Springboard America Review — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

October 29, 2019

“OMG!, have I become an addict?”

This is what crosses our minds when we realize we cannot keep off our phones or PC. It is such a disturbing feeling that any time you look at your phone, all you can feel is guilt, but you still find yourself going back at it because it’s a habit.

Maru Springboard AmericaWhat if you found a way of using that “addiction” to your favor? Sounds good, right? You can use your phone or your laptop to take surveys and get paid. What’s even great about these surveys is that you don’t need to have any experience. All you need is access to the internet, and you are good to go.

The survey questions are easy. In most cases, they are multiple-choice questions, and maybe a few open questions. Companies hold these surveys so they can understand their field market and get to know how customers feel about their product. For you, your “addiction” gets solved, and you get to know about new products hitting the market.

In this article, you will learn about Springboard America. From what needed to sign in to how you get paid in Springboard America. In short, anything you need to know about Springboard America is in this article.

Springboard America Review
Maru Springboard America

Name: Springboard America

Description: Springboard started in 2009, and so far, it is among the leading marketing sites in America. It has helped Americans to air their views freely and in return, get rewards. Springboard America has worked with many organizations, from household brands to the government and media. It helps brands understand their customers and be able to provide them with what they want.

About Springboard America

Springboard America is a part of Maru. It provides data from all over the globe. It provides data on brands, market research, and any other data that may be required. Maru started in 2000, and over the years, it has worked with different organizations.

It has provided essential data and helped in marketing as well as helping in introducing new products in the market. Due to that, organizations have gained their trust in it and also people who take part in the survey for reviews on their products and services. It has helped Springboard America to emerge as the leading market research site in the US and has helped in giving the residents of the US a voice.


  • You need a smartphone tablet, a computer, or a laptop so that you can be able to access the app.
  • You need access to the internet
  • You need to be above 14years old
  • You must be a resident in one of the 50 states of the United States or from the state of Colombia
  • If you are an employee of the Springboard or a family member of an employee, you can’t take part.
  • After signing in, you can update your email or any other information by visiting the update profile section on the website.
  • You are only allowed to signup for one account.
  • Once you have signed in, you must at least take one survey in 3 months.

You are not supposed to use another person’s identity without their permission. Giving false names, address demographics, and email may lead to suspension of your account. Make sure you observe all the rules and requirements.

How to sign up for Springboard America

  • Go to the website and click on the signup link
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Answer all the questions asked. Some basic questions asked are your age, habits, attitude, family status, gender, and education level.
  • If you are between 14-17 years, make sure you get parental consent before you sign up
  • Once you are signed in, you will receive a confirmation message on your emails to confirm your membership.

Once you are signed in, you can take any survey job available. The availability of the surveys depends on your demographic. It’s advisable to fill in your profile fully to stand a chance of getting surveys frequently.

Is Springboard America legit?

With many scam survey sites on the net, it’s hard to tell which site is legit and which is a scam. No one wants to waste their time and then end up not being paid. BBB has listed Springboard, it’s not certified yet, but the listing is also a good sign. Apart from being listed on their website, their are reviews of people who’ve been paid.

How to get paid through Springboard America


There are various ways to earn on this site. The first one is by taking surveys. The survey you get depends on your geographical position. In a month, you can get around five surveys if you are lucky enough.

Those surveys take around two to five minutes to complete. The average payment of the survey is $ 0.50 to $5. But every survey comes with a specific payment and takes different durations depending on its length. You can comfortably take the survey on your phone, tablet, or PC, which makes the whole process a lot easier.


Apart from the survey, the other way to earn with Springboard America is once you sign up, you enter into a draw in a sweepstake where you stand a chance to win a certain amount of money. There are three types of sweepstakes, the first is, recruit sweepstakes, and the draw happens yearly, and the winner gets $1000. The other sweepstake is participation, and five people get to win $50 and 1 winner $500, and the draw happens monthly. The last is profile sweepstake; the draw happens monthly with ten winners, each receiving $100.


Also, you can earn by referring your friends and family to the site. For any person, you refer them to the site, and they acquire full membership, you get $2. It’s an easy way to make extra dollars.

In case your account is not active for three months consecutively, you risk your account’s closure. Make sure once in a while, you log in to your account and take part in at least one survey.


Unlike other sites, Springboard America awards its participants in cash called “survey dollars.” For every survey you take, you get survey dollars depending on a particular survey. One can only redeem these survey dollars after reaching a minimum of 5000 survey dollars, which equals $50. Those points are redeemable for gift cards or redeemed and withdrawn in your account.

The paying process may take around six weeks. What happens is, after you have reached the minimum amount required to withdraw, the amount takes approximately 30 days to get deposited in your account, and you will need around two months so that you can withdraw the cash from your account.

How much can one earn with Springboard America?

It’s hard to say how much one can with the site, but it’s not a get-rich quickly option. How much you earn depends on how many surveys you receive, and this is determined by the demographic. Based on reviews from users, you will need a couple of months to reach the minimum amount required to withdraw. It’s an excellent way to get extra income but not a way to pay your bills.

In case you are one of those people who are opinionated, Springboard America provides the best channel. What’s more, you get to be the first to know when a new product arrives on the market. The best part is that you get cash for it.



  • Trusted site – Unlike other sites, Springboard is known to work with big organizations and the government. Therefore, it is a trusted site. The fact that BBB lists it as a survey site gives people more confidence when working with it. In September 2019, they gave out $47900 to members who had taken part in the survey.
  • User-friendly – The site is user-friendly. You can access it with almost every gadget. To make it even better, the site conducts surveys on themselves to make sure all the members are comfortable using it, and they exactly get what they would want in a survey site. The other factor that makes Springboard America much better than other survey sites is how it sends the earnings directly to the members’ accounts, unlike other websites that use different methods.
  • Short and easy survey – With the Springboard America site, it comes with a short survey and easy to understand. This makes it easy and faster to complete the survey. Also, their surveys are known to be engaging. It’s something everyone would enjoy taking part in.
  • Higher payouts – Compared to other sites, Springboard America has a higher payout. They pay more for your surveys and referrals. They respect the time you spend on the survey as compared to other survey sites.


  • Redeeming and payment process – One of the most significant challenges with the site is the minimum amount needed to withdraw the cash. $50 is a significant amount; in most cases, it may take almost six months to reach the amount. The other part is even after reaching the amount. It takes a long time before the participant gets the cash.
  • Few surveys – The surveys are short and exciting, but it takes ages to get those surveys. In some cases, members have reported receiving one survey in a month. It makes it hard to earn and, even worse, to reach the amount needed to withdraw.
  • Limited to people in the US – Unlike other surveys, Springboard America is only for people in the US. If you are geographically anywhere else other than the US, you don’t qualify.
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NameSpringboard America
PayoutGift Cards, Sweepstakes
Minimum Payout$50
Payment MethodGift Cards
Points Expiry5 months
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How do I get more surveys that pay highly?

Springboard America determines how many surveys you get per month. It depends on where you are. They make sure each member gets the survey that suits their profile.

How much a survey pays will depend on how long the survey is and how complicated the questions asked are. So you have no control over the number of surveys you get or on the payment you get.

After receiving a survey notification, how long does a survey remain open?

In most cases, members get plenty of time to work on the surveys, but in case the survey is about an urgent situation, and the status quo may change with time, the survey will close faster. It’s good to check on the type of survey to know how long you have to work on it.

Is it possible to take the survey without downloading the app on the phone?

Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is go to the browser, find the site, and work on the survey from there. It’s even more straightforward.

Is it possible to start the survey on my smartphone and then continue on the computer or vice versa?

The type of survey you receive depends on what gadget you are using as the system used by Springboard America can detect. So if the device you use has nothing to do with the survey, once you login to the computer, you will resume exactly where you left.

How does Springboard decide on how to pay the surveys?

Springboard makes sure everything they pay after the survey is fair to the amount of effort and time used in the survey. They also take into consideration how complex and long survey was. If the survey was complicated, that means more points, and if it was more straightforward, that means you get fewer points. Each survey has a different payment rate.

Participating in the Springboard America site survey is something that could earn you some money during your free time. You get to learn about new companies and products while still being paid.

We can all agree that you will not get rich by taking part in the survey or get to pay all your bills using it, but the surveys are fun and allow you to earn extra bucks. And again, it’s a better way of spending your time than being on social media or watching cat videos.

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