming the points, the payment happens in four to six weeks. The minimum amount you can redeem is 2500, which is equal to 25$.

Why do I need a password for the account in Specpan?

A password is to help you secure your account. When you have a unique password, it’s only you who can log in and out of the account. That way, no one can change your account information without you knowing.

What does Specpan do?

Specpan performs online surveys on behalf of other companies and brands. It formulates questions that they ask the customers through the survey to provide quality information to the brand that hires them. Apart from that, Specpan also does market research for brands and helps in marketing itself as they introduce new brands to potential customers who take part in the surveys.

What makes Specpan different from other survey sites?

With many years in service, the site has a lot of experience in online surveys and market research. Members who take part in the surveys and the brands that work with Specpan have gained trust with the site. Over the years, they have continued to provide brands with qualitative and quantitative data. They have shown respect to the members by respecting their space and not sending them spam emails. Specpan also pays members better earnings as compared to other sites.

Specpan has designed a system where they give the surveys to people who can relate to the content in the survey. Using the information on the member’s profile, they make sure the members get the survey that suits them the most. By doing so, they can achieve and acquire quality data.


Chances are you already spend a lot of time online, on social media, looking at what other people are posting. You may also be spending a good time online window shopping and just admiring those products. You may be too broke to buy, or have a tight budget and can’t afford to spend your money on luxuries.

What if you spent more time online, earning some extra cash. You could spend time online taking surveys. You also get to learn about new products in the market and compare them with what already exists.

The surveying process is a nice experience that lets you earn and learn. It is also an exciting activity and a great way to pass the time. The best part is you will use your free time earning extra coins rather than waste it on pastimes that won’t help you pay the bills.

You will also have helped a company in improving and making the right decisions. Specpan pays better than other sites, which means you will earn more cash. You can’t get rich through online sites only. However, they are a great way to boost your income.

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